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  1. Look at www.neve.fr We have installed the T5 which is the smallest version. It has been running 6 months now and no real issues. The waste water is supposed to be 95% clean and you are able to route to a stream river. There are variations on this type so I have been 'told'.   John
  2. I am confused!!!! Are we talking of an English registered vehicle or a UK registered vehicle? I did not realise that you could register a car with English plates. I thought all car registrations were handled by the DVLA which is situated in Morriston a district of  Swansea in South Wales. Maybe if your car is English registered then you can keep your English plates????? John
  3. I know this has been asked before but I could not find an answer to the question. Does anybody have an email address for France Telecom?? I have searched the website but found nowt. I have the 0800 364 775 freephone nos and also the International +33 155 786 056 nos. However depsite nearly 2 hours on 3 seperate occasions I have not been able to solve the issue of getting my line reconnected.  We use to have a line. We then (regretably) decided to disconnect. I called the Int nos and held for 40 mins then the obliging operator gave me new tel nos to replace the previous disconneted and promised reconnection with 1 day!!! After 2 more calls our neighbour has checked the line and we cannot make calls no dial tone. However if you call the new nos then you get the automated France Telecomm answer service!! As I am not able to spend hours waiting on the international line I am trying to get the issue sorted out prior to spending 2 months in France in a few weeks. So can anyone help keep my blood pressure down by providing an email address? Regards John  
  4. Gluestick, I tend to agree with you on most of your comments. However before you wish the demise of XomShellBP Oil Co ACME Inc please wait another 3/4 years til we have finished our place!!!!   Back to the subject based on our UK conservatory experience UFH a big thumbs up and will be installed in Le Presbytere in the next 12 months using either a Rayburn or Villager wood burner as the source. John
  5. The whole hand baggage security situation is quite frankly a farce. For the last 10 months I have carried a tube of toothpaste (regulation size for hand baggae) through 6 different European airports and this has never been noted by security!!!! Did I deliberately do this not initially but then what the heck lets see how 'secure' we actually are! Latest trick amongst regular travellers are poachers pockets. Its possible to get as much as 15 kgs (in my case) in a lightweight walking jacket filled to the brim with mobile phone, MP3 player chargers etc. Pop it through the scanner hey presto. At present in the UK with the differing rules between airports and airlines themselves all I can say is good luck. John
  6. PC please don't get me started on that!!! Blunt and to the point I strongly believe that people should be made aware of the hazards that badly installed electrical devices/installations can pose/threat. Would the OP consider installing his own gas installation? I somewhat doubt it as gas smells and explodes. As has been pointed out electricity is an unseen hazard but still a potentially lethal hazard. Am I qualified to comment, yes. Opposite to powerdeseal I am a UK qualified electrician in another life, and I now work as an electrical commissioning engineer of 18 years experience. To date I have never lost anyone on my watch and do not intend to do so. Dispite early comments I really do not want the OP to end his days prematurely which if he goes ahead with this retrofit is a distinct possibility. Please oh gentle kind friendly people be aware that electricity can be a potential hazard. Is that PC enough? Me I prefer;   Pay attention out there anyone non-qualified meddling halfwit DIYer's out there think they can mess with electricity because it looks easy don't. It kills suddenly you have been warned!!!
  7. Which part are you referring to? The Numpty blowing himself up with his 'consumer unit'. You would have thought he would have found out what it is called in French, "Le bomb pour Les Anglais imbecile". Or the fact that he will be able to operate a mobile phone???
  8. As stated if you have to ask this question re electrics then you are definately not qualified. I have answered this type of question before. Leaking plumbing will get you wet. Leaking electrics KILLS!!! I have no problem if you are foolish enough to kill yourself by messing with electricity but some poor innocent man, wmoan, or child is different. Electricians serve a 4 year apprenticeship for a reason. Be warned John
  9. Cowoman, We are having our the outside walls of our stone house renovated as I type. The local marconnaire is undertaking the task. He has at present removed by hand all loose 'jointing' that has been added to over many years. Next he will sand blast the joints He will then fill the joints by 'forcing' the 'cement' compound into the joints with the use of compressed air. Then the joints will be finished by hand. It is costing about 100 euros per m2. It is not a job I would like to tackle myself as he has an array of access platforms compressors etc, If you PM me with your email address I can send you pics of his progress this far. John  
  10. Please somebody PM me I feel lonely...   Serious I have downloaded some info from the web but would like some more speciifcs.   Ta   John
  11. Interesting..!! http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/7216926.stm Post edited by the moderators to for copyright reasons.
