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  1. Just had an e-mail from Toolstation UK.  They now have a French version http://www.toolstation.fr/  If you spend over 50 pounds they can give you free delivery in France. Website is in both English and French. Delivery is cheaper then Screwfix and I have found prices at Toolstation on a par if not a bit cheaper in the UK.
  2. The firm I used to work for had a fax, we spent more time throwing out all the advertising, demands for payments from scam firms etc,  then actual needed ones. At least with an online one you can just delete them saving paper. And boy will you get plenty if it is the same as cold phone calls.
  3. [quote user="vette"] As for French cars, I was always of the impression that they had softer suspension than other makes. The most firm ride is probably the German marques.[/quote] Vette, we have a Peugeot 3008 and I can confirm the suspension is not in the least bit classed as soft, it will find any imperfection in the road and jolt you all over the place. Even some of the reviews when it first came out said "suspension only just acceptable" On a good flat road it is good but with of the state of the roads now-days its not comfortable. We had a C5 before and that was superb. 
  4. Our place is out in the sticks as well, well beyond the limits for broadband via Orange and the phone line. Our two neighbours have broadband, one via Wimax and the other via satellite. The one with satellite is not a happy bunny, he complains about the delay in sending and receiving data up and down to the satellite etc. The wimax guy is fairly happy with his setup, he says the only problem it may drop out if its foggy or heavy rain, plus he says the download data is unlimited, ( what ever they define as unlimited) But I suppose in the end you have to go with what you can receive.
  5. Why not just keep your UK license, unless for any reason you have to change it,  Makes life a lot easier.
  6. You could try getting a snake, they also are able to live in the space between walls.
  7. I think if Mr Wiggy wants to watch MotoGP via Canal+ he will have to subscribe to that channel it seems most of the sport is now on Canal+   its like Sky sports they want their pound of flesh from you. For watching the normal French programs this way, no you don't need to authorise the card. The only thing needed is in the future you have to re-apply for a new card as they are valid for about 3-4 years, I know as I have just had to re-apply for ours, it cost I think 12 Euros. One other option may be possible, is the MotoGP on German tv as well? it may be in the clear, if so your Humax should be able to pick up those transmissions, my TNT box certainly picked up last years F1 from the German channels and in the UK too. Hopefully this year F1 won't be scrambled on the German channel, we shall see. Good luck Mr Wiggy. Edit....  Would the internet side of it be just be for catchup tv? do the French actually do catchup like BBC iplayer etc. I have a Humax freesat box in the UK and thats what we use the internet side if it for. One great thing with my box is you can attach a hard drive to the box via usb and use it to record programs.
  8. Does it drop out when the phone rings, we had that a while back, put a new one of those filters on and the problem stopped.
  9. I have been known to use the registration number of cars I have owned, they are a mixed batch of numbers and letters with no logic.  But for banks etc something stronger.
  10. And I suppose the idiot thinks London is still foggy all the time.
  11. Can you not go to the providers e-mail web site and sign in as per web mail, that might get you round the problem without messing up your profile.
  12. I have seen and brought condensed milk in France at the supermarkets. It wasn't cheap but obtainable.
  13. Yes there was a piece on Watchdog back in the summer time about this.
  14. Often wondered if those big yellow triffids on the motorways etc can read a number plate at night when the cars lights are on dip or main.
  15. Cassie, only a shot in the dark not 100 per cent sure how these work but on a cars air con system if the fluid/gas (refrigerant?) is low the aircon won't work, could it be as easy as this.
  16. [quote user="woolybanana"]Women and power tools, pleeeze![/quote] Irons and hoovers!!
  17. Can you turn it off at the mains leave it for a while then turn the mains back on again? sort of rebooting it, like a computer. Other then that no idea, sorry.
  18. Martin, do you by any chance have any British friends living nearby who would consider maybe having said child visiting them for a day or so to get the feel of the language, this could bypass the feeling  of "living in another country" give the 16yr old a bit more confidence and a get out clause if need be. If the brits spoke only English to her  that should help and the words she doesn't understand hopefully they could explain what they mean. Just a thought.
  19. [quote user="dave21478"]JESUS WEPT is anyone ever going to bother sorting out the forum software? [/quote] Its in the hands of France entree IT experts !!
  20. Thanks Frederick, we haven't a Super U local to us, we normally get the bottles at the super market petrol stations.
  21. I might be tempted to keep looking at other properties and keep this on the back burner, you never know the bank might sort this out in a few days
  22. Change tack a bit, is the price of the normal size bottled gas the same with every supplier. Often wondered if we can get our Butagas cheaper elsewhere.
  23. [quote user="idun"]Can't one have both a lock and key and good quality padlocks. As long as the insurance company is happy with the lock and key, surely they would not object IF there was more security than that? Or am I being naieve? [/quote] Don't see why not, I think its just having just padlocks they have problems with. We have actually done as they requested with a "proper lock" we also have padlocks on the door as well, one of those square ones where you can't see the bar.
  24. [quote user="Lehaut"]Have been helping out a friend whose holiday home was burgled. They knew what they were after and where the stuff was stored. Ride on tractor, strimmer, petrol, electrical extension cables and even ear protectors. The building was secured with a hasp and padlock, which the thieves removed. Having had today, the last meeting with the insurance agent and the expert assessor, they said that, as far as French house insurance was concerned, a padlock was virtually the same as an open door, only a "serrure" was acceptable. He showed me the wording the in AXA house contract which states this (as he said all French house insurance contracts do). The assessor said that this was a common problem with Brits who expected the padlock to be treated as a form of outbuilding security. So no payout. I waived goodbye to the agent in his BMW 5 series 4x4 and the assessor in his Mercedes SL 350 and thought at least our friends premiums are being put to good use. I was not aware of the Padlock rule, others may also be unaware.[/quote] We had the very same problem when visitors decided they also wanted our sit on mower plus all my electrical tools two new bikes, chain saw the list could go on. The assessor came and he informed us the padlock we had on the door was unacceptable and they wanted a proper lock with a key built into the door, another little gem he told us the sit on mower does not come under the house insurance for theft, you have to insure that separately. The padlock was actually cut in half by the visitors, they must have used big bolt cutters as it wasn't a little padlock. Anyway after a long discusion with the assessor we actually got some money back, the stuff we were insured for he took off a small percent because of the lock problem, the sit on mower, we got nothing, it is now insured on its own. EDIT. I think I did write about this on an old post but can't find it.
  25. We got an Orange e-mail address when we had our phone installed, I have never used it except to send to Orange (will explain below). I did set the details up in my e-mail system on my UK computer, just in case I needed it. But like you I usually get six or seven spams per day, all are in French so my e-mail address has more then likely been sold by Orange France. What I do now is set up a rule in Outlook Express to send all my Orange e-mails direct to [email protected] After 3 months here in France when I get home there will be at least a couple of hundred e-mails winging there way back to Orange. Can you stop it now? not really your e-mail address is scattered across France in different firms sending spam. The only thing you can do is annoy Orange by sending the spam on to them, after all they started it.
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