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  1. If you look on the second page of the SW France site you will see a topic "Shooting" from jlowe. The letter from Christie, no. 4 might answer your question.There are strict rules about who can shoot what and where which you need to check on.
  2. Look further down this site at " What do we do now?" and other places, eg the "Earning a Living " site. Pat.
  3. I am not at all knowledgeable about computers, as you will see from this question. Is there any way I can remove something I've posted on LF? Sometimes after sending something I think "I wish I'd never sent that".I know there's the option of editing, but I haven't even mastered that! Pat.
  4. I was becoming paranoid about this . Now I can access that thread. Pat.
  5. LAST EDITED ON 01-May-03 AT 08:28 PM (GMT)

    I am unable to bring up this topic from the Postbag. I've tried going to the one below and then clicking on last topic, and into search (for Angles) and clicking from there but no results. Can anyone suggest an explanation? Pat.
  6. There's lots of information on this siteabout this subject. Found using the "Search" facility i.e. on 22.02.03, 14. 01 03, 22.05.02, 26. 05. 02 ,28.02 02. some of it in the archives. Pat.
  7. Our main living area is covered in pine cladding and has become darker with age - we recently bought some new which is a nice pale cream colour. I find the dark colour very gloomy. Does any one know what type of paint - available in France - is best to use on it? Or is it possible to bleach it? Pat.
  8. As questions about working in France seem to be scattered about in various places (I avoid the plural of "forum") could we have a separate forum for this subject? Also the FAQ section seems to be rarely used. Pat.
  9. Look on this site 5th July 2002 - A posting from Phil Shute and replies .Pat.
  10. If I were you I would go into the tax office and discuss it with someone face to face. Prepare your questions before you go.In my experience they are keen to help. Take a notebook and write down what they tell you. Pat.
  11. Eddie


    Has anyone any information on an insect which is , I suppose ,a parasite on humans, either the common or garden flea, or another type which is around at this time of year. I would like to know how to avoid being bitten and how to get rid of the pests! I am a victim and the culprit was diagnosed by the local pharmacist.Hoping someone can help - Pat.
  12. We have no new postings since 21st July. What am I doing wrong?
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