  12. Unfortunately the likes of Easyjet & Ryanair not included. However still a useful site   http://www.seatguru.com/
  13. Cathy, I would still argue that they are immune to elf & safety madness. Try working for an American company in the oil & gas industry....!!!!! Also you have quoted the Daily 'Facist' which is hardly noted for writing the truth. John
  14. Brian, Looks good. I am assuming the house is in France. I have asked before on the forum but no reply so where did you purchase the UFH equipment? France or the UK? If in France can you PM me the supplier details. Regards John
  15. Take the Montauban north exit head for Caussade then onto Caylus and head for Figeac. Once in Figeac you can head for Rocamadour on the N140 then rejoin the A20. That route will take you around 2 hours without stopping. Alternatively take Junc 59 )I think) off the A20 further north than Montauban and head for Cajarc then Figeac. All very Picturesque   John
  16. Raindog, you obviously never played for a 4th fifteen only able to field 13 players in a mud swamp in deepest west Wales..!!! Odd punch here and there is always a good talking point at the post game bar 'debrief'. Cooperlola tend to agree but that would really upset the PC mob    
  17. Last week at a depot vente I witnessed quite a strange and bizzare incident. It goes something like this:- Two frenchmen 1 the owner or manager of the depot vente and the other gent are discussing the loan of the depot vente van. The other gent asks the DV owner for 20 euros as he put fuel in the van. The owner tells him no and an arguement ensues. After a few mins the DV owner ejects the other gent by grabbing the back of his coat and swining around several 360' turns and they end up hitting the side of the van..!!! Owner's wife pulls them apart and that was that. It all seemed a bit 'girlie' and something I would have seen back in school when I was 10/12. So my point is if that was the UK it would have been a bit more 'manly' even if it was grabbing of each other and threatening to knock each other's blocks off!!!1 I suspect there was more to the incident than just this but it certainly was bizzare. Is this normal 'fighting' practice for frenchmen? No way am I advocating violence (except when warranted on the rugby field) but comments please.   John
  18. Lee, I have just recieved 5 quotes from UK suppliers for materials only for 4 room total floor space 130m2 and they range from 2,200 to 5,400 pounds. A lot depends on the extras such as room stats and programmable timers which can drastically increase the cost. Your quote seems fairly reasonable without knowing the details. Any chance you could PM me contact details? John
  19. These guys do mail order and delivered to us in the Lot. Sent you PM also   www.bouchaud-baches.com
  20. Just try it. 1) Place your tub on the terrace 2) Fill tub with water 3) Sit in the tub If after 30 mins you the tub et all are still on the terrace then its ok. If you have crashed to the floor then it is not....!!!! Sorry could not resist it.   Obviously you do not have the tub yet. So as suggested 'size' you tub. Determine the weight of teh tub and maximum contents then as suggested seek proffessional advice. I am actually facing a similar problem indoors with a large bath and joists. I will seek proffesional advice/calcalations. Bit embarresing falling through the floor onot guests below.
  21. Try this. http://www.diydoctor.org.uk/projects/mixing_concrete.htm   Mixing Concrete Mixing concrete correctly is vital for durable and long lasting foundations, here we will show you how to create a proper concrete mix for foundations, garden walls and patios, along with our concrete volume calculator to help you establish exactly what you need for your project. Concrete is a mixture of cement, sand (fine aggregate), small stone or gravel (coarse aggregate) and water. It has many applications, from fence posts to motorway bases and, because of this; there are many different ratios for the constituents to be mixed. This project will concentrate on a general purpose mix suitable for garden paths, fence posts, and shallow retaining wall foundations. It is a medium strength mix and is known as a C20 mix. This means it will attain a strength equivalent to withstanding a compression of 20 Newton’s per square mm after 28 days. This mix is not suitable for house foundations. For these please read our foundations project and ensure all the criteria are met, including the trench sizes and ground suitability. Then, unless specified otherwise by an architect or structural engineer, a C15P mix can be used which is comprised of 1 cement, 2 sand or very fine aggregate, and 6 coarse aggregate. The calculators below will help you work out exactly what you will need for your project.  