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  1. Thanks SD I knew I could rely on you to come up with an answer that I have been wrangling with via DVLC for the past 2 days!!  [:D] Another tick on the ever growing list of 'things to do' in the next 5 weeks.


  2. I'm about to move over to France in September and have started a search re: right dipping headlights for my 2000Citroen Xsara. Tried E-bay and they are brand new at £149 + £21 p/p. There are 1 or 2 specialists in my area that may be able to help,  but I feel £170 is not a bad price to pay compared to the other poster who may have to fork out €800.


  3. Hi Jane and Danny,

    Presumably you are Teleconnect users in France. I am moving in 7 weeks time and I have had all the details from Teleconnect. Are they as good as they or you reckon they are? I know I can get ADSL in the village where I shall be living, just need to notify them of the phone number before I go. It all sounds suspiciously easy to me. I am with sky.com at present but for obvious reasons I have to cancel that. Having said that, it was the easiest set up I have ever had, shame I can't take it with me!!

    cheers   roseysan

  4. Hi,

    Not sure where you are flying from but I have just been on www.flybmi.com and they have a full listing of all their flights in and out of the UK. Looking at this website has just saved one of my friends a small fortune not to say time because she fly directly to Lille from Leeds/Bradford airport at less than a ferry crossing. Might be worth a look.



  5. Not sure if anyone can help me with my problem re: sky but here goes . I have been a Sky subscriber for 15 years or more and have dish, box and viewing card. I would like to bring all of these to France with me when I move permanently in September this year. My main problems are that I don't know of anyone in my circle of friends/family who would let me use their address as they all have Sky anyway. The other problem is that my internet connection is also with Sky.com and as I have only had this for 6 months, I cannot cancel it till the 12 months contract expires in December 2007. Help please!!


  6. Hi Nikki,

    I too am hoping to buy in Pas de Calais and have looked for long term rentals. If you 'google' pas de calais you will get all sorts of sites re: accomodation, be it long term rental or holiday lets. Some of the holiday lets do offer long term rentals. Also try some of the Immobiliers in the areas you want to be, they should be able to help + the Mairie in the towns.


  7. Logan,

    I was over in Pas de Calais 2 weeks ago looking at properties. One I liked very much was over my budget so I decided not to be swayed by the price and let my head rule my heart. So, lo and behold when I looked at their website 4 days ago it had been reduced by €11000!! [8-)] My only problem now is that by the time I can get over to France again it will probably have been sold.  As for being a Daily Mail reader, what is SO wrong with that? Or am I missing something? Is it a snob thing or what? [6]


  8. Anyone wishing to relocate to the North of France can read an article in todays Daily Mail promoting all that is good about Pas de Calais and the fact that Eurostar starts its new run in November this year. I guess I had better hurry up and get my house over there (been looking for 6 months at properties that are very affordable) and I don't want to see a huge price hike.


  9. As someone who has been in the same boat [:P] as it were, I have tried wrist bands, kwells et al. With no luck. However, when I last travelled on the Poole - Cherbourg catamaran, I asked in a French pharmacie for some pills for mal de mer. They asked if I wanted homeopathic or normal. So I went for homeopathic. Brilliant. Start them on the day before sailing, followed by the morning (or 3 hours) before sailing and then 2 more  once you are aboard. They are placed under the tongue and melt, lemon flavoured too. No problems and I had a 5 hour drive once back in the UK. Sadly I can't remember the name, but I guess any chemist , UK or France would be able to help.

    Good Luck (and thank the Lord for the shuttle!).


  10. This has to be one of the best replies (Sunday Driver) I have come across so thanks from somebody else who is making the move (on her own) in September this year. Everything you always wanted to ask but never had the time...............  Many thanks [:D]



  11. Hello Annie,

    I am a single lady who becomes a 'senior citizen' in August. As soon as I can I shall be over there in Pas de Calais to retire. I have been a couple of times now and still love the areas round Montreuil, Hesdin, Auxi le Chateau all of whom have a lot of British people in the vicinity. I am over there again in 2 weeks time to visit a few houses and see if one ticks all boxes. I fully intend to try and get involved in the local community as I believe many people on this forum advise you to do. My French is getting better by the day so I am really hoping that by the time I move over I will be able to 'let rip' with the language.

