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    >We are planning to go out >to France for 3mths before >deciding if we will stay >there permanently, we will still >have a UK address. >Should we use our E111 >until/if we decide to stay >and then change over to >an E106? Yes! It will take at least three months to get E106 sorted!
  2. Thanks for that Stephen - sounds like great fun! Hope the boar manage to evade the hunters later on!! helen ( ......housebound )
  3. Events this week have meant that we may have to rethink our future. Has anyone deregistered from the Chambre de Commerce and registered a different trade with the Chambre de Metiers? I expect it would be a nightmare. regards.......helen
  4. >Well all the probs we get, >the French get obviously, so >take a look yourselves, makes >interesting reading. > >http://www.chambres-hotes.org/phorum/list.php?f=1 ......and Coco can put her no-shows on the blacklist!! regards.....helen PS have looked at your website and think you have everything covered - wouldn't dare not turn up!!
  5. Have just returned home after emergency surgery and enforced stay in nearest large hospital. The medical care and treatment were excellent, hospital staff attentive, facilities (hospital had old and new parts) superb, latest technology, no waiting about on a trolley, surgeon looked as if he had rushed straight from the beach, everywhere clean and sparkling, not sure about the food - didn't get much - but you get my drift.......well worth the top-up. Downside...... 1)anethetist yelled at me that all English in France should speak French (by her tone I presume she meant fluently) as I didn't understand her when she asked me to swallow. Bad start as I was in great pain and couldn't stop vomiting. 2) infirmrie freaked out when some blood was spilt on to her uniform as all English are CJD carriers! All staff wore latex after that. 3) Room mate grumbled with staff about how living in France was "tres bon" for the English but "tres mal" for the French (and for France). In fact lots of grumbling about the English (high house prices, life of luxury, don't bother to learn the language or contribute anything, drink like fish, oh and hate hunters etc etc)until she realised when I had come round properly that I understood everything she was saying. 4) Whilst waiting to be collected from my room the bed was stripped and mattress and pillows removed for "decontamination" - CJD again I suspect (this hadn't happened the previous day when room mate checked out). Obviously the room was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected but I really felt that the staff were taking it a bit far and "making a point". Anyone else had their rose tinted specs knocked off recently?? regards.....helen (sore but getting there......)
  6. Hi Lizzie - had a look in http://www.pagesjaunes.fr for you and there is one listed in Tarbes if that's any good (Webtime) cheers.........helen
  7. Message in your inbox! regards......helen (sorry.....website not up and running yet.......too busy gardening)
  8. >We are about to sign Acte >for house near St Gervais >(85). It will >be a holiday home so >we are looking for someone >to keep an eye on >it in the winter. > Oh dear, this is a shame 'cos we live near St Gervais but it's a little hamlet in 16!! Anyway - enjoy your new home...............helen
  9. >How easy is it to buy >secondhand? We need a lpg >cooker temporarily so are looking >for a cheap buy. Where are you? We have old cooker which will do a turn (runs on (integral) bottled butane) but would need collecting, we are in 16. Don't all rush at once but it is FREE to hardup renovators!! regards.....helen
  10. Further to my previous post re constructing a fireplace, is there a minimum gap required between back of fireplace and woodburner. We have a 10kw woodburner (without fitting instructions) and I seem to recall that the Jotel we had in the UK had to be positioned about a foot away from the back of fireplace. Thanks and regards.......helen
  11. LAST EDITED ON 03-Aug-04 AT 07:13 AM (BST) Hi - didn't know where to post this - maybe there should be a French Wildlife forum?? Anyway - I opened the window during the night and in plopped a huge black thingy! First of all I thought it was a bat but then realised it was a huge beetle with wings which flew, buzzing around the room. Needless to say, I shot out of bed and ran from the room naked, slamming the door shut behind me. I then had to seek refuge in another (occupied) room - huh! Have been in there this morning to retrieve clothes and.......no sign of the beasty! So what is this? I've been here for sometime now and have never seen the like before. Is the Charente being taken over?? regards.....helen edit - sorry LT but too many commas in the title and I can't change it!!