A bag of ready mixed aggregate can be bought in most builders merchants or is can be bought loose and delivered to you by lorry. Buying it loose is generally cheaper and, if you have the room to "drop", it is a more practical option. Check out the B&Q Web Site for some fantastic deals on bulk sand, cement and aggregates. In most areas of the country, this mix of aggregates (sharp/grit sand and small stones or gravel) is called "ballast", in the West Country it is most often called ½inch or 10mm to dust. This describes the sieved state of the stone as it comes out of the quarry crushers. Cement can be bought (mostly in 25kg bags, although some stores still sell 50kg bags) from all builders merchants. It is crushed limestone, blended with other raw materials (sometimes shale and or sand) ground into a powder and then heated in a kiln. This process produces a cement clinker which is mixed with Gypsum and ground further to produce the cement. Have a look at the B&Q Web Site for great deals on cement Water is a very important part of the mix and the volume of water used can dictate the strength of the finished mix. On site or in ready mixed concrete yards a "slump test" is used to test the water content of the concrete. A cone made of steel is used for this test. The cone is 300mm high, with a top opening of 100mm diameter and a bottom opening of 200mm diameter. The mixed concrete is placed into the cone through the top, a bar is used to compact the concrete and remove air voids, within the cone. The cone is then lifted clear. By laying the bar on top of the cone, it is possible to measure how far the concrete "slumps". A slump of approx 50mm is acceptable for C20 concrete. The proportions of materials for a C20P (P = Portland cement) mix are 1 x cement, 2 x fine aggregate (sand) and 4 x coarse aggregate. If you are using premixed ballast, then 6 of these are mixed with 1 part cement. In an ideal world, where everything is delivered dry, then a water to cement ratio of approximately 0.55 should be used....For example, if you require 25kg of cement in your mix, then 25 x 0.55 = 13.75kg (liters) of water. This is the maximum amount of water that should be used. Most of the time however, the sand etc is damp, or even wringing wet, and care has to be taken to ensure your mix does not become too sloppy. It should be able to support itself, almost fully, in a heap on the shovel. When mixing a very strong mix, normally labeled C35P the mix is 1 cement, 1 stone and 2 sand or 1 cement to 3 ready mixed aggregate. When mixing concrete you will find that, while the ballast will heap on your shovel, the cement will slide off. This will give you incorrect proportions when mixing...1 part of cement should be equal to 1 part ballast. It is better to measure your quantities using a bucket to ensure correct proportions. Mixing by hand is a bad idea unless you only have a tiny amount to do. Only very rarely will you be able to get the cement evenly distributed throughout the mix and this leads to weak concrete. A cement mixer can be hired from all tool hire shops, and if you have a lot to do it often pays to buy your own. Click here to check out a great range of mixers available at B&Q or click on the mixer in the B&Q Tools box below. Once you project is at an end you will always have the option of selling the mixer which is what most self-builders do. To ensure a well mixed batch we suggest you add your ingredients to the mixer in the following order. 75% of the water followed by 50% of the aggregates. Add all of the cement and then the rest of the aggregates and the remainder of the water. Concrete Calculator You will see that your answer will me given in cubic meters. Input your dimensions in meters...I.E.  500mm = 0.50meters
  22. I thought Gluestick had the right idea. Many factors here what is the surface of the wall? What is the carpet secured to the wall with? If it is glued to the wall and the wall is plaster plate or plaster then I suspect good old fashioned elbow grease and expect damage to the walls. If they have used gripper rod (which is highly unlikely) then maybe you can save the wall. Why do such a thing? What is hiding behind the carpet? It could have been used to 'mask' a problem. If you use a solvent then it will be messy I would have thought. So back to the matches...!!!!!!!   Good luck  
  23. I have used and no doubt will use Ryanair in the future the Stanstead - Rodez route in particular. Yes I have been 'stung' for overweight baggage (my fault). Yes the service is not 1st class. Online booking fee etc etc etc. However cheap and nasty it is so I takes me choice. Maybe others who decry the service should. I think it is c**p for al the reasons stated but I will continue to use the service as it is financially and logistically viable for me. I have recently taken to Easyjet Bristol - Toulouse, more expensive flights but less driving in the UK and train Toulouse to Figeac. Hey its up to me which service I use. So I suggest other mourners of Ryanair  vote with your feet and seek an alternative. Hey I'm also 1 of the fat people, charge me more and I will want a bigger seat...!!! Nothing more annoying than seeing an extra legroom seat filled by a 5 foot 6 stoner..!!!  
  24. We have to install a new fosse septic at our property. We have received and accepted a devis for this work. We will install a Neve Environment T5 unit due to no space for a soakaway. However after putting our thinking caps on we have a question to those of you out there with superior knowledge to our almost zero knowledge on this fascinating subject.   The devis does not include any emptying or removal of the existing fosse. The new fosse will be installed adjacent to the existing fosse. If we do not empty, remove, of fill in the old fosse what if any problems could we experience in the near and distant future?  We are also contacting the contractor for his advice but would prefer to be ‘advised’ as best possible. Also as we are due to leave France next week leaving the contractor under the watchful eye of our neighbour we would like to know if we need to ‘add’ to the devis to include removal/filling in of the old fosse.   Many thanks   John & Julie
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