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  1. Hello

    Do people in the UK that fill out a paper copy, just send it back normal post? Bit nervous about doing that... but if it's the norm!! I'm not doing an online version this year because It'll be easier sending back the paper one - nothing to declare.... therefore a pretty blank document!


  2. We just kept our bank account open for a while after returning - it made things sush as paying the final tax bill SO much easier. It was easy to close the account 'remotely' when we didn't think we neede it anymore.
  3. Thanks for that! I'll stop worrying about the plus value!

    Does that casually translate as 'NO more french income' then? Anyone have any ideas on where to write it?! In the 'Vos revenus connus' blank area? I can't see where else I could write anything.

    Do you think I should send back 2047 as well - with no area filled in, just signed and dated?

    General question - do UK residents send the forms back across the water recorded/special delivery?

    I'll stop asking questions soon!

    thanks everso muchly

  4. Hi all,

    For anyone in a similar situation, I sent an email to the french nonresidents dept, and received this back ...

    Si vous n'avez aucun revenu de source française à déclarer aux services fiscaux

    français, vous devez renvoyer le formulaire 2042 comprenant la mention "plus de

    revenus de source française".

    Au vu de cette déclaration, nous pourrons clôturer votre dossier fiscal.

    I've got some questions!

    1) I don't understand what the email is saying with regards to what I must do on form 2042. We've been sent 2042 préremplie and 2047. What should I fill-in on the forms presuming you were resident in England for the whole of 2009 and had no residence in France either?

    2) We had a second-home in France, which we sold and paid some sort of impot sur la plus-value on (although we've never had anything official about that). We received the proceeds from the house sale in mid-Jan 2009, but I've just looked and the attestation is dated 31st Dec 2008! When we signed the Compromis, we were still French resident, but by the time of the acte, we had sold our main residence in France and had returned to England. Does this need to go on any form? (If it does.... there's a bit of a tricky situation, which would involve a brand-new post!

    Sorry and Thanks!



  5. Hi all

    It's been a while since I've been on here!

    We spent two lovely years in the Ariege, and then returned to England to live back in November 2008. We gave the tax people our new address in the UK so that we could send in our returns for the relevant part of 2008, when they were issued in 2009. This was all done and tax paid.

    I thought we would hear no more from them, but we've just received all the forms to fill in for 2009. My French is now incredibly rusty, and I don't really want to fill out the forms (and I'm not sure how I could anyway, as we were resident in the UK for the entire period.....). Is it usual for them to just keep on sending these forms out year after year?! Any advice?


  6. thanks all!

    yup all sounds about right. it really bugs me that these 'living in france' books offer the wrong information.

    squidge x

  7. hi all

    really quick stupid question.......

    i filled out our first tax return earlier this year and declared on it my only income of uk savings interest. i also popped on the form that we are currently covered by an e106.

    a month ago or so, received the income tax bill back of zero, as savings interest income was obviously below the tax threshold.

    today received a contributions sociales bill for around 300 euros. is this right? in one of those french living books i have it says that those with a low income are exempt from social contribution payments......and being covered by an e106 still.........

    sorry if this is a silly question...


    squidge x

  8. hi

    we are in the process of selling our house here in france. we received a private (without immobilier) offer which, by email, we reluctantly accepted as it was lower than we were hoping for. we subsequently received a much better offer, prior to us signing the compromis with the original buyer, although by this time he had already signed. he is now threatening legal action on the basis that the email we sent to him agreeing to the price is legally binding. we are under the impression that the compromis de vente is the only legally binding document in this scenario and that both parties would have to have signed before the transaction is legally binding. could someone confirm this definitively?

    thanks everso

    a scared squidge x
  9. hi all

    need to cancel our subscription with free as we're moving back to the wateryworldofwales. what i was planning to do was to send the kit back on about the 10th sep (to allow la poste enough time!) as i know that if you get the kit sent back to them before the 20th of the month, they'll cancel the subscription at the end of that month.

