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  1. [quote user="chris pp"] Briefly poke my nose in, what is wrong with speed cameras being concealed? Surely it makes more sense if people don't know where they are, that would eventually get people to remain within the legal speed limit, which I would have thought was the idea. Chris   [/quote] I do actually agree with you Chris.  I never understood the point of highlighting the fact that they were there.  I have only ever received one speeding fine.  I was gutted[:'(]  I was sure I was within the limit and smiled nicely at the Gendarme as I drove past, merrily thinking "your'e not getting me, sucker".  Several days later I had a 90Euro fine drop through the letter box[6].  I do agree that there is a need for speed cameras but why are they never sited outside schools and through towns?  Why do they always seem to be on the open road?  Hmmm.......now let me see.  Suggestions on a postcard please![:P] 
  2. Would they really be that crafty? [IMG]http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m246/harley1st/speedcam.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m246/harley1st/speedcam1.jpg[/IMG] [8-)] Surely not [:P] Was sent these images this morning - suggestions anyone?
  3. Thanks United.  I don't plan on buying anything that might have "bits" missing.  We are buying our kitchen through Ikea, but in the UK as hubby is to and fro every week and can easily pick up any missing parts.  This is just a get away from the bl**dy builders week-end.  Taking the children and plan on having some very pleasant family time.  [:D]
  4. Found somewhere just on the outskirts of Nantes - thanks anyway[:)]
  5. Thanks Will[:)].  I'll take a look.
  6. Does anyone have a family room or linked rooms for a family of 5 this week-end?  I would like a bit of retail therapy at Ikea and don't really fancy stopping in a hotel.[:D]
  7. Can anyone recommend someone who is registered to carry out this kind of work here in France.  Our new build is nearly finished and we have been advised it would be sensible to get an independant body to inspect the house prior to handover.  Region 50 Percy/Gavray/Villedieu.  Thanks.[:)]
  8. Is this any good to you Pads? http://www.lhasarescue.org/ [:D]
  9. Yeah!  Good news on both fronts.  The man from LD, he say yes! And Living France are going to run an article about the refuge!  Just makes ya wanna smile[:D]
  10. Based on our own experience I would pay the deposit directly to the Notaire and no-one else.  Make sure that you include any clauses ie rubbish must be cleared from site, back door must be fixed as agreed and nail down exactly what is being included in the sale price - get an exact list drawn up.  Make sure you understand totally what you are signing, particularly if your French is not that good - I would never again solely rely on the agent or Notaire to translate the CDV for me.  Find yourself an independant translator who is well versed in the process of buying and selling in France.  Good luck - hope all goes well - enjoy your new home[:D]
  11. http://www.ekcsk12.org/science/regbio/LoraxStory.htm Bedtime story for you - enjoy[:P]
  12. http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/interactive/literacy2.htm#wor http://www.saintambrosebarlow.wigan.sch.uk/lowerjuniorspelling.htm http://www.saintambrosebarlow.wigan.sch.uk/upperjuniorspelling.htm   Try these - hope these work now.  I think they may have been upgrading their sites over the holidays.[:D]
  13. That is exactly what we hope to do - our little bit.  I was hoping we could combine a wind turbine with solar panels.  Obviously we want to acheive this as cheaply as possible but do not want to buy cheap quality.  I hope we are able to get this worked out a.s.a.p and the more info we can get together the better.[:D]
  14. I only wanted to know if B&Q wind turbines could be connected to a standard French electricity supply....................[:P] Nanotechnology - Wow! -  Beam me up Scotty![:-))]
  15. Something like this perhaps? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/4629239.stm [:)]
  16. PS I hope my builder is feeling the vibe - I am sending some very unpleasant thoughts his way and have been all day - poor beggar![:-))]
  17. [quote user="louweezel"] Cripes, i have drunk to much! Who sent you that??!! EDIT: I am unfortunately busy on the 17th. [/quote] ET?[:P]
  18. Oh me gawd! Now I am confused[:P]
  19. Thanks all - will take a look[:)]
  20. You guys are so naughty, but thanks!  I was feeling a bit [:(] today and you have cheered me up no end[:D]
  21. Can anyone recommend the best place for arranging Life Insurance?  We bank with CA as we live permanently in France.  Is your own bank the best place to go or is there an Insurance Company out there that would do better? Thanks[:)]
  22. Having heard the tale of woe from the ladies at the refuge about their enquiries with BF over the cats at Cherbourg Ferry Terminal, I decided to contact M.Gehanne of LD Lines to see if they can help the refuge in any way.  Didn't really expect to hear much, but guess what, he replied!  A very nice response it was too and we are now "in talks".[:D] Will keep you posted on that one. Any news from Living France yet James?[:)]
  23. Does anyone know if the wind turbines that B&Q are advertising would be any good on the French electrics.  Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I seriously know NOTHING about electrics.  Thanks all[:)]
  24. Thank you so much to those who have already signed up[:D][:D]  I only need 6 sponsors now.  If you would prefer to be private about your contribution that is fine, just send me a PM[:D]
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