    Good luck with your 'project', keep us informed

    roseysan (aka Sandra)

  12. Hi Jo,

    I, too am moving over to France in the summer this year. I have had astronomic quotes from removal companies and I am only going to Pas de Calais 60 miles south of the shuttle terminal. Sooooo I asked my friend what her guy did for a living and ...guess what.... he drives a 7.5 truck [:D] so obviously he has a HGV licence. He has said that if I pay to hire the truck he will drive it over, stay over night and take it back the next day. Plus, as a single over 50 female it means I will have a strong fella to help unload!  [:D] I believe a 7.5 ton lorry is twice the size of a Luton van (?). If you look at the classified ads in LF mag you may see what they look like in some of the ads.


  13. Hi,

    To anyone living in the Hesdin/Frevent/Auxi-le-Chateau areas, if you are longing for anything English that you can't get in your area,[6]   I shall be doing some house-hunting from 13th - 18th March so if I can bring anything over for you I would be happy to do so. A great way to meet potential friends/neighbours I thought!! [:D]Hoping to move over in late summer in any of the above mentioned areas. PM me if you are interested.[8-|]



  14. Hi,

    Check your yellow pages under 'storage' in Kent. About half of my stuff is in storage here in Stoke-on-Trent. I have a 40 sq metre unit which costs me £70 per month including insurance. I had a full tour of their premises prior getting my stuff there and I have to sign in and out each time I go. Very secure, you have to supply your own locks. This was priceless for me as I am now renting till I move and I have no garage or garden shed here so all that stuff is in storage along with everything from the loft!!  Makes it easy when the BIG move happens.

    Good Luck


  15. Just an addition to the posts already here, being a sad old woman who is moving to France later this year I recently did a comparison on white goods using the web sites of major retailers in France. I used Darty, But, Conforama and CDdiscount stores to compare prices of things that I would prefer to buy in France. They were: cooker, washer and TV. My washer and tv are about 7 years old and out of guarantee and each house I have lived in recently has a built in cooker. CDdiscount came out tops for all items and I tried to use the same makes each time, and they were almost £200 cheaper for all three. A huge difference. I also then did a comparable listing using Argos and they were about 5% dearer than the French. Also you can get a loyality card at some of these stores in France which will then bring your price even lower. Plus the big advantage of having 2 years guarantee in France as opposed to 1 year in the UK.

    Worth a look on the net[:D]


  16. Hi to all,

    I am so glad I have read your thoughts on E-Bay France as I have considered buying from France myself recently. I was quite surprised how many bids there were per item especially in the glass/ceramics category. And that many of the sellers post worldwide. However, for those of us whose french is not yet fluent, it is a good way to learn new words and phrases. I have just purchased a Citroen Xsara for when I move to France later this year (not off E-bay I must add) but I looked at comparably models on France E-bay and they were twice the mileage and twice the price!! [:(]Having said all that I have bought and sold mostly unwanted items from friends and family on E-bay UK for four years or more and not had a breakage at all.  


  17. Hi,

    I just wondered if anyone on the forum has applied for and, successfully, managed to get a mortgage under €50,000. I do not wish to have a mortgage that I cannot manage so I would prefer to put down a bigger deposit and have an affordable mortgage. Most of the lenders and brokers seem to have  a ceiling of 50k euros as their minimum. Please pm me if you consider advertising a firm/bank etc might be advertising!



  18. Hi,

    Not sure if this company is near you, but AFFORD rental (cars & vans) offered me a Luton van for 4 days for £500 all inclusive except for breakdown insurance which you had to provide yourself. I suppose that if you live near the ferry ports you could (depending where you are moving to) do 2/3 runs!


