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  1. I like the Coke ad and the Renault one is great, isn't it?  I was thinking more of how to exploit the material.  I've done storyboard activity with ads (especially some good ones on the Mad for Ads series by Nathan), but could with some suggestions for other activities.  Re. global warming, have you looked at this:  http://www.filmeducation.org/aninconvenienttruth/index.html ?  Sorry if it's old hat.  I also came across http://www.tuneintoenglish.com/ recently, not sure how useful it will be. Bye for now CBC
  2. I like to use ads in class, too, but have only used one formula so far.  Could you possibly share one or two of your ideas?  My students are university age, but not linguists, so of mixed ability in English .... Many thanks in anticipation. A rather brain-dead CBC (despite it only being mid-September!!)
  3. @ Martinwatkins It seems like a little clockwise twist has done the trick!  It will be interesting to see how reception holds up in poor weather.  To answer your last question, our dish is 80cm which we were advised was the minimum needed to get ITV down here. Thanks again. CBC in sunny 65
  4. @ CBC Difficult to say,  as you will probably have worked out the ch 4 group of FTA channels are on the same satellite (2D) as ITV,  so it could just be that 10729 MHz is a gnat's crotchet below the required strength as received on your set up. If they still don't work when the sky is clear then the first thing to try is a very small adjustment to the skew of the LNB -  ie how far it's twisted round in its holder.   2D does seem to favour a slightly more than usual clockwise twist (as veiwed from the front of the dish) but having said that I got ch 4 to work on someone's set up by twisting back towards the vertical recently.   If you can't reach the dish easily,  or if that doesn't work,  I'd try borrowing someone else's box (Sky or otherwise) that DOES get ch 4 when it's at home,   and see if it works on your dish.  If not then it might be time to consider a bigger dish,  the extreme south of France is getting to the edge of 2D's footprint. ------------------------------------ Hello Martin The odd thing about this is that we have no problem at all with C4 (or Five), in fact it holds its own in bad weather:  ITV channels are the first to go, followed by BBC, but we can almost always continue watching C4 and Five ..............  Hmm! Now, as I write I've tested them again and it seems we can get E4 and More4 (not perfect reception as weather is a bit off again).  I just have to work out if there is anything I desperately want to watch on them!! Thanks for taking the time to reply. CBC
  5. Hello everyone Here in deepest, darkest Hautes Pyrénées (65) these channels appear to be FTA, but our Sky box is giving the "no satellite signal" message on all of them.  Do we perhaps need a bigger dish to receive them (we have no problem with ITV, though it's the first to go in bad weather)?  Thanks in anticipation. CBC   
  6. Thanks, Ron, I knew that there'd be a really obvious answer that I was, once again, unable to see ..............!
  7. Having looked at the (very bright blue) Freesat site, does " Channel 4, Channel 4 HD, E4 and More4 will be joining Freesat as soon as its contract expires with Sky in October 2008" mean that C4 will no longer be available on Sky after that time?  If that's the case, how would we be able to pick it up here in France bearing in mind we have a Sky box/card? Thanks in anticipation.
  8. [quote user="Innocents Abroad"]I have a couple of 'old favourites' for cooking pork in a pan on top of the stove.  I use pork tenderloin cut into strips and both recipes pretty much start off the same.  Cook sliced onions and garlic in a little butter and oil till soft then remove from pan.  Turn up heat and when v hot add pork and cook quickly for a few mins.  Turn heat back down and add the onions & garlic.  Then add a little liquid - stock, white wine, Noilly Prat, whatever you fancy.  Cook on v low simmer for about 15 mins.  Then comes the choices.  1. Turn up the heat and either add some warm brandy and flambe till the flames have gone and then add creme fraiche, stir tillthickened slighty, check seasoning and serve. 2. Mix english mustard, Dijon mustard and grain mustard - in proportions of your choice - into creme fraiche.  Add to pork mixture and cook till thickened slightly.  Check seaoning and serve.  (This is a Delia recipe and can probably be found on her website). Don't know if this is what you had in mind? Lynda [/quote] Will give these a go, though I'm not sure what bits of pork I've got, I just picked up a pack in Aldi.  Many thanks.
  9. I've never bought this before, so does anyone have a delightful recipe or two to suggest? Thanks in anticipation. CBC
  10. Why "and in the UK of all places"??  Just because we don't choose to live there any longer doesn't mean it's not very beautiful in places:  Lakes, Scotland, south Wales, Devon, Cornwall .........  Need I go on?  CBC
  11. Soz, you are quite right about not paying for change of address at the moment.  Let's hope that doesn't change when they only have revenue on cartes grises from new registrations.
  12. But won't we still have to change the carte grise when we move, if only to show the change of address, so although the number plate won't change we'll still be paying for a change in paperwork.  And you can bet your bottom dollar that the cost will remain the same, even though only element is changing .. I agree it would be great to be able to do stuff like that online! CBC
  13. I think you're confusing the chemical factory on the outskirsts of Toulouse with the one in St Gaudens.  Not the same, nowhere near each other! Good luck. CBC
  14. Please, please do not consider buying anything at Recurt, their prices are high, their range is poor and their pre/post-sale service is diabolical.  They take advantage of older locals who are too nervous to go to major chains. Go to St Gaudens or Tarbes if you don't want to get bogged down at Ikea or similar in Toulouse. CBC65
  15. Hello Ron Thanks for your continued input.  I have already advised my insurance agent and she has noted the situation.  Ref. the gendarmerie, as I have already outlined the incident to them and they have told me to "frighen" him with threat of porter-plainte, what do I do when I go back to them?  Give his details etc?  He can still deny all knowledge, can't he? 
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