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  1. According to the two sapeur pompiers sat next to me at this moment Smoke detectors are mandatory from 9th March 2015 in every residential property edit just found a link http://www.net-iris.fr/veille-juridique/actualite/26261/detecteur-de-fumee-obligatoire-en-2015-dans-tous-les-logements.php
  2. The door is very low, so duck on your way out :-)
  3. [quote user="Rob Roy"]My husband has also received a demand for payment, but he is now retired. He has received an 'attestation de radiation' from the RSI and we are in the process of registering him at the CPAM so he can receive a new Carte Vitale. Does he simply write to the Centre des Finances Publiques that issued the demand and explain he is now retired and perhaps send a copy of the RSI letter? To be honest we still don't quite understand what the CFE-IFER demand relates to.[/quote] I have received my demand too, my problem is closed the business (AE) 30th October 2013, the internet system for cessation activity would not play the game so I chose the paper method (silly mistake!) so downloaded and printed the form filled it all in the sent it off to the address on the form recorded delivery with receipt. I got the AR receipt back and then a letter from URSAFF to say the process was completed and that they have send to details to the RSI and INSEE over the next couple of weeks, then a letter from RSI harmonie who informed me that I would have medical cover until 30 October 2014 after that I would have to go over to CPAM (I am now in full time employment on CDI) wow! I thought, that was easy! so in April this year RSI send me a letter fining me 47 euros for non declaration of chifre d'affair Jan, Feb and March then another the following month. Phoned RSI Explained the events of the last few months and all of the leters I had recieved, to be told I must have done the paperwork correctly as I wouldn't have recieved those letters if I hadn't! She would look into it. Still the letters every month kept coming non declaration Chifres. Phoned them up again, same thing, went through the history and was told I must have done it right or I would never have received the letters I have, they will look into it! Then the Avis CFE-INER arrived, also the rsi non delaration CA (I'm getting bored with this now) Phoned RSI to be told my AE was still active on there system and had never been closed, Grrr! I have all the paperwork that says it is closed it is only you who say it is not! I will have to send copies of all the paperwork to RSI Nantes because they cannot close it from there, the same address that Ursaff noted on the lettre radiation that they have recieved because RSI Nantes confirmed that after 30th October 2014 I would have no health cover and I must swap to CPAM !! Stop the world I want to get off!! What's 'Repetitive Strain Injury' in French? - RSI ? :-) Beyond comprehension how incompetent they are .
  4. Ah that explains it then AnO I am in my fifties (about half way through :-) ) so my medical will cover me for 5 years, as you are 60+ yes that will be 2 years, I will be 60 when I need my next medical so I will be down to renewals every 2 years then! :-o crickey that doesn't sound too far away !!
  5. I'm not sure where you have got 2 years from AnO? As I see it you should get a valid C / EC category until the medical certificate runs out, in my case 2019. I will see when my licence arrives in about 6 months :-) 
  6. Tons as in, loads of other music videos to chose from on youtube :-)
  7. you will be hard pushed to find a French song that doesn't have some 'argot' in it, especially modern stuff like Stromae! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MvzeSDi10M Tons like this on youtube
  8. You will also need the FIMO/FCO (Driver CPC in the UK) if you want to drive professionally also a digital tachograph card edit, allow 6-9 months for the licence exchange too !
  9. With the cost of this complete shambles of an idea projected to be the region of 2 billion euros I wonder how is going to eventually foot that bill? [URL=http://www.sherv.net/][IMG]http://www.sherv.net/cm/emoticons/hand-gestures/scratching-head-smiley-emoticon.gif[/IMG][/URL]
  10. [quote user="idun"] Wow, that is a lot on medecines. [/quote] not plural! 1 pill per day just 1 months supply shocking!! I've been on them for nearly 10 years, I will leave you to do the maths!!
  11. Not sure how much you follow news in France but the pharmacies went on strike earlier this week, because the like of lecerc want to be able to sell these common products, I think I heard on the radio lecerc have been campaigning for 15 years to be allowed to do this. Now all that says to me is the pharmacies are making bucks from this type of medicine!. I take a medicine everyday, from the pharmacy it is 756.57per month! When I go to the specialist at the hospital every 3 months I get my months supply from the hospital pharmacy 690.00€
  12. Sorry didn't get my point over correctly, A doc prescribing parcetomol in the UK is a no go as they are just so cheap over the counter as you have said, so why pay the prescription rate. I think it should be same here, if you need paracetamol the doc should just tell you to go and buy it as I said it is only 1.90€, but for the moment and as long as the insurances are willing to pay up. Imagine how many packs of paracetamol are prescribed it must be enormous. At the end of the day we still are paying for them out of our social payments and top ups As an aside, the big problem here in France is the insurance system, as long as they keep paying out nothing will change, look at glasses, I got 550 euros on my insurance , the girl in the shop said my insurance (obligatory through my employer) was very generous. as long as this type of system continues opticians have no reason to even try and be competitive.
  13. It seems pretty much up to the doctor if he says it comes under the 100% then it goes through as that if not you have to pay and reclaim what you can form the secu/mutual. I was sent for a ultrasound a while ago, at the end of it the secretary gave me a bill for 120 euros, being a bit skint at the time I questioned it and asked if it could be done direct via the card. The doctor heard me and called out from his office that it could be put through 100% ALD
  14. Mrs P is regularly prescribed paracetamol, it is not doliprane, but dafalgan, Think Betty said just go and buy it, in the UK yes, as you would have to pay the set fee for a prescription (no idea how much that is these days), but here the secu/mutual pay for it. I personally think paracetamol should be taken off the list and you should pay for it, it costs 1.90€. I have boxes of the bloomin things in the drawer I have to refuse them when I go to get Mrs P's important medicine.
  15. Try this association get your friend to contact them if your french is a bit weak, I have heard they will actively prosecute people mistreating animal http://www.associationstephanelamart.com/ Hope this helps
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