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  1. We have a house with a set of stairs to top floor which we have to climb 'monkey fashion' - going up forwards, coming down backwards. We are used to it and to be honest it doesn't bother us.

    Before anyone mentions it, yes I am aware they are probably totally non-regulation/illegal, whatever, and am not slightly bothered by it (!!!)

    Question, we need to change them because we are aware that as and when we come to sell in future they will not be acceptable to everyone (oh OK then make that ANYONE !), what would you prefer

    spiral staircase or spacesaver (ie alternating tread stairs)?

    And does anyone know where I can get these at reasonable price in France?
  2. Oh no - I threw one out last week. It was from UK though - been in the cupboard for years because our cat used to run away and hide every time it opened up.

    I know you say you don't have time to order from internet but Zooplus france are pretty quick at delivering


    Sorry not much help - I've got a feeling I may have seen one in M. Bricolage in the past though - might be worth a try
  3. Oh I loooove Moonpig - only ever used it for sending cards to UK, because I never remember in time. Never had a problem with delivery to UK, although I do always send mine two days before they should arrive, rather than rely on the assumption delivery will be next day.

    Actually I find them to be around same price as buying a (seriously horrible) card in France and then posting to UK.

    Anyway I NEED Moonpig because they send me a reminder of when I need to send a card, something I am totally incapable of managing on my own.

    With everyone on else on the e-greeting cards - I don't even bother opening them if I get send one (good job no-one I know will be reading this!)
  4. Hi

    Many thanks, and for asking your friend.

    Last year we had giant wasps in same chimney (definitely not the same things as this year) and we did the giant can of insecticide thing from top down and it was a little hairy to be honest - OH on double ladder wielding spray, me trying to grab the cat and dog as the wasps somehow got past our reinforcements and stormed the house.

    Just thought the light the fire option might be somewhat less hazardous, but pointless if it won't work I guess.

    Thanks again - will wait for our neighbours to be back from holiday as they helped us last year (holding ladder etc) and then have another go.
  5. Well I think they are hornets - about 1 inch long, black/brown top half of bodies, the bottom half is yellow, but not very stripey. One or two find their way into kitchen every day and we see them buzzing in and out of chimney.

    If we just sealed everything up and lit the fire would this get rid of them does anyone know pls ?
  6. Ok - I want to join as well because when we first came we were told it was a nightmare to register our car here and no-one ever took all of the correct information to the relevant place.

    One quick glance at SD's instructions, print off, in and out of the prefacture in about 10 minutes, slightly worse off financially (!) but with car registered !
  7. Hi everyone

    Seems like this is the year when our pool plays up.

    We have waterair pool and sand filter.

    When we have finished vaccuming the pool, recently, little splodges of sand are deposited out of vaccum onto bottom of pool.

    I have just telephoned waterair and as far as I understand (my french is not 100%), this means that there is a problem with the sand filter, probably a fitting which stops the sand going back into the pool has broken.

    Question: is there anyone in area of 87500 who could come out and have a look at this for us (obviously a pool specialist rather than just anyone who wants to look !).

    Waterair cannot get a technician here for two weeks and it seems to be fairly pricey to fix.

    If anyone knows of anyone please pm me with your details and a phone number and I will call you.

    Many thanks
  8. I'm not one to bear a grudge - although you did both slightly panic me - then again I have always been one of those people who blush even when someone else f**ts!

    Don't think we have been grassed up actually - been here over 4 years now (mind you it could have taken the authorities that long to follow up on it I suppose !). Had the pleasure of a visit from the gendarmes around 2 weeks (I think it was) after arrival, wanting to check all our documentation etc etc, and asking if we were working on black (!).

    Since then we seem to have settled in with no probs - it is even rumoured that people quite like us (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  9. Hi Chris

    thx for pm - won't seem to allow me to answer though ,... will sort out when have a bit of time.

    I'm good - tree looks great thanks, definitely not dead. Hope all is good with you.

    Hope I don't get told off for veering away from original subject matter (!)

    You sound like my OH (you met!) who seemed to think our puppy would be toilet trained after about 5 days .... as it happens only took two weeks for poo but the weeing - she just couldn't get it - surely it should be clear to us that the corner of the living room carpet was simply the only acceptable place to have a pee ! That one took slightly longer I am afraid.
  10. Sorry, I know it makes me seem a little stupid but I had a look at the ID, and it had the appropriate picture of the woman on, and she had a copy of our cadastral, so I had no reason to be particularly suspicious, or worried about whether we had done something wrong, so didn't particularly notice which organisation. Reason I posted really was the question about certificate of conformity.

    Why, what is the DGCASP pls ?
  11. er probably a laser measure

    and, if we have been grassed up then they are in for a disappointment because we sent back the form at completion of works showing all the upgrades etc. As I said at in my thread (or I think I did) I am not worried as we have done everything by the book (well, except for a small shed for the tracter mower that wasn't on our planning permit, but I believe it is small enough for them to not worry about).
  12. Hi

    We had a permis de construire for our building works. When completed we submitted our declaration d'achevement de travaux to the mairie (and received a stamped copy back) but have never received a certificate of conformity.

    I was (cough cough) about to follow this up after some time has elapsed when today we had a visit from some officials who wanted to check all of the buildings on our property (supposedly of the whole area, although they did not seem to survey any of our french neighbours houses). Anyway, I am not concerned as we stuck rigidly to our permit. While the people were here I took the opportunity to ask them to whom I should write or phone regarding the lack of a certificate of conformity and they told me they were no longer issued (since 2006).

    Does anyone know if this is actually true (seems strange when the declaration of achievement of works still says that you will received one).

    Wondered if anyone else had received their certificate of conformity in last couple of years.
  13. Hi all

    Me again !

    We do not allow our pool to ice over in winter - if necessary we keep the filtration on constantly at times when it is likely to.

    A further question, but related to original, please.

    When we originally put the margelles on it was on a sand-cement bed and we are wondering if some kind of external flexible tile glue would work for re-setting them.

    Could anyone recommend a product that is likely to be more effective than sand/cement please ?
  14. Hi Chris

    Love your puppy !!

    Just to let you know that when you came to cut our tree for us about 18 months ago you must have dropped your woollie hat under the branches. Where it was discovered with much delight by our dog who STILL drags it around from place to place and hides it for later collection and play !

    Not sure you would want it back now though, not looking quite as good as it once was !

    Hope you are well and puppy stays well.
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