    BUT on the website, there's two options to chose from when you click on the option to cancel the service:

    Je souhaite profiter de ma connexion jusqu'au dernier jour du mois de la reception de ce formulaire de résiliation

    Je souhaite que ma ligne soit décablée dès réception de ce formulaire de résiliation

    i can't figure out what the difference is between these! is the first one saying that they'll cancel it at the end of the month, and the second one saying they'll cancel it immediately? and when they talk about reception of this formulaire..... do they mean the instant reception they'll get online...... or when they receive something in the post? i'm really confused!!!!



    squidge x

  10. hi all

    we're in the process of selling our house to friends. we're currently subscribed with free for broadband. if they decided that they wanted to continue the service, does anyone know if it's possible to just get the contract details switched over from us to them? seems silly for us to pay a deconnection fee and send the kit back, only for the new owners to have to request new kit and wait for the service to recommence......

    ...although even if it is possible i'm wondering whether it may be more trouble than it's worth?!

    any ideas?


    squidge x



  11. don't worry everyone - we didn't actually accept it!

    i was just wondering what was in it for the buyer? surely for their own cgt issues in the future when they come to sell, a seemingly official low purchase price would work against them. nothing in it for the seller (other than a tiny bit off cgt), but surely that's not worth the hassle and stress of the naughtiness..... so why do people want to offer in that way..... and why do sellers accept it?


  12. afternoon all

    we're currently trying to sell our principale and maison secondaire here before relocating back to england at the end of the year.

    this afternoon we had a private viewing on the second home. we were after about 75-80k for it. the chap threw in a quite low offer of 70k but then said 58k would be declared as the 'official price' going through the notaire and then he'd give us a cheque for 12k when we sign the compromis. obviously sounds rather on the illegal side..... but does mean that we would save a couple of thousand as we wouldn't have to pay cgt (we paid 60k for it last october). what's in it for him? is it that he would save a bit in notaires fees? any thoughts?!

    thanks! squidge x



  13. it's the name of a book! you know - co-sleeping with your newborn baby rather than putting him in a cot at night......

    benefits listed in article below:


    we're going to give it a bash and see how it goes!

  14. i'm looking for bits and bobs too for first arrival due in august. have done alot of research into best bargains because we have no money!......

    so far......

    have had someone kindly bring over a moses basket (bought online from john lewis for £30) with them when they visited

    bought cloth nappies and other stuff such as muslin cloths, washable wipes... from an online uk shop - they delivered here free because the order cost was so high

    have bought a car seat from a french online shop (can't remember which one) reduced to 30 euros

    now i need to get......

    a couple of bonnet/hat things (can't find them here other than in 'birth sets' along with stuff already got) and some sleepsuits. they seem much cheaper in uk online stores such as adams / m&s / next. may see if someone is happy to bring them out when visiting us

    bed barrier - we're going to try the three in a bed thing

    a couple more 'milking bras'

    a 'milking machine'

    haven't used them yet, but http://www.allobebe.fr seems quite a good site to add to that list of potential french ones to use.

    squidge x



  15. can't be the glasses thing - mr squidge doesn't wear them so that can't be why they refused his application!

    i had my glasses 'in my hair' in mine but you can hardly tell they're there- but anyway, my face was nude as well!

    keep on thinking everyone!


  16. hi all

    when we received two envelopes from CPAM the other day we finally thought we were the proud new owners of shiny new CV cards (after having started the process back at the beginning of jan)..... but no....... they've just sent back our photocopies of passports and our signed form with passport photo attached.

    they've just enclosed a really vague letter with each, saying that they're sorry that they can't deal with the applications at the moment because in each case the identity photo we used 'n'est pas exploitable'. they're just normal passport photos taken in booths (back in the UK), and seem to correspond with all of their criteria listed on the page of the application form.

    we popped into our local CPAM office today to ask what was wrong with them. the lady just looked blank and said she didn't know - 'just try sending another one in' was her idea. but with not knowing what's wrong with them in the first place.... we'll probably find ourselves in the same situation in a few months time!

    has anyone else had a similar prob? the only thing i can think of is that they don't like the background colour in the photos - slightly creamy in mine and a lovely pale minty colour in the photo of mr squidge?! do french photo booths only give a lovely white backdrop? these photos are actually used in our UK passports.... so you'd have thought that they should be ok!

    any ideas?!


    squidge x  


  17. hi all

    are there any naughty types of berry plants which look like redcurrants? we're looking after a garden in the village and in it there are two bushes which look like redcurrants. some of the berries are turning red and i'd like to harvest them before the birds do, but i'm a bit nervous in case they turn out to be something else and give us bad tummies.

    i could take a pic if that would help?!


    squidge x



  18. thanks danny!

    the account was closed back in jan before they put all of these lovely helpful letters on their website! does sound about right doesn't it.

    better pay it i guess [:'(]



  19. hi all

    we've just received a 'account cancellation' charge from free for 59,99 euros. we weren't expecting to have to pay anything. is this right? the account was open for approx 15/16 months.....

    thanks squidge x


  20. ok........ really simple stupid prob -

    i've seen so many different versions of how to say 'we have been resident in france since...'

