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  1. Sounds like someone is hammering further up the tunnel; it sent me to sleep, but then many things do now.
  2. Don't worry French Frank, us and millions of others are extremely happy with our excellent French woodburners. Yes, Jotuls are brilliant but very expensive ( and I'm sure Clearview are good also, but why buy from the UK when there are excellent woodstoves here?) We had a Supra Selestat at our old house, and were so impressed that we've just installed a similar model here near the mountains (see www.supra.fr). Our other stove at our previous house was a huge turbo Deville, which also worked extremely efficiently. Bonne chance.
  3. Weldoms supply and fit; they have a shop near Intermarché. Not sure about comparison costs but I think it's best to use a local supplier/installer just in case there are problems. If you are fiscally resident in France, there are tax credits available (up to 50%) on models bearing the flamme vert label (no tax credits for the installation though), but to qualify you have to have the stove supplied and installed by a company. Edit: Snap, teapot!
  4. Haven't tried the BricoDepot emulsion yet but will buy some when we next go - the problem is our nearest is 1.5 hours away with a 12 euro peage charge so we only go with a very large list! Must admit that every visitor who drives over from the UK (not many now as we are so far) is only welcome if they bring 260 Tetley teabags and a 10litre tub of Dulux white matt!! Seriously though, painting the walls and ceilings of hovel2 is an ongoing task - most of the emulsion paints we have used here are Castarama or Leroy Merlin own brands - both are excellent with a huge colour range, but relatively expensive. But hey, we're in SW France and driving to the UK to buy a tub or two of paint is not an option, so we just get on with it. I'm always on the lookout for emulsion at a good price and as Lidl have an offer on this coming week for paint, I'll try some.
  5. Suggests he/she digs a large hole, tips in the ashes and plants a tree ( or seperate holes/trees?) Who will ever know?
  6. Well we've spent the morning unblocking the flue and cleaning it all out. Phew - what a horrible job! Luckily the flue goes up to the ceiling where the block chimney starts, so it was relatively easy to drag it away from the flue to clean it out. The flue was well and truely blocked with tar deposits, so we are obviously using the stove incorrectly, or the problem is the wood. We've relit it now and it's burning well. I don't think the problem lies with Supras per se John, just its use or misuse. Ours is a Selèstat which is similar to your Orlando, and designed to stay in all night, but.... In future we're going to let it out at night rather than shut it right down, and relight each morning; roar it more often to burn off the deposits; and maybe use different wood. The clean burn usually works OK, obviously we get some blackening of the glass but yesterday, it blackened over totally, and stunk of tar - anyway, I will recognise the signs of a blocked flue in future.  
  7. Well, until this evening I thought I was an expert with woodburning stoves. I've had various models over the past 30 years and never had the problem I found tonight. The woodburner has been chugging away all day - it, and its new chimney, were installed about 6 weeks ago; the wood (a beech, oak ash mixture) is dry and well seasoned. The stove (a Supra) gets roared daily to boost the heat but it mostly chugs along slowly, and rarely goes out - we bought a similar model (second hand but had only been used once or twice) to the stove we had in our previous house as we found it so efficient. Anyway, this evening I noticed that the glass is black, the kitchen stinks of tar, and a pool of tar is on the floor under the T trap at the back of the stove. It's going to take some hours to go out so that it can all be cleaned tomorrow, so a) I'm worried if its safe to leave like this (tar fumes), and b) why should this happen with a newish installation ( a new chimney had been built for it, with a flexi flue liner)?
  8. Removing the VMCs is a bit mean; I presume that the pipework is still in place so that reinstalling isn't too big a job? I'm a great fan of them, they rid the house of smells, provide a good trickle of ventilation and remove the fear of carbon monoxide poisoning. You'll probably find that once the house is lived in, heated and ventilated properly your mould problem will disappear (ours has). In the meantime, the bleach treatment should work but at a later, pre-decoration stage you may need to use a coat of PVA. Good luck.
  9. [quote user="Patf"] La Sizer - if you do a search there are several threads mentioning plumbing. eg this one: http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/1/496176/ShowPost.aspx#496176 [/quote]   LOL - that was a blast from the past!! Yes, 4 years and we have moved on to hovel2; still looking for a plumber though to put in new chauffe eau. OH has done the rest. Good luck Simon - plumbers still seem to be in short supply everywhere (all our local plumbers are apparently working on new builds now - cleaner, easier, pays better etc etc)
  10. Wow, how sad am I! I've just wasted 4 minutes of my life watching that!
  11. Blimey Quillan, how many piccies of fabulous beds do you need to see?    
  12. SW - you should be OK then as apartments are being built all over the place there! Anton - we are both old and probably look as daft on a snowboard as a surfboard! Have to agree though, would be good to catch renters for both seasons.
  13. If Hossegor is anything like its neighbour Capbreton, property is extremely expensive. We have just returned after a short surfing break there and had a quick look round in agents' windows. If you have a couple of hundred K spare, you may be able to find a small apartment, but further inland properties are quite a bit cheaper. Google immobiliers Hossegor/Capbreton to get an idea of prices. As it's a seaside resort, it's quite dead during the off season, but the surf, and the surfers, are there all year round. Have fun! Edit: Have a look at the surf on the webcam at Dick's Sand Bar!      
  14. Blimey! I've heard of folks bringing plasterboard over, but that takes the biscuit!
  15. May be a good idea to ask your OH rather than us as he'll probably know. I'd probably attempt fitting an ordinary carpet; cord, berber or similar but not sure about the stringy types. Do they fray?
  16. [quote user="tonyv"]As I start my renovation project, I am building up heaps of rubbish. So I need a skip, but I realise I've never seen one in France. Are they available? If not, what is the preferred means of disposal? [/quote]   If you are just starting a renovation project, you may find that buying a trailer is an absolute must. Or at least for us it has been. As the price of deliveries from bricos and bm's has escalated (and also the hire cost of a benne or tipper), we bought an Erdè remorque large enough to transport plasterboard, doors and windows; and have also done dozens of trips to the dechetterie with gravaux (rubble) and loads of other junk. It's worth its weight in gold as far as we're concerned! We got ours from Feu Verte (who also fitted the numberplate, and will fit a towbar if necessary), but they are for sale everywhere. Good luck.  
  17. Well, another nice warm evening in the Midi-Pyrènèes so no fires here yet, but we're heading for the Atlantic coast tomorrow for a surfin'nsunbathin' weekend, and the weather forecast is c**p! Hope the apartment has heating.
  18. Sorry - can't help with recommendations for irons, it's something I just don't do! However, it struck me that 1000 euros would pay for quite a few pressing services at your local laundry; just wash and dry the sheets and take them there! Just think of all the leisure time you'd have.
  19. Well, we've got two weeks to go - yippee (luckily I'm not the owner and I definitely won't be "helping out" next year). I've spent most of the day trying to bleach black hair dye from the bathroom walls; unravelling loads of fairy lights from the downstairs beams, bannisters and lightfittings; and scraping bright red candle wax off everything.   And, they seemed like such a nice family!
  20. We've just had a Bionest system (www.bionest.ca) installed. Consists of two tanks and no sandfilter bed. This was recommended by the SPANC guy who came out and looked at the site with the fosse installer.
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