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  1. Thanks for all the replies, but I can't imagine my notaire here in PdC coming all the way down to the Vendee! However, I'm going to be there myself in 10 days time so maybe I'll get to know of a notaire who can be recommended to me as and when I need one. roseysan Also need to know of any associations/clubs where English speaking people go for a chat etc If anyone knows please let me know.
  2. Hi I am hoping to move from Pas de Calais to the Vendee as soon as my house is sold. Can I use the notaire I have always used here to do the conveyancing for me in the Vendee. Or do I need to get a local one? Thanks roseysan
  3. Hi, I've just been given a 2 year old Samsung TV which appears to have built-in Freeview. However I would like to use it WITHOUT Freeview and use it via an old skybox. Anyone know how or if this could be done. It will only be used in bedroom as my main TV is via satellite using a FREESAT box. thanks roseysan
  4. Are there any social clubs/associations for English speaking people in the Vendee department? I am coming down for  a visit in April with a view to making a permanent move in the future. I am 69 years young, female and would like to make friends with similar people whether they are married, single or whatever. When I first moved to France in 2007 I made lots of contacts via this forum, some of whom I still keep in touch with. I'd like to replicate that in my next move. I would be grateful for any information. I see that the Deux Sevres have their own monthly newspaper, is there such a thing in the Vendee? Thanks Sandra
  5. Hi I have all my insurances with Allianz (car, house, health etc) so it seemed that keeping all my insurances with the same company was the easy thing to do. I pay €21 a month for €3000 of cover. The last funeral I went to in France cost €1700 so on that basis there will be a few bob left for the mourners(?) to have a drink on me!! Sandra
  6. I have also been to 2 very different services. The first was held at a crematorium where the family were allowed to choose their own music. We had Barbra Streisand, Adele and Elton John songs amongst others. Very simple service but that was how the deceased would have liked it to be. The second was a full requium mass in a catholic church with an English guy translating the service for us expats who were present. A very emotional service with the immediate family all having input. Personally as an agnostic I'll go for the 1st option and I've left instructions as to what music I want played!!!! Sandra
  7. Thanks to all of you who responded to my query, all noted and filed for whenever the move takes place. Sandra
  8. Do you automatically have your records transferred when you change your doctor? I am hoping to move departments and wondered what happened when you do in terms of health care. Also I have a mutuelle with Allianz and I presume that can be transferred too?? All comments welcome! Sandra
  9. Thats great, always good to have a company that comes with a recommendation. I've book marked their web page which was very informative. When I moved here I did a lot of the packing myself which saved a lot of time and also labelled boxes so I new what was inside and which room they all needed to go into. Thanks again, you may be hearing from me again!!!! SANDRA
  10. Thank you very much for the information, I've made a note of the company you recommended. Sandra
  11. Anyone done this, moving from one department to another, as I would like to find a removal company that will move me WITHIN France. All removal companies I read about just advertise UK to France or France to UK. Thanks Sandra
  12. Many thanks Angela for your help regarding my move to the Vendee/Deux Sevres region. I am even more excited now and looking forward to my visit in April to see more of the area on a "reccy". Regards Sandra
  13. As someone who has lived in Pas de Calais for almost 10 years, I now want to move to the south west. And I too want to be near a town, as a single person this is imperative. The weather here is very cold in a bad winter as it is at present, minus temperatures still forecast for another week or more. And it isn't very interesting socially for sole residents. Hopefully the Vendee/Deux Sevres will be my home shortly. And as one poster said, I will visit throughout 2017 at different times. Which is exactly what I did before I moved here in 2007.
  14. I hope to be moving to the Deux Sevres/Vendee area later this year, or when I sell my house in Pas de Calais! I am a single young 69 year old lady who wants a change of area. I would like to ask some of you if you can recommend towns that would suit someone on their own. And with an active social scene for ex-pats. I aim to visit sometime in April to have a look round but people who already live there can possibly give me some help before then. And about snakes...............do you see that many as I have a huge phobia of reptiles. Thanks Sandra
  15. I am hoping to move to another department later this year. Do I have to do anything about my car except for (maybe) changing to a local insurer? Sandra
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