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  1. My father actually volunteered at the start of the war, he knew conscription would be coming so he decided he would prefer to pick where he went, so he went into R.E.M.E.  He was shipped out to north Africa then on to Egypt as a member of the 8th Army (desert rats) he was a mechenic/driver so didn't have to do the marches across the desert, they then crossed the Med and landed at Sorrento and travelled up through Italy, where he learnt Italian, he saw Vesuvius erupt in the 1940's.

    Mum worked for some company possibility miltary in Brentford assembling parts for aircraft.

    If you didn't know you can get your parents army records all you need is his/her service number full name some kind of proof who you are, I had to submit his death certificate and I think a copy of my passport. and complete fhe form that you can get from t'internet oh and the payment. It takes ages to arrive,( nearly a year for me) I had to send an e-mail to the records office reminding them that as I had paid for this service I expected a response within a reasonable time. The whole records then came within a couple of weeks. It shows any little troubles your parent may have got into but most of this is in army speak IE D&D for drunk and disorderly etc.

    PS has the spell checker dissapeared. forever having to go back retyping my errors.

  2. If you had roller skates when you were a kid, like I did, horrid old metal wheels, not the rubber/plastic ones nowdays you should have the basics of it, at least I did. Don't forget you bounce harder as you get older. Keep your fingers in when you fall, its not unknown for another learner skater taking you fingers out. It has happened. Its fairly easy to start, not so easy to stop without looking a proper muppet, remember Tod Carty on tv years ago.

    Have fun!

  3. I often get these requests IE "open with your Facebook account" as I do not want facebook snooping on my dealing there should be an option to register without using that bl00dy company.

    Although I have a facebook account I don't put any personal details on it, they snoop too much for my liking.

    Mint, there should be something about registering on the site.

  4. [quote user="Chris"]Thanks Guys,

    To answer some of the question, the house the old part 1500 the newer 17/1800 , it's in the middle of no-where. The waste has be going "out to the land" as far as I can understand for the last 40 years. It's never had visits from SPANC ![/quote]

    Our neighbour didn't have a visit until he asked for one, he didn't have mains water got all his water from his well so he wasn't on the system.

  5. [quote user="Chancer"]


    The problem of 2017 is birds sh1tting on my head (and the guests!)............. Work in progress!


    When we went to visit some friends in the next village we heard what sounded like gun shots, a look out of the window we saw a couple of guys with rifles eliminating birds that did that kind of thing.

    Seemed to work, but I think its never ending.


  6. Thats an awkward one, over the years I have had an assortment of Renaults, a couple of  Ren14, a Ren11 and a couple of Ren20's neither gave me any real problems, the local Renault garage was always very helpfull if I needed any help I used to go direct to the workshop and the guys usually sorted it out for a few beer tokens in their lunch breaks. Daughter had a fairly recent clio diesel again not too bad but it had a few problems just before we off loaded it in part exchange. Were we lucky, maybe.

    I think any make you buy has a few that are classed as Friday cars. Like many cars nowdays they are built down to a price and sometimes Renault have a reputation of being lets say spending a fair bit of time in the garage. I have always found Renaults comfy cars with good suspension. But don't get me started about modern cars being computer controlled and you can't really do anything except change oil and filters.

  7. Chancer, one option you can think about.

    My router/modem is placed upstairs in my little office, it has its own Wifi connection with a passcode, downstairs I have one of those jobbies you put into a mains socket to get t'internet via the mains wiring, that has its own wifi connection, With its own passcode thats different from the routers one. Maybe one of these can be used for guests and the Wifi connection from the router just for your use. Not sure if you can get a few of these for each room and what that would mean for bandwidth. Anyway is it worth a thought?

  8. [quote user="Chancer"]

    Truth be known since having block capital printing forced on me and with all my engineering communication done that way I have completely lost how to do joined up writing and what I did at school was illegible anyway, I really could not write a sentence or even a word in lower case with joined up letters, I dont know how to do so.


    Chancer, its exactly the same for me, when I joined a firm years ago I was told by my then boss to write in blocks as that can always be read by everyone, did it for 20 years and I now can't write "joined up" now, lost the knack.

    Very embarrassing.

  9. One other bit of help, if you are looking for say a car in the small ads etc, and you phone them up just say do you still have the car for sale, or words to that effect. Lots of one man bands will try and sell cars via the small ads, if they say "which car" you can then decide if they are genuine people trying to sell their car or a business.

  10. [quote user="sid"]I'm on a slow broadband connection, 2mega at best (positively superfast! [Www]), and it takes ages now to load my first page, but I can see that it's waiting to load adverts, none of which of course are of the slightest interest to me.


    Sid could be onto something here, although I am no computer wizz kid I would have thought that having to load ads which use a load of graphics plus the actual forum stuff would make it slow on lets say older machines, slow connections, and maybe older operating systems.

    I still use XP on my laptop, it is an older machine and still works so why should I chuck it away just because Microsoft says so. If they want to give me a new machine i'll chuck out the old one.

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