  12. >Eddie has just finished laying a >huge area of ceramic floor >tiles and is starting to >clean them up. Is there >a solvent for the cement >nad grout that is used >or should he just persevere >with water and a blunt >knife? OMG - clean them as you go before the grout dries!! Have 85 sq mtrs to do next - have cracked the laying, the grouting and the cleaning but am sooooo worried about my knees!! regards.....helen
  13. >What do you think is >good value en France? Leader Price icecreams - Spagnola (cerise), and cappuccino - together they are devine. Dunno how much - can't remember, but whatever they were they are worth double. Oh and the Leader Price vin blanc we had tonight was good too! regards.....helen
  14. Have just spent a wonderful afternoon on a peddelo on the Charente. We hired it at Chatain - a pretty little village in the Sud Vienne (they only have one peddelo and a couple of dingies for hire so hardly crowded)- and it was wonderfully peaceful and pretty on the river. A couple of picnic tables and an honesty box! Anyway we wondered if there are many other small places (away from the madding crowds) where we can hire a boat for the afternoon and enjoy another small part of the Charente. Any ideas folks? regards......helen
  15. Sounds like the builder wants some work! Suggest your friend asks an immobilier (French estate agent)for advice before making any hasty decisions. If agent says this is the case suggest your friend gets two or three devis in. regards.....helen
  16. We are at the stage of constructing a chimney and fireplace in our barn/sitting room to take the large woodburner. Probably get shouted down for heresy but I really don't like those redbrick and artex fireplace constructions on sale at the bricos - arghhh! Has anyone constructed their own fireplace? Can anyone recommend a book or a website for design ideas - we want something that will suit old barn but it has to be affordable. (We have the chimney construction sussed - so its just fireplace designs needed). Cheers ...........helen
  17. Have a look at Will's posting in the Property Renovations FAQs above. He gives a website - I think it's under "Finding Tradesmen". regards......helen
  18. As many of you know, I am a total dimwit when it comes to technology so please be gentle! I'm being plagued by Attention Spyware Detected pop-ups. Why is this and is Spyware dangerous? regards....helen
  19. > >Over to you!! > Have you tried http://www.pagesjaunes.fr ? Apologies if you have.
  20. >Can anyone tell me if the >fish and chip shop in >Lezant is still there and >what days does it open > It's at Lizant and opens on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 5pm. Cod and chips are superb and the curries are good too! regards......helen
  21. >I am coming back from England >around the 30th July /1st >August and do not want >to be caught in the >French holiday traffic. I think it's most weekends from now on Paul. French TV news said this weekend is a "red" weekend on many motorways. Travel during the week and watch out for hundreds of camper vans travelling south! best wishes.....helen
  22. Please can >someone tell me if these >figures are typical for this >region and type of property? >ASAP as we are into >the 7 day cooling off >period. > Hi Carole - it really depends on how well insulated the house is and how efficient the boiler. I'd get the boiler changed (so that the water is heated by oil rather than electricity (which is expensive) as I'm sure that 20 years is about the maximum shelf life for a boiler! We have floor area of 153 sq mtrs - plumber worked out the volume but can't remember it - and part of the house is not well insulated yet. We used about 1500 ltrs of oil last year (it was a long cold winter here in the Charente) which cost 603 euros (incl of TVA), our electricity is 30 euros a month, bottled gas for cooking (2 of us) 80 euro per annum, woodburner wood was 170 euros for 6 cubic metres which was more than enough. Total for heat, light and cooking - 1213 euros. Hope this helps........helen
  23. If >that's not possible does anyone >know if gaining access to >the house to store our >furniture might be? or >can we pay a nominal >rent until we have signed >(if the vendor is willing >of course). Friends are doing this - ask vendor through your notaire but, if you are able to move in earlier, don't start knocking holes in walls etc until after you've signed!!. regards.....helen
  24. As Val says - get the board from the builders' merchants (we got ours free as it advertises them) but I don't think you actually display it until your plans have been passed and the work begins. bon courage........helen
  25. Hi marcy and welcome! Sorry, can't help with what's going on in your department but if you look under the Sport, Leisure and Pastimes section of this forum you will find some excellent information on most things horsey!! Best of luck.......helen
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