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  1. Hi again, After typing in a lot of information, the page disappeared.  Is there a time limit to adding a reply? As promised, here is more information on the distribution of hot air from a wood insert. Go to www.flamme-bleue.com  and go to page 2 les inserts,la distribution d'air chaud. There are diagrams and explanations.   If you can get a catalogue from deville or Richard le Droff the same information is in them.  As I said before, all the parts are available in the bricomarches.
  2. Hi Penny, I wish I had read your message yesterday!!!! Thank you for caring and making the effort to do something for those poor animals.  Please let us know how it all turns out.
  3. The cost of wood in north 24 this month for a faggot [about 30 slices from the outside of an oak tree, some quite thick and most about two meters long] was 27 euros without delivery, 33 euros delivered.  When we cut it and stacked it each faggot was about 1 1/4 cubic meters.  Hubby purloined some of it to mend the bottoms of the barn doors!  It is tough on the chainsaw though.
  4. Hi Washy, I shall search out the paperwork and reply in more detail later.  
  5. Hi, This is quite a common way of adding central heating to your home. All the parts are available in the bricolages at the back end of the year, if you are considering DIY.  We had this installed 5 years ago.  The number of outlets for warm air depends on the width of your chimney and the layout of your house.  Because we have thick stone walls it was only feasible to have outlets for the warm air through the bedroom ceilings. Remember that your stove must be of a high enough heat output to cope with the task.  We find that the system is good but not as controllable as normal central heating systems.   We are now considering a back up system for when we are ill or too old to cope with chopping all that wood. I hope this helps.
  6. >I am sorry if this has >been asked 1000s times before >(I have searched on the >archived threads) > >The questions are as follows. > >I would be living permanantly in >France. > >The capital raised from my house >sale would be put into >a building society account here >in the uk, would I >pay tax on this amount >at source? or would I >have to fill in a >seperate French tax return. > >I would not be working in >France. > >Sorry again if this is common >knowledge, but I would rather >check. > >Thanks We have just been discussing this with an independant advisor. The best way seems to be to set up a trust. This also helps to avoid inheritance tax I feel the cost of paying for knowledgable advice is offset by the savings made, either now or in the future - not to mention peace of mind. Cheers, Pat
  7. Try your local co-op bank. We have never had any trouble and find it much cheaper and easier than Barclay's. I regularly transfer by telephone from my account to the joint co-op one. Cheers, Pat
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