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  1. Thank you Tresco, for that information.   I must admit to feeling somewhat tee'd off by this (tho' not by you, to be clear). I don't think once or twice a fortnight is THAT infrequent. I suspect the main reason I do not visit more frequently is because I find the functionality difficult. The little information under my name says I joined in September 2004; but of course, I didn't. i joined some years before that, but the second last upgrade spat out my "persona", and I had to re-register with anither name.   I didn't know that Admin had been off sick, and I apologise to that individual if this seemed like a dig at him or her. I see from a post on the 27th, that they are alive and kicking, for which much thanks.   BUT; 1. It would have been easy to post something to say that, but no-one did. 2. I have no way of knowing the Mods have been busy elsewhere. I assume they are volunteers, however, which means that a software issue can hardly be their fault/responsibility 3. I am at a loss to know why a function like this would be put on a forum like this if it's not going to be tended. Surely bound to cause frustration   As to Mr Smith's remarkable posting, might I point out that the TITLE of this section is:- "Ideas and problems regarding the Complete France forum". I'm not sure that I made a demand, and it doesn't seem unreasonable to advise of and request a fix for a function which isn't working. I'm not taking a huff; just taking a "life's too short" view. About a problem/issue I originally raised a year ago.   I'm clearly not key to the functioning of the forum; but clearly neither is a little common courtesy. Why invite comment and queries, only to ignore them?   There was me thinking tha my request last year, was polite; and I didn't think I was being nasty at the beginning of this post.   And, lastly, I take the view that this facility is provided, free of charge. And, within limitations, I'm grateful for that, and not inclined to "demand" that it be varied. Which is why I'm off. As I said, life's too short. And you, Mr Smith, are too rude. (And how asking nicely is more likely to get you what you want. And what do you mean by 'other people's fora'?)  
  2. I don't usually "do" grumpy on other people's fora; but 1. why do you bother with this feature if you're just going to ignore it. 2. I am about to pretty much bail out of here, because for someone like me who tries to keep up once a week or once a fortnight, I just can't without some form of tracking.    
  3. At the very least, can we have the "mark all read" feature at the bottom of each secition available for the whole forum. If we had that we could just look at the "unread" ones.   Mind you, I tediously went through all the sections yesterday marking them as read.... and, you guessed it, they're coming up as unread today.   Fix, please?
  4. And we have place 50 minutes east of Pau. A bit big for your requirements but we'd do a deal:)
  5. Whilst i have a general idea of how our French colleagues celebrate New Year, is anyone aware of any specific nuances for the Midi Pyrenees?   We will be in our place next year, and intend to do pretty much what we do every New Year- which is to say, go out for dinner, come back to the house, drink a bit and see the New Year in, then have some fireworks.   The houseowing group have made little impact on our hamlet and it's made little impact on us- a fault, i suspect, of the way we use it. I wondered about inviting everyone round for after the bells- with a wee note about first footing, but I suspect it would be a waste of time, because of the big meal, yes?   Any thoughts or advice welcome.
  6. If you're still looking, PM me, and I'll send you details of someone in Montauban
  7. Thanks for your replies. I haven't been able to log in for a week or two, so I'm delighted to have your answers.
  8. Can anyone tell me how much I can expect to pay for a cleaner per hour, please?
  9. We bought our white goods (we're just 6 miles south west of Trie) in Tarbes in Darty. We bought a couple of their own make things and they were pretty good. Follow the signposts to pau on the Route Nationale, not the motorway, and you will pass just about everything. The biggest Leclerc in the area is right at the far end just before you leave the town. From memory the Darty is just before it; both on the left.
  10. It's an edible dormouse. They need dealing with but are protected. there's lots of stuff on here already about them
  11. I need to go to bed; and I'm off in Orkney over the weekend from tomorrow. Anyone who sees this later and can help, please feel free to deliver for Chris Travis, inthe cardiology ward at the University Hospital in Rennes. thanks in anticipation
  12. See my post in North Western France Forum, please.
  13. Can anyone help., please? My very bestest friend has been in Brittany visiting is god-daughter and her family, and he took a "funny turn which led to his urgent admission to the cardiac ward in the University Hospital in Rennes. A combination of circumstances means that, whilst he now FEELS fine, he's almost certainly not going to get out before Monday. And he has nothing to read. His pals are doing a quick trawl to see what they can raise, but being French and tomorrow being the le quattorze, he's not hopeful. Could anyone help out with half a dozen books? Transport from just about anywhere in a straight line due north could probably be arranged. The kid has family all over the place. Please and thank you.
  14. hey guys, since you're reading this, how about an offical answer to my original question. How do you get to page two, if there are more than 100 postings since your last visit?
  15. Most of the google hits are in the south and south west. Do you think it might be Occitan or Gascon?
  16. Is there an admin in here?   It would be an immensely useful feature if it did work.
  17. I think I'm right ins aying tehre are a number of postings on the subject around here (or it may be in the Other Place). And I think I'm right in saying they're protected.
  18. I had thought that till this last time, but the visible posts only came from the "top half" of the forum. So had no-one posted in Potbag for a fortnight?   laughable, of course. But the posts visible only went down as far as "Vehicules". Where were the rest lurking?
  19. Umm. Are overground pools not affected by the security regs?
  20. I too use the PSMLV tag when I come online. But, having been away in France, and then had too much work to do after I got back, I seem to have an awful lot to see. But it says at the foot of the first page it says Page 1 of 1-10. how do I get to Pages 2-10, please?
  21. I think not dormice. They should be hibernating. Interested in te martens, becuase we had piles of poo when we moved in, but nothing seen since except the b***** dormice.
  22. Weedon, will this be the first time inhistory that a team has won the World Cup one season and the Wooden Spoon the next?
  23. Remember Saligo Bay, SB FOOD. Not bad if you like monotonous and you do have all those ferry charges to pay for. WORK. Hours would be about the same to commute to Bowmore SCHOOL. Worse. You have to go away for all your teenage years (OK, I'm exaggerating but only a bit) CLOTHES. Fashion? On Islay? Roy's is as good as it gets. COMFORT. Doesn't matter if you have central heating because it's premanently wet. TRAFFIC. Ah, well, we have you there. You're more likely to meet a coo than a traffic jam. WAGES. Sounds about the same, really. COST OF LIVING. Nightmare. All those ferries. BUT, you get weather and weather and sunshine, and , did I mention the weather?
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