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  1. Thank you to Fitter's Mate for that info. The lady at CPAM today responded to my prepared French phraseology and my scary post Christmas bulk. Aided by being particularly nice to the college stagiaire who was shadowing her I achieved something similar, stamped and signed. Hopefully that will be enough.

    I must also say a very big thank you to Parsnips.

  2. Just a quick one folks to see if anyone knows of a quicker method than queuing at CPAM and asking them to write a letter of conformation.

    Re reclaim of CSG, I've been asked for an attestation for 2014 (I supplied a current attestation in 2016). As I've dutifully destroyed most of my previous attestations as instructed, does anyone know if there is an official name for what I need or an easy way to get a copy of an old attestation?

    Thanks in advance, Steve
  3. I'm going to a concert at the Chateau de Chantilly in July and wondered if anyone has any experience of large events there and can offer me some advice on travel, parking, final part of the route (from Brittany) and so on.

    It's my intention to reserve a cheap hotel south of Paris and book in on the way up so that we have somewhere to kip for a few hours on the way home.

    At the last concert I went to at Magny Cours, it took 2.5 hours to get out of the car park.....

    TIA Steve
  4. Todays Lidl promos include a ladder at 50 euros. Damn and blast - it looks just like the one I bought a couple of weeks ago on a Bricomarche promo for 60 euros (normally 65). Oh, hang on, wait a minute.....the Lidl ladder is a metre shorter than the Bricomarché one.

    The three items on the Lidl promo front page today:

    4.5 kg Basmati at 1.22/ kg, normal price 1.34........Super U normal price 1kg packs cheapest 1.29, one I buy 1.36

    Pack of 30 battonnets de poisson panés 3.10 /KG, normally 3.89...... Super U normal price from 3.52kg.

    1.5L "jus d'orange" 55 cents a litre, normal price 73 cents......Super U normal price from 66 cents.

    I've never understood why people who shop at Lidl feel the need to justify so strongly why they do so. I also don't know who votes them the best supermarket chain, they must have an awful lot of invisible customers judging from our local stores. Our Super U has parking for around 600 cars (and being enlarged to keep up with demand) and Lidl has spaces for 50.

  5. My doctor told me that she would have to have separate contracts with more than a thousand mutuals in order to go cash/card - free. I'm not sure haw many there are, it was certainly more than a thousand a few years ago.

    I guess pharmacies have some collective agreement while generalists are more independant.

  6. [quote user="nomoss"]It doesn't seem to be on the list, but today I saw a car with a completely unsecured mattress on the roof.

    The driver and front passenger were both holding it in place with an arm out of the window..


    I'm going to transport a mattress, how wide was it? did it stay on the car? how fast was the car going?


  7. Today I bought a brand new radiator for a 15 year old Fiat Punto on UK flea-bay for £27 including 2-day delivery to UK address.

    I think that lots of aftermarket car stuff is being made in India now and keen UK guys with Indian roots (judging by the seller's name) are importing the stuff.

    Probably over 100 euros in a French scrap yard....

  8. Turns out the NS&I had written purchase numbers on the back of the cheque, for both bonds. But reference for the 1yr bond leads no-where.

    It is frustrating when you consider that Barclays could come up with the numbers on the back of the cheque in ten minutes that there's now an up to five working day wait for the NS&I to, hopefully, respond.

  9. So, three weeks ago our three year bond turned up, I was feeling smug, everything was working for me because I'd done everything correctly and those folk having problems must be proper duffers....

    Well we waited for a further fortnight for the one year bond, but it didn't materialise. Cheque cashed on 4th March, no refunds made.

    So I rang the NS&I on 9th April and the guy said he'd look into it and I'd hear from them within a week. Nothing.

    I rang again this morning (17th), I think that I spoke to Nicola Sturgeon, still stroppy and fired up from her previous night's clash with EM. After explaining the situation and asking where our money was, she said that the problem had surely arisen because I'd paid for both bonds with one cheque. I suggested that a financial institution must keep accounts of money in vs products out and that surely there was an account with our name, the name we had spent some time and effort justifying to them, on it that held twenty thousand pounds in unallocated funds. This is where it became bizarre.

