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  1. We have a house 2 hours north east of Toulouse in Lot near Figeac. We have used But (MFI French style) also is Mauntbaun closer to you? All stores are northside of the town and easy to find. A wise selection of them as well. Hope this helps John
  2. My wife and I bought the Michel Thomas course. No reading/writing just listen and repeat. Ideal for the car. Try Amazon we could have saved 25 pounds if we had looked there first John
  3. Excuse me for being dumb, what is operation stack? I can only assume that plod stop people heading to Dover, am I correct? If so is that legal? John
  4. Di, Checkout the Poly plumb website. You can install underfloor heating between the joists. Not as efficient as a concrete floor but works all the same. Radiators are soon to follow 8 track stereos and videos!!! John
  5. Paul, I am in the same position as yourself renovating groundfloor up and need new floor in the kitchen and lounge and I will be installing wet underfloor heating. I installed a small system in my conservatory in the UK. Absolutely brilliant, we have a 27m2 which is used all year round and no doors into the main house. I used Polyplumb (http://www.polypipe.com/POLYPIPE/pp_html/main.html) as my supplier in the UK. They seem to be the only supplier who will sell individual items as opposed to all the other who want floor plans to "survey" before giving you a costing. I know you need to work out thermal loss heat transfer etc but when was the last time an electrician or plumber worked out lumens or BTU's to install lights or radiators in a room? Its not rocket science keep the pipes at 4" sorry 100mm centres and that will be sufficient for any room. Bottom line do once you have you will never go back to radiators except maybe for towel rails. Anyway good luck John
  6. All I can give you is our experience. We are due to complete on Nov 27th. We arranged a mortgage with Credit Agricole who also arranged the house insurance there and then. If you are financing your purchase the maybe your mortgage supplier can help? Just a thought, and good luck.
  7. Myself and wife are now 1 year and 2 weeks into our happy marriage. My wife did not change her name on her passport immediately and this led to several minor problems. I booked a holiday and insurance in her married name but this did not match her passport!!! Likewise if you have to produce your passport for ID purposes and names do not match it could be a nuisance. Secondly I travel a lot internationally with my work and frequently require visas. This requires my passport to be surrended to various embassies for the inclusion of these visas. I have 2 British passports the second obtained by submitting a letter from my employer stating that a second passport is required to prevent my international travel from being restricted. I know this is not typical but fopr anyone travelling a lot even within Europe a second passport is a definate advantage.
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