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  1. Sorry I have tried looking what quiz where?   Edit: sorry poted without seeing the above. So wehere the eck is the quiz?  
  2. There are some 'unmanned' service stations that have the facility to take cash directly on the pump. However where these are who knows? Last time we did Caen to Figeac nearly run out of diesel just before Le Mans. Luckily the service station at Le mans is 24 hour. It was there that a UK van driver we had been following gave us the nugget about the cash pumps as he had seen us driving out of the 1 station where we had tried chip & PIN not realising the problem!!! Next time (as we now always fly) as there will be next year we are ok as we have a french card. however will warn visitors, fill up UK side (never mind the cost) and try and keep at least 1/4 tank at all times. Maybe worth using the Michelin route finder an looking for service station info. Disagree with Ron in the A (just personal choice Ron), found the overnight drive better as you tend to avoid all traffic. Once went via the chuennl and around Paris was no problem. Yes tired the next day but hey enjoyed the afternoon siesta wife et al!!!! Bon voyage
  3. Speeding the emotive subject!!! As far as I am aware most of the speed limits on UK roads were set up using criteria based on cars/tyres/road surfaces of the 50's. Since then technology has moved on a lot. Why or why then can we not increase the motorway speed limit? Why can we not have flexible higher limits during the quiet of night on the motorways? I am totally and utterly behind the 30/40 MPH zones around urban areas however the 'deliberate traps that are set on certain roads were the limit drops normally from 60 down to 40 then back up again really infuriate me, sorry may no be totally PC but it does. An example of the speed cameras having the adverse effect. Port talbot South Wales the elevated section just above the town hall. 50 MPH speed cameras highly advertised in the press. By hurrahh from the anti speed lobby. However since their introduction there has been a 400% increase in road accients at that spot as people brake to avoid the fine and then cause a tailback. Any given evening at 16:30 to aout 19:00 tailback of several miles!!!!!!! How do I know, good friend of mine (when he is off duty) is a in the traffic gestapo sorry traffic Police, they cannot admit it officially but they want rid of these cameras. Paul yes people get hurt from speeding wether through youthful exuberance, alcohol induced or just plain crazy. People also get killed through bad driving, bad lane discipline etc on motorways, using mobile phones whilst driving etc etc etc. Speeding is against the law and causes death, however so do other factors on the road. However for the ordinary motorist speeding fines most of the time are seen as a revenue generating ploy. These same motorist (I include myself in this) have also been the victim of car theft, house theft and assault, where were the police then? Have those perputrators been caught? Are these subjects actually related? Technically not, but for me they are.   For the record I have no penalty points, good driving or just plain lucky, probably both. Se below an e-mail I recieved a few weeks ago. Would the same work in France?   Interesting............ ust thought I would share this with you, as you know I work in the speeding fine department in *******'s Magistrate's Court and in the course of my investigation into "fines, their payment methods, and how points are automatically added against drivers licences" we discovered something very interesting "If You Get a Speeding Fine." This has been tried and it works; I tried to send this to everyone I know. I know that for a fact is works so if you ever get in this situation, you have an out. We discovered that this procedure works nationwide. Read it and try it, you have nothing to lose but the points on your license. This is how it works: If you get a speeding ticket or went through a red light or whatever the case may be, and you are going to get points on your licence, then there is a method to ensure that you DO NOT get any points. When you get your fine, send in the cheque to pay for it and if the fine is say, £40, then make the cheque out for £41 or some small amount over the fine. The system will then have to send you back a cheque for the difference, but here is the trick! **DO NOT CASH THE REFUND CHEQUE!!!** Throw it away!! Points are not assessed to your licence until all financialtransactions are complete. If you do not cash the cheque, then the transactions are NOT complete. However, the system has gotten its money and is happy and will not bother you any more.  
  4. Have fun and I look forward to the debrief.
  5. Joning this one late so aplologies; So bugbear are you trying to get me to buy the Triumph to give you a full report? Looks the biz as they say.   John
  6. Just read this on the BEEB. Not good   http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/6759953.stm
  7. Urrgghh! I can appreciate these machines but cannot ever imagine getting my leg over one! Thanks for the suggestion however!   How about the new Guzzi http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/bikereviews/searchresults/Bike-Reviews/Moto-Guzzi/Moto-Guzzi-Bellagio-2007-current/
  8. Gents, Thanks for the advice food for thought. My rational behind the choice is, I saw the BMW and immediately liked the look of it. The technical merits of the bike speed handling etc not really much of a concern for me as it will just be used for sunny afternoon rides on my own as wifey refuses to sit behind me. Moto Guzzi, I have always liked the look of it. Again I know the have a reputation of unreliability but since they are now tied to Aprilla i belive it has improved. Not sure if I will buy a new or 2ndhand Guzzi. Obviously the BMW would be 2nd hand. Triumph well would be patriotic!!! Any other choices? I will certainly test ride all options before buying as at 6ft 2", sorry 1.88m and 18 stone plus height etc play a part. Many thanks   John
  9. Maybe not to all. Ta fior the advise on the bike by the way, definately food for thought.   John
  10. Okay, so here's the deal ... This is a true story ... You're living in Portugal, and there's an old farm next too you, that has been empty for over 15 years ... So, you buy it, and start checking out you're property ... On the farm, there's an old large, barn, that has the doors padlocked and welded shut, and have become rusted solid ... So, you grind off the padlock and welds, force open the doors, the rest, as they say, is history ...................... http://www.intuh.net/barnfinds/afa70.htm Most of these cars are worth more than the whole farm ...
