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  1. Thanks very much for your replies.   Nick: We will be living about 20mins SE of Bergerac.   Will and Jc: This is the problem, conflicting advice.   We had decided after our daughters experience that it would probably be better to see someone in France, but I’m sure this is a minefield as well. Getting the right person etc. However, this will be the way we will go. Thanks again. Robert
  2. Hi, I wonder if anyone can suggest a good Tax Adviser/Accountant. My wife, mother-in-law and myself are expecting to make the move to France sometime this summer/autumn. We (my wife and I) have no huge piles of money, investments etc. I, however, have a business, which I want to continue in France. My mother-in-law has a few investments and her UK house. The reason for this request is because our daughter and son-in-law, who are moving to Spain, have consulted a well know, well advertised, double-barrelled named tax adviser. Having paid over £1,200, for this initial meeting, the information and advice they received could have been read in any “living abroad” book and the majority of the “personal report” looked to have been photocopied out of their book. These were the people that we were going to use so we need to rethink. Thanks, Robert
  3. Hi Ron, Don’t know if you saw this:   A Russian attempt to launch a solar sail vehicle designed to be propelled by pressure from sunlight has failed. The mission collapsed because the booster rocket suffered engine failure soon after it blasted into space, the Russian space agency said today. The launch late yesterday was part of a joint Russian-US project attempting the first controlled flight of a solar sail.   A news report in “The Scotsman” Wed 22 Jun 2005 May not be the Rosé after all!! Regards, Robert
  4. Hi Angela, Thanks for the response. I have contacted Mike Webb and given him a list of work we need doing but he replied that he only “plasters”, he doesn’t just plasterboard and then finish the joints. Will have to keep looking.   Robert
  5. Hi, We're looking for a plasterer to do some work for us in our house in South Dordogne. Preferably with some English. We have had one quote and are not happy with it. Any suggestions or recommendations? (Posted this under "Renovations" as well.) Thanks Robert
  6. Hi, We're looking for a plasterer to do some work for us in our house in South Dordogne. Preferably with some English. We have had one quote and are not happy with it. Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks Robert
  7. Hi Benson, Thanks for your help. Much appreciated. Regards, Robert
  8. Hi, Still struggling with our devis. Can anybody please tell me the cost of  “Airflex” per roll and what the roll dimensions are? Also, sheet size and cost for plaster board. Thanks, Robert
  9. Thanks all for your comments.   Bob“Vehicle access for the delivery of plasterboard and insulation from the builders merchants” The access is good, no problem.   “Dry storage for the plasterboard and an area to cut panels and insulation to size before fitting” The house isn’t lived in at the moment, so there is plenty of space downstairs as well as on the first floor.   “Getting full size panels into the loft space - in many old French properties this is impossible” This I was expecting to pay for. The stairs are good and the bend gradual, but I do appreciate the “grunt” to carry the plasterboard up to the attic.   “The amount of work involved cutting full panels to size with associated wastage” This, again, I accept and appreciate.   Paul “Old lofts have difficult and uneven structures and the jointing, filling and sanding of joints can be very time consuming” It is quite an old house, around 1750, so yes, the joists are uneven.   “We use a different and far more superior product called Triso - Super 9 which is in a different class, it has 14 composite layers and will give the same insulation value as 20 cm of laine de verre, Airflex won't” I did a search on the Triso-Super 9 and found this (link below) - may need a complete re-think on the sort of insulation we have because what they claim for Triso-Super 9 are exaggerated!!   http://www.celotex.co.uk/pdf/TechBul004-05.pdf   We are FULLY prepared to pay a fair price for any of the work we need doing, but not "over the odds". I supose we must just bite the bullet. Thanks again, Robert    
  10. Hi, A follow-up question from my last post on signing the devis. Just checking through the prices to see what we need to have done and what we can cut out. The plasterer has quoted for insulating and plastering the attic sloping roof. The area is 174 sqM, which is correct. He is charging: 6,900 euros for the Airflex, supplied and fixed. 9,200 euros for the plasterboard, supplied, fixed using metal rails and joints finished. Is this about right? Seems quite a lot. Thanks Robert
  11. Thank you for your replies. Looks like we will have to get them changed. Here we go again Robert
  12. Hi, We are about to start work on our house!! The devis has arrived and we are checking through them. We have been asked to sign them (4) and return them to the Mason. A question – When we sign and return the devis, are we obligated to have ALL the work done that is listed in the devis? Your advice would be appreciated. Thanks Robert
  13. Thank you for your replies. Will, the ones you bought sound like better value. Perhaps I'll have a look round in the Brico's next time we're over.  
  14. I know that this general subject has been covered before, but just wanted to be sure. There is a good offer on at B&Q at the moment for bathroom towel radiators. They are 600 x 750, chrome finish and 1000btu at £67 each, bought without valves and connectors. I think, from what I’ve seen, that’s a good buy. But, would they be compatible with French valves and connectors? Don’t want to spend the money if they won’t fit. Any help appreciated.
  15. Thanks Nick, thanks Peter.   I realise that each area etc can use their own formula to calculate the capacity, but 12,000L for max 14 people???   Found this info (not French though): Capacity = 2000 litres + 180 litres/person. The number of persons is based on the potential occupancy of the building. For example, if it were proposed to erect a four bed roomed dwelling house and each of the bedrooms are capable of sleeping two people, the potential occupancy of the house would be eight. In this case the minimum capacity would be: Capacity = 2000 litres + 180 x 8 = 3440 litres   Also on the Hepworth Drainage site (I know, again not French), a 6,000L Septic Tank is suitable for 15-22 people. So on that basis, I should be able to house 30-44!!!   Yours totally confused Robert
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