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  1. That could be the case,might consider a chain or nonail the bolts,but it looks as if they have hack sawed the bolts or bolt cutted it
  2. No thats the pecular thing,they would have needed a ladder,so must have come prepared. As you say not particulary expense,but perhaps someones dish had stopped working and they noticed ours. Who knows ?
  3. Whilst we were out yesterday,some nice person came and stole our satellite dish. Just shows you even in the quiet rural areas of France you can get crime. Can anyone suggest how to safeguard against this in the future ?
  4. I got mine off ebay with the cable and everything,really cheap 
  5. Well I've just tried from the Uk and managed to get into mine,so not sure what the problem is.
  6. Try InsureandGo, they are quite reasonable
  7. We went to the Maire and he recommended someone. I think someone told me the fire service used to come out but not sure if they do.
  8. We were with Axa since we brought our house many years ago,as they were recommended by the estate agent we used. As you say they tell you very late what the renewal price is but you have to give 2 months notice,so we have always put it off trying elsewhere. This year we tried britline who gave us a very good price and also sorted out the cancelation to Axa for us, we had to fill a form which they then sent. Even then AXA tried to say they had not received it,but Britline sorted it out for us.
  9. Can anyone recommend a plumber in the Manche area, nearest town to us is Torigni sur vire,someone who speaks english if possible as we have problems with our ballon and toilet.
  10. Can anyone recommend a plumber in the Manche area, nearest town to us is Torigni sur vire,someone who speaks english if possible as we have problems with our ballon and toilet.
  11. Thanks f1steveuk I will have a look at this site to see if they have it, thanks again for your help
  12. thanks TJ for that, I did look at that site but must have missed that section,it has helped to explain some of it.
  13. Thank you for your reply. I have tried doing a web search as it has been helpful in the past but cannot find anything. I also cannot ask the person who fitted them as they are no longer contactable.
  14. Hi I have Tresco and Thermor electric radiators, and the person who fitted them never left any instructions on using them. Does anyone know where I can get some from?, or does anyone have any instructions they can scan and send me. Thanks Ray
  15. I'm with HSBC, and can transfer online money from my british account into my french account in eurosnfor a flat fee of £9 to HSBC,no fee charged by Britline,and if i do it early in the day its normally in the same day
  16. Hi We do ours by RIb and although the bill does say 15/10 the RIB part states they will take it out of our account on 25/10 Hope that helps
  17. hi You could try Seans garden Services email [email protected] He is properly registered and based near Torigni sur vire. We have used him.
  18. Hi Yes we ordered online last year a new kitchen. No real problems apart from they missed of an oven we had put on the order, but we sorted that out. The delivery does seem expensive but you have to factor in what it will cost you to get a van and time etc. They delivered to us dead on time and actually gave us a time they were coming unlike what happens in the UK when you have to wait in all day or AM or PM, and all the items were there. We were very impressed
  19. Hi I have just done a mappy route between Calais and the place you have booked to stay, and some of the places the route takes you near areas follows: Rouen -this is about 2hrs into your jiurney. Very big place and spectacular Cathedral Le Mans - but dependending when you are going in June you have the 24hr motor race there so could be busy unless you want to see the race. Alencon - which is famous for its lacemaking and Tours which again is a big place. Really depends on what you like to do. Regards Ray  
  20. Caramac Many thanks for your advice, I hope it doesn't come to that also but it has been dragging on for some time now. Regards Binky
  21. Val_2 Many thanks for that, do you know if they cover Departments ?, so would it be someone from where we live or the builder ? Binky
  22. Hi I am currently in dispute with a builder about the quality of work they have done in particular the fitting of french doors to the front and back which are leaking and badly fitted. He has now said that he will get a independant building inspector to look at it and we should then abide by this advice. Can anyone tell me about building inspectors as I thought they did not exist in France. If so who do they work for and where are they based and what regulations are they governed by, as obviously I do not want a mate of the builder turning up claiming to be an Inspector. Any advice would be appreciated Many thanks Binky
  23. Thanks very much for that Ray
  24. Hi we have had new windows and door fitted to our property and along with the devis came a form We think that under the section marked concernment we should tick one of the 2 below but not sure. Can anyone tell us ? The 2 boxes say un local affecte de maniere exclusive a l'habitaion and un local affecte principalement a l'habitation I havent put the accents on, we have worked out the other boxes are not referring to us but not sure which of these apply Thanks Ray  
  25. look at the web site for tbands they are in the mayenne area. he is english but correctly registered and uses french trade people, he project manages it. We have used them before so have a look if you want Ray
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