    1) nous sommes resident en france depuis ...

    2) nous sommes résidents francais depuis....

    3) nous avons été résider en France depuis...

    are they all ok to use?!


    squidge x

  21. ok ....i'm determined not to make the same mistake again......

    cherries are beginning to appear in the supermarkets at about 5,99 per kilo. last year i stupidly missed the cherry 'season' because i thought that the price would suddenly drop like all other produce for a couple of weeks when they have loads of the little things to sell. as far as i can recall, the price just rose and rose and i missed my chance to buy a nice bag of 'em.

    does anyone know what the lowest kind of price cherries go for in a typical season? should it be 'buy buy buy' now or should i wait a few weeks?

    squidge x



  22. the vcr's been sitting next to the tele unconnected for a year and a half now. i've decided that it's about time i attempt to actually connect it up so that we can record things like hugh's new prog which clashes with alan sugar's offering this coming weds.

    i'm confused though. we have a sky box and a french satellite box running off the tv at the moment. the french box is connected to the tele via a scart lead into the sky box. this means that both the available scart sockets on the sky box are already taken.

    is there a way of hooking up the vcr to this setup? is there another way other than disconnecting the french system and use the second scart socket for the vcr? would this work anyway?!

    any guidance gratefully received!


    squidge x


  23. sorry sorry sorry

    i'm not quite sure how to fill in the 'changements d'adresse' section on 2042. we bascially moved to france on 4th jan 2007. do i put our full english address in the first section? ....if so, how?! or is popping 'angleterre' on, say, the top line, enough?

    i'm presuming the 'en 2008' section is only for those who have a different address now to the one given above it for the 1st jan 2008?

    me and mr squidge have to fill out separate forms. does this mean i tick the box at the bottom of the front page (si vous déposez également une déclaration 2042 complémentaire, cochez la case)? as we're handing in two forms for the same address...... or is this talking about if you had to give in two forms yourself for some reason?

    sorry sorry sorry

    thank yoooou

    squidge x 

  24. thanks everso everso!

    errrrr when you say year of birth bit on 2042, is there another bit on the form to state this as well as the line underneath your name on the front page? am i blindo?

    as we have to fill out separate forms, presumably i have to tick the box at the bottom of the front page of 2042? guessing that this just means that there's another 2042 that's been handed in for the same address? 

    and one other random question that's simply just bugging me - what does 'occupant à titre gratuit' actually mean? is it for people that, say, live with their parents still?!

    it's amazing how little ink you actually have to use on these scary looking forms isn't it!


  25. hi there le shed

    don't know if i can be of any help, but i'll give you a bit of background, and just shout if you think i can answer any questions!

    we're expecting our first littleone in august. i'm still covered by E106 until next jan. we're not linked to a mutuelle. my french is pretty bad.... however, my knowledge of pregnancy wording is now pretty good! we were amazed at being able to find an english speaking midwife and an obst where we live (couserans in the ariege - i think the rough guide call it the sleepiest part of the sleepiest department in france!), so i don't think you'll have a prob.

    one thing you may need to find out is what happens as you presumably haven't filled out a 'déclaration de grossesse' form here and send it to CPAM and CAF (they say it needs to be done before the 14th week of pregnancy)?....i may well be very wrong here, but i think that basically the reason CPAM need the form is to note down that from the 5th month of pregnancy all care is free up until 12 (i think) days after the birth, and that CAF need the form to know of the impending birth and so (hopefully) send you a nice big amount of money in the 7th month of preggie and allowances after the birth.

    if you do decide to come over, take your E106 to CPAM asap to get registered with the french system. it took about 8 weeks for them to send us an attestation with our social security numbers on, and although it doesn't seem to matter (because we can show the attestation when needed), we still haven't received our actual carte vitales yet!

    squidge x


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