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  1. First, can I say how much I appreciate all the changes. Expecially the fact that I can now read a list of posts since last visit. The option existed before but there was never anything there. Anyway, the problem is that I went a week without logging in and all I can see is the first page of the "posts since last visit". There doesn't seem to be a way of getting to page 2. :unsurer am I missing something?  
  2. I haven't checked recently but about a year ago the only scheduled flights into Tarbes/Lourdes were out of Paris.
  3. a couple of things please.   I have a short attention span and as a consequence get fed up when iit's painfully slow, as it is this afternoon.   However, I read and post far more frequently because of the layout and I really like some of the features. I don't know if they are integral to IE, but I like to be able to read the first few lines of something to see whether or not I want to open it up fully. Mind you that might just eb because it takes for ever to load when you try
  4. I have a thing called a laissez passer issued by the EU, which I used to get out of Belgium when I lost my passport last year.   And I heard about a guy from Fife, who arrived at Harwich having lost his passport and who was greeted by an Immigration Official from the same county- whoo admitted him with the view that no-one could fake an accent like that!   Can he get a temprorary travel document? Like you get from an embassy if you lose your passport?
  5. So; did we ever get a reply to the first question. It's bothering me too.
  6. Saligo Bay, where are you???   Every Scots knows that you need to have a bottle of Irn Bru, and two bacon rolls   Joking apart, that does give you what you need- rehydration, caffeine and vitamin C (missing in Coke, which is why Irn Bru is better for the purpose), with protein and carbohyrates.   You just need a Tally  Scot's cafe to have it in and you're away
  7. This may be a daft answer, but we used Ikea
  8. I too would like to do this. Can anyone help?
  9. Our place is about 50 minutes east of Pau. Is that too far from where you're looking?
  10. Help me out here, guys. Where do I find my PMs? Do I have to follow the link in the mail or can I get in from here?
  11. Depends what you want but our mortgage guy was Michel Barelier, and he was pretty good.   You'll get him on   [email protected]    
  12. I have a Danish friend who speaks perfect English, who has two kids there. Would you lie me to put her in touch with you?   If so email me and I'll get her to get in touch with you.
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