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  1. Thanks for advice, Anton, you must get fed up with us non-techies!!
  2. Anton, I'm sure you've been asked this before but if we buy a new French TV and aerial etc is there any digi box system that would give access to say BBC News 24 or Sky News but not all the normal UK channels.  We currently only use an old UK TV for Videos or DVDs and would now like to have French TV to help with the language, but would like to also have access UK news.
  3. Thank you all for your advice! Will keep eye on Lidl and look in Bricos.
  4. Last year there was a thread re these sets, dish box and thingey to set the direction of dish, available from Lidl mainly sold mainly for caravans I think, but being used in holiday homes in France.  Under £100 as I recall, does anyone know if Lidl (or elsewhere) does anything like this now (our local one does not), and to those who did have one how did they find it worked? We will be in Normandy by the way. Any info gratefully received.
  5. [quote]Hi Brian I have only installed and worked on air/air systems (I believe in sticking to what you know) but common sense says geo would give you a more constant heat gain, it would also be much more e...[/quote]

    Thanks Stephen and Anton, 2 differing views will have to see how this summer pans out and how hot/humid it gets.
  6. [quote]We are thinking of installing air conditioning to heat our barn , does anyone have any views as to if this would be a problem...it doesnt seem to be very common in France , is there a reason for this?...[/quote]

    Has anyone tried the mobile air conditioning units or air coolers, we are thinking of this as we have attic bedrooms that can stay very warm at night and disturb sleep.  As stated in another post, we use only as holiday home, and dont think the running costs would be that high, as only used on a "need" basis. Air coolers in B&Q run from £50 upwards with the conditioners from about £200 and wondering if the investment would be worthwhile.  Any advice?
  7. [quote]I wonder if anyone else has had this problem - and what,if anything, you did about it. We're gradually increasing the amount of our garden given over to flower beds and so on most of our visits are...[/quote]

    We know how you feel, we had a couple of solar lights lifted when away last time, did not even notice at first.  It's not so much the value, only cheap ones anyway, it's the thought that somewhere where you expect life to be different, you can still be let down.  We go back next week and am beginning to worry about my pots... all neatly planted up with geraniums for the summer! If these have gone will definately do a car tour and try to locate!:
  8. I was very annoyed to see that the Barfleur had been removed from the daytime crossings from Poole, all the crossings were there in the new brochure and on the internet right up to christmas, then on Jan 2nd when went to book a series of trips already picked out - the day crossings from March onwards had disappeared! The Barfleur now travels from Portsmouth during the day. This now means at least an extra hour's drive to Portsmouth each way, and longer ferry crossings on any trips between mid March and end of May when the Condor/BF fast ferry starts and that the prices for these have now rocketed because the choice is less.  I have complained to the customer service desk which appears to have been set up to log complaint calls, basically they said they need to build up the P & O routes.  Although nothing will be done this year I think it's important for all who are affected to register this in the hope that our beloved Barfleur will return to the Poole route, and yes I do like the Barfleur, we go every month, nearly always get the same cabin and the crew are really nice!
  9. What are the details of the house in Mayenne, I have a friend who will be doing some serious looking in the New Year?
  10. I have a friend looking for a house, she really doesn't have any real idea where (...??!) but about 4-5 hours from the ports and likes the Loire area, yes I know very wide area. she is looking at around £70,000 or below which is quite a small budjet as wants edge of village/town, 2 to 3 bedrooms, not a large house but with decent garden for dogs and already renovated.  Doesnt mind decorating etc but retired and not skills for actual renovation. Asking a lot for budget maybe but you never know. There may be someone out there just thinking of moving on??????
  11. We have had our house in Normandy for over 3 years and earlier this year received a letter from the licensing peeps in St Lo saying it had been noted that we had paid tax habitation for the last 3 years but did not have a TV license with a form to complete further details.  We replied to say we were taking over a UK TV for video and DVD use only as we have no receiving device, aerial or sat dish and to let us know if need to pay a licence.  (Didn't own up to having had an old analogue dish which we tried to use with a small portable but never successfully so disposed of dish some time ago before the letter came).This was about 6 months ago but understand we may still hear and have to pay...so we shall see.
  12. We have been considering adding an upstairs loo, and I thought (with my non existant plumbing knowledge) not too difficult as the space to be used is in an corner adjacent to outside wall and near to the fosse .  The plumber (local French) recommended a broyeur wc as then he could then use the water outlet from the handbasin already situated there.  We shelved the idea as thought could be too noisy as only partition wall from bedroom and also above lounge - hubby is also concerned that could be opening a can of worms ?? if attaching a new outlet to the fosse which is working perfectly.... reading this thread I am rethinking this - what are the general thoughts? any advice wiould be greatly appreciated.
  13. LAST EDITED ON 11-Aug-04 AT 09:15 AM (BST)

    Anyone know the dates for this fair in St Hilaire du Harcouet in November?
  14. We've just had a long weekend in Paris, and had a very good menu for 22E, ok nothing posh - no linen napkins or silver service but decent food and vino ok too- in the Gard du Nord area - then had an excellent Fruit de Mer for 52E for two with full silver service (not with lobster tho that was 85E!) and the crab was the best I can remember so you can eat reasonably even in Paris.
  15. Having recently bought a Honda, have kept eyes open and did spot a Honda garage on road into St Malo (not actually in Manche but close!)
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