  11. [quote user="Clair"]The post in question was deleted by the mods, as it was one of several posts from (a) troll(s).[/quote]   Sorry I am thick, what is the meaning (a) troll(s)????
  12. Looks like the wife will let me buy a bike at the end of the year when 1 of my insurance policies matures (unlike myself). Been some 10 years or so since I had a bike so way out of touch. However I fancy 2 at the moment. 1) moto Guzzi California 2) BMW R1200 C Montauk. So come give me the votes which 1 would you choose?   John
  13. We are at about the halfway mark on renovations. We did some number crunching a few weeks ago. Looks like what the property cost us we will spend about the same amount on renovations. We are adding a pool, renovating a previously unsed grenier. We are also buying expensive bathroom fittings as we only want to do this once. So for us it would be the cost of the property is what we are paying for renovation. Rough and ready formula i know but I am sure some genius mathematician could add all these 'formulas' together and come up with something!!!   John
  14. Is nothing sacred? Stealing jokes of forum members! Whatever next??????
  15. I think you are correct, however if you add windows in the grenier you will need a DT (we did). When we did this the 'habitable' space in our house went up hence tax habitation. Best check with your marie.
  16. Once past security you can buy brown liquid called whiskey. This fluid is contained by means of a heavy glass container. Not many people know this but the material when broken has many sharp and jagged edges. Some say this could be used as a weapon. I don't believe it myself. I think security have it correctly, search all those 65 plus ladies travelling to Malta with their walking sticks packed full of explosives!!!! And as for the clotted cream, should be made illegal!!!
  17. Its different almost every airport you fly to/from. Depends on the staff, time of day etc etc. So far in the last 12 months I have flown in/out of Europe 30+ times. Rule of thumb buy nothing take nothing then you will loose nothing. USA/Canada even worse!!! You are allowed to take I think it is 100ml of liquid in the plastic bags. Bags must be shown to security staff and not just put in your hand baggage. I travel 1 toothbrush 1 small tube of toothpaste and that is it. My wife bought some expensive perfume last year going through Ansterdam only to have it confiscated in Canada boarding an internal flight. She promptly opened it then poured it away in the bin. Childish yes but it stops over zealous security staff from benifiting the travellers misfortune.   Check out http://www.klm.com/travel/gb_en/about/news_press/travel_news/floatingnews/news6.htm
  18. Technically speaking no problem whatsoever (I am an qualified UK electrician however have since 'moved' careers). However as far as I understand UK sockets/light switches/T&E wiring is not legal/certified under french regs/norms. Why not just change UK plug tops to french plug tops? So why make a problem where there need not be?   John
  19. I am not sure they are 'legal' in France. I would suggest guests use 2-pin adaptor. If there were to be a fault and you had UK standard socket outlets fitted then I would not sure where you would be legally. I am willing to be corrected by others with more insight but I know I would not fit them in our house for the above reasons. John
  20. Enjoy driving in France even with all the nuances you come across. UK:- Drivers who sit in the middle lane on the motorway when not overtaking, really gets me mad Drivers who drive really slow between traffic lights as if it does not matter because the lights ahead are red!! If people 'drove' up to the lights then think of how many more could get through the lights you have just gone through.   The above should be made serious offences punishable by a some evil form of medieval torture!   Speed cameras!!!! In all but 30 MPH areas ban them.hat the UK needs is flexible speed limits, ie 2 in the morning on the M1/4 whatever zero traffic what is wrong with a 100 MPH limit?   Sorry folks hijacking th post by 'venting' off!   Mr Meldrew!   W
  21. We are going to have to install on of these as we do not have enough land for a conventional fosse with soakaway. Hope this helps.   John   http://www.neve.fr/anglais/topazegb/topasgb.htm
  22. The restrictions on liquids are applicable to hand carry only. Basically you can fill your suitcase with shampoo bottles providing it is under the weight limit. Again buy shampoo when you are there. Shampoo/suncream lotions and potions are heavy in a suitcase. So unless it is some form of medical shampoo/lotion forget it. My wife always used to fall into the lots of shampoo trap until I 'educated' her. John   PS hope she doesn't read this post!
  23. It is possible that sometime this year (due to some odd logistical challenges, long story) I will be travelling to and/or from SW France to sunny west Wales by rail. I have 'googled' and I have viewed  the following websites which appear to be just ok.   http://www.raileurope.co.uk/ http://www.raileurope.com/us/index.htm   Does anyone have good/bad experiences via rail to France (not the usual London - Paris route)? Any suggestions for different websites or booking agents welcome.   Regards   John
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