  19. Hi sweet 17,

    I am moving from the UK to Pas de Calais in September this year. I have tried to get quotes and have used the broker service you mentioned. I thought it was tres expensive as the entire journey is just over 320 miles (640 return). So I called Afford van rentals and I can have a Luton van for 4 days for £500 all inclusive (escept for breakdown insurance which you organise yourself. This way it will mean 2 crossings, but I guess as a single female I may need the services of 2 hunky men to assist!![:D] If I do my sums right it should cost less than £1000 in total. Which makes it half the price the broker quoted me.

    Good Luck anyway


  20. Hi,

    As someone who is making the move to France within the next 12 months, is there an age limit for taking out a small mortgage? I will be 60 next August [:(]and would only require one around €30000. Any help on this subject would be useful.

    thanks  roseysan

  21. Hi,

    Interesting post and I agree with Cassis insomuch as my car (a Rover 216 1999 model) is in extremely good condition and has less than 40k on the clock. Having driven in France twice already this year and hoping to move out permanently in 2007, I fully intend bringing my car over to use. Valued in UK at approx £1600, where would I buy a decent car in France for that? Checked out France E-bay under cars and there was hardly anything under 12 years old[:(].


  22. Hi St Amour,

    Total travelling time from Stoke-on-Trent to Hesdin in September was six and a half hours via the Channel tunnel. Total travelling time from Stoke-on-Trent to Dover + crossing time + Calais/Boulogne to Hesdin approximately 8 hours and thats not allowing for any crossing delays. And to get to Normandy would have taken at least 10 hours depending whether I went via Cherbourg or Caen. That's the only problem with living so far from the Channel ports.

    With regard to renting in France v England, my thinking was that while the days get shorter and the nights get longer I would rather be in the UK, possibly rather isolated in France when most people shut their doors at 5pm!! God , this  makes me feel a real wimp[:(] But I do have cats and a mum to consider as well. I have registered with several of the local Immobiliers who will contact me as soon as house that suits my requirements comes onto the market. Where are you by the way?


  23. Hello Gypsy,

    Just read your post, I'm glad I'm not the only one who is moving 'singly' to France. I have been out to Normandy ( in May) but felt it was too big a place for me as the towns are miles apart. So I decided to go to Pas de Calais 3 weeks ago and stayed in Hesdin. I loved it right away and am actively seeking a property there. My house is almost sold (you never know till the week before contracts are signed) and I am renting in England for 6 months wile I make further visits to Hesdin. I believe there are a few ex-pats around this area which will be lovely. I did Brittany twice but the travelling is so long winded and I am one of those wimps who detest flying.

    However, good luck with your search and do keep in touch and let me know your progress.

    roseysan (aka Sandra)[:)]

  24. Hi,

    Just returned from a lovely week staying in Hesdin. I did all the local towns within a 15-20 mile radius but I just loved Hesdin. So I contacted all the Immobiliers in the town including the aforesaid L'Abri tanique agency run by the lovely Maggie Kelly. I have now sold my house here in the Uk and am looking forward to movinh out there in late spring/early summer next year. Sueyh, I went past Ligny de Canche where you are moving to. I expect you are up to your ears in packing boxes at present, I do hope the move goes well.

    Maybe this next question may seem trivial , but here goes. As an avid reader, I have loads of good quality books by popular authors (John Grishm, Kathy Reichs, Patricia Cornwell etc) and I wondered if I bought them all with me maybe some of the ex-pat Brits in that area would like to borrow them. Or are there English books available? Failing that it might have to be a boot fair or charity shop, along with a load of otther stuff. Moving house is so therapeutic when it comes to off loading stuff!![:D]


  25. I still have 2 return tickets to La Rochelle via Flybe via Birmingham departing 23rd Sept and returning 30th Sept. If anyone is interested please pm me for further details. Unable to go on this flight because of family illness. (Buyer to pay costs of admin). These flights are on Flybe.com today at £240.14.



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