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  1. Came back via Calais on the ferry a couple of weeks ago, there were loads of sun tanned young men standing at the roundabouts on the road to the terminal, police were also in attendance. I usually go out on the shuttle using my Tesco clubcard points and returning when I'm ready on the ferry, why? the shuttle you have to give a return date and if something happens whilst over in France you lose that slot unless you are rich. With the ferry I get an internet connection when I'm ready to come home and book that, the ferries don't tend to increase the price the nearer you get to the traveling date, plus Calais port is not as busy as the shuttle terminal for UK immigration. I have never had a problem turning up early on either the shuttle or the ferries always got an earlier crossing at no charge.
  2. Often the matches are shown on French tv, problem is maybe they are the ones you are not interested in. Yes I think there will be problems pairing card with receiver although I'm no expert on it, use freesat when in France. What about using a UK mobile number if you have to phone Sky in the UK would that work by hiding your location, not sure.
  3. ALBF. Can you lift a bit of carpet in the front and see if its wet underneath, preferably the bottom where feet are put, on drivers and passengers side, that is the lowest point, or it should be. I had a leaking heater matrix on one of my cars years ago and the original clue I had were windows wet on the inside after standing all night. (it was damp inside) Worth a try.
  4. similar one on Ebay UK and this lot will ship to France. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-in-1-Hand-Held-Upright-Bagless-Compact-Lightweight-Vacuum-Cleaner-Hoover/271969630015?epid=2255629555&hash=item3f52a7373f:g:oKgAAOSwZ8ZW2vdg#shpCntId
  5. [quote user="mint"]That looks a dinky little hoover, Dept 71.  Costs very little and is well-reviewed.  However, Coopers don't appear to deliver overseas. Guardian, I am looking for mains as I have never found battery hoovers have the same suction power.  I don't mind mains as I have lots of extension leads[:)] [/quote] Mint, There is no reason why these can't be brought in France, After all the one we got in emmaus  had a French box. Have a look on Amazon UK or France. Daughter had one of those you put in a cradle on the wall and was permanently on charge, again it was battery powered. Wasn't nearly as powerful as our mains one. Good luck which ever way you  go, I'll even bring my car over to you when next in France so you can clean mine!!.
  6. I was given one of those battery ones that work from the cigarette lighter socket years ago as a xmas present, total waste of time, more suck from a car mechanic when you ask whats wrong with it. We have one of those hand held mains electric ones we got at Emmaus in France but you can purchase them in the shops, Coopers of Stortford actually sell these, it can be found in their online catalogue  https://www.coopersofstortford.co.uk/housewares/st08900i/   this link should take you to the item. Good luck Mint, could be a nice xmas present for someone!!!
  7. Yes agree with Nomoss if its just for basic phone use, and it works go with what you are used to. But is it unlocked from the Virgin network. Not sure what carrier Virgin use.
  8. Chancer, I am in somewhat the same boat as you, I actually asked Martin a question a few pages back. I am off to France this Sunday and have purchased this on Ebay  http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UNLOCKED-ZTE-MF910-150MBPS-4G-LTE-HOTSPOT-MOBILE-BROADBAND-ROUTER-WIFI-WI-FI-o2 /172649960574?hash=item2832bd547e:g:ZzwAAOSww5NZA4e8  I will experiment with this over the next month to see what happens. Maybe get one of these and give it a try, its not expensive.  But sometimes getting the right gear actually makes it easier. Maybe the phone is faulty? Good luck mate.
  9. Alan, like you I am a lot older then 10 ( my grandson would know what to do) Do you have a spam blocker installed on your computer, I get the wirly gig showing on lots of sites that continue to load rubbish but can't due to the blocker, apart from that can't help as don't run Win10.
  10. Martin, Thanks for your update and your comments, it is something I'll think hard about for the future. Just hope SFR don't move the goal posts in the future.