    The best way to trace the money she said, was for me to phone my bank and ask them to find the number that the NS&I had written on the back of it when they cashed it. I suppose that it was my sarcastic disbelief that a major government savings bank should need to put the onus on their customer to trace their money, that raised her Sturgeon index. It was my fault for sending one cheque for the two (accompanying) applications contrary to the instructions on their website, and despite what I felt everyone was happy with their performance.

    So I rang my bank and a kind lady in India (without a trace of Sturgeon) said, after the usual rigmarole, that she'd get the information for me in two or three minutes, but after ten minutes my phone battery surrendered and that was that. I'll try again later.....

    Steve the duffer.
  10. Here's the link to what I bought, I guess there's different models of Bullet. http://www.antennes-wifi.com/point-d-acces-wifi-exterieur/point-d-acces-wifi-exterieur-avec-antenne-omnidirectionnelle-9-dbi.html

    Delete it if you wish, but I have no link to them other than being a satisfied customer.

    Networking is complex, our son found it to be the most difficult module in his computer science degree. His prof incidentally retired to south west France and told me he had been persuaded to lecture at Bordeaux University.

  11. [quote user="Quillan"]

    [quote user="AnOther"][quote user="Quillan"]Its for point to point not WiFi.[/quote]WiFi is WiFi whether it's used for a point to point link or in the home [/quote]



    I consider your wonderfully reasoned argument elegantly concise Sir, but I don't agree with it. Nor did my (French) suppliers, who sold it and configured it as "wifi exterieur"

    I would have preferred to attach a more substantal conventional aerial to my Freebox, but it doesn't have a connection point.

    I considered hanging the Freebox outside a window in a polythene bag but decided against it.


  12. Quillan said "Its for point to point not WiFi."

    Depends on the aerial.

    Can I just repeat what I said in my post "where a hotspot is required for more than one property or large grounds"

    CPL won't work reliably if the other buildings are on a separate supply and at the time I bought it repeaters were generally getting poor reviews, and there wasn't a good source signal where I needed it anyway.

    I bought the Bullet, 30cm aerial, POE transformer and cable for 130ish euros, installed it, set it up, and haven't touched it since. And our guests instead of complaining about the wifi signal, now say how good it is.



    edit- pity about the picture

  13. suein56 said:

    Our store has only just become a Mr Bricolage after being Weldom seemingly for ever, certainly since we arrived in 2005..It has been a life-saver for us - well almost - supplying vital toilet inside bits when ours died suddenly early one evening. And many other bits and pieces over the years. The staff are extremely pleasant and have been extraordinarily patient and helpful with our attempts at acquiring French DIY vocab too. Casto staff can be rather dismissive at times if you don't know exactly what you want

    Yes I agree Casto and Leroy M are bigger, better and cheaper but they are a good 30 and 40 mins away from us whereas Mr B is but 6 mins down the road which can be an important time difference in a crisis.OH and I would be gutted if it went.

    Your local ex-Weldom (Pinault franchise I think) has the same franchisee as the one in Muzillac that has also changed to Mr Bricolage. It sounds like your staff are a darned sight better though, despite Leroy Merlin being only 10 minutes from Muzillac.

    The franchisee used to have a Catena franchise in Rostrenen in the eighties when we had a holiday home there.

    I bought some 2.90 own brand silicon sealer there last week to use as an adhesive and it's performance was fine.

    The Weldom in Questembert, that hasn't so far changed is being considerably enlarged, the staff there are excellent.

    Darty has opened in Muzillac too, and no doubt other nationals will follow. Fortunately we live in an area that is developing well.

  14. I get several emails each day with malicious attachments purporting to be county court judgements, refunds, bills etc., and can spot them easily. This letter, that up to a point is quite specific, would have been more likely to have caught me out, bearing in mind that I often have several outstanding responses to enquiries.

    The subject was "Enquiry from Sylvia Derek: Sept 01 to Sept 11"

    Hi again,

    My apologies for delay in reply.

    Thank you. We would like to go ahead with the booking of your property for these dates (which are flexible depending on fligts).

    I have attached in the document dates with full info of our party members so you can edit the booking contract properly.

    If the dates are booked already please let me know so we can work something out. If something else is needed please advise.

    Best regards

    Sent from my Blackberry

    There was no attachment but two hyperlinks after the text. Presumably to malicious web pages.

    Clearly targetting hotels, accommodation providers etc. Be on your guard!


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