  11. Martin963, you really have got my interest over this, my house is out in the sticks as well, our neighbours get their internet by satellite and are less then impressed with it.  Like you I am not in France for the whole year and do really have a problem paying for the months I'm not there so your non-contract option could suit me down the the ground. Couple of questions, when you return to the UK for the winter what happens to the payments, is it hard to stop the payments or do you just top it up every month, do you have to get another sim for next year. Am I a bit cautious yes, as we got stung by the NRJ con years ago with a mobile. I usually go to McDo to do my emails etc. Look forward to you hopefully updating your experiences
  12. Back in Mc Donalds a week later. Idun, thanks for the link will look into it further, it is live. Patf, you must have deleted the original post, but thanks for taking your time replying, what ever it was. Just heard another of my friends has fallen off their perch.
  13. I am looking to see if there is the equivalent to the British Heart Foundation in France, reason is, last year my wife died of cancer and our French friends gave me some money to donate to Cancer Research UK. A couple of months back one of those friends partner died with a heart attack, I would like to donate something the same way as she did, is there a French heart foundation, I have asked neighbours  but all they are interested in is bulls and cows. I only log in weekly at McDonalds so any reply I make will take at least a week. Thanks all
  14. I have one of those two handset jobbies the second handset works wireless from the base station, can't help you on the make as I brought it in the UK (its got BT on it!) works fine here and one good thing the answerphone part is in English, I'm sure it buggers up the cold callers.
  15. Our holiday home is so far out in the sticks that broadband doesn't reach us, so when we go to the market on a saturday in our nearest big town we pop into Mc Donalds for a coffee and use their free wifi.
  16. It looks as if they are slowly closing loop holes. For me I enjoy F1 and as you know not all the races are shown live on UK television, As I also have a French sat box I can tune into one of the German channels and receive the transmission free to air, ( for how long I don't know) the language is a bit of a problem but by listening to radio5 live they transmit the race most of the time. The David Hay fight a couple of weeks ago was on SKY but as normal was encrypted, but by going to a French channel it was all there in the clear. So there might be a work around but for how long? It depends what you want to watch. French friends are jealous of the Wimbledon transmission as its only available to Canel plus.
  17. [quote user="Pommier"]Department71, My Dad was in the same sort of areas as yours. He went to North Africa, then Sicily, then to Anzio in Italy and up through Italy I think to Rome. [/quote] Pommier, have just spent a couple of hours going through dads records. It seems he embarked from the Uk 20/3.41 and disembarked  Egypt 9.05.41. I know he mentioned Tobruk and Tripoli but in what context I can't remember, more then likely some kind of disturbance from the Germans. He did say once he was behind enemy lines on some kind of operation with an officer. Can't make out when he sailed to Italy as most of the records used abbreviations for locations, he was also in the push up through Italy as your dad, I have a copy of a message from the "army commander" Monty? regarding the good work dads unit did to get through the Argenta position on the way up through Italy, yes my dad did make it to Rome and  further as Argenta is in northern Italy but from there I don't know. When you are young its not the first thing you think about talking about its only when its too late it springs to mind.
  18. Yes Ano I did exactly as you advised a few posts back. installed the add-on for Firefox and it all works as it should. But I don't have the add-on installed on the desktop running Win7 and the spell check still  works. Must be the difference between XP and Win7 Thanks for the help.
  19. But until it all kicks off no-one knows what will happen in the future. You can't expect the government to  state what will happen if Europe refuses to discuss anything until she starts the process. All this talk only gets the nervous upset. 
  20. Really don't know what the problem is, do you think Europe will make it easier for Brits? France has its own special way to make it awkward for you.
  21. Sorry chance can't help you on that, the wife who was fluent in French I think had something she could spell check French words, unfortunately she died last summer so I can't ask her. If I find out what it is was I'll let you know
  22. Ano, thanks for the help, updated Firefox to the current version , still no difference, installed your add on and my little squiggly red line has returned. Don't know why it worked in Win7 as I don't have that add on on the desktop. Oh well  must be a windows little hiccup.
  23. Ano. For the laptop. Under regional and language options within control panel it shows English (United Kingdom) Browser Firefox 45. Desk top is also Firefox not sure of the version as its in another location.
  24. I use two computers to access this site and others, one laptop win xp, and one desktop win 7. On the desktop the spell checker works IE small red squigly line under the incorrect word. but on the laptop there is nothing. I refered to this on an post a few days ago. Any enlightened person any idea whats wrong. This is written on laptop so I think there is at least one wrong spelling.
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