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  1. Hi

    I've received my avis D'impot today but i'm expecting to be paying CSG on my dividends from the UK.  There isn't anything on my avis which surprised me, will I get a separate bill from urssaf ?? and am I correct in thinking it needs paying by November. 


  2. DH here, my wife cross posted my original from somewhere else...

    JR, thats a great response, thanks for taking time to respond in such detail.

    The gun is indeed the cheap 70e budget one with the plastic hopper and the anodised alloy body, significantly mis-sold it seems, hence the lack of information. Id guess the 350e-ish ones with the steel hoppers on top that keep coming up when I google render guns are maybe more suited, and its not beyond the bounds of possibility that Ill get one of them if needs be.

    Gun does indeed not have a air valve, but I have it on a pcl connector so it just snaps onto the end of the self sealing line, so when I want to stop the airflow through it (to shut it up!), I just snap the connector off. Ive been mixing the render in the mixer as I don't posses a drill mixer or the like.

    Compressor power really isnt a issue, its a 40+ cfm 3phase fiac industrial unit with a 500L air tank. Its piped to the start of the airhose roll with 25mm i/d hardline and that itself is 14mm id bore rather than the small bore stuff you normally see, so airline velocity isnt really a limit either. If it is, I have a portable 50L tank I can use as a accumulator right near the gun head as the compressor house can be some distance from the workplace at times I have a 100m hose reel, as you can imagine the compressor is not exactly portable unless you have a forklift and a long 3 phase extension!

    So, really the gun's for finishing  but it can be muddled along with if you apply a bit of common sense, I suspected as much and it did work quite well ages back when we did some crepi with it. I'm tempted to try my portable sandblasting pot, since thats designed to spray sand at stuff (albeit with quite high velocity, maybe if I leave the ceramic nozzle off the reduction might make the goo stick instead of bouncing off) so it may just be able to handle the chaux based render too with some adjustment of mixer settings.

    Ill have a tinker and see...

    I could have done it by hand, well the tiny test wall we're tinkering with now, but ultimately I have to render a 10mx14m two storey house and outbuildings. I don't fancy trowling that on by hand, but the budget won't run to 5k for a proper cement pump...

    Thanks for all the replies.

    If anyones tried the blasting pot experiment, I'd be interested in your results, save me some time if its a faliure :)

  3. thanks for all the replies, I posted on behalf of my DH and tbh am going to have a blonde moment (i'm brunette) as I don't understand render/crepi at all.  DH is busy putting beams back in but i'm sure he'll reply to your posts later.

    thanks very much


  4. Hi, Im tinkering around with re-rendering some

    walls as part of a renovation project. Im using a 1 part chaux blanc to

    4 part sharp sand mix for the render to give me a traditional finish

    and to let the wall breath still.

    However, having been all traditional with the material, I'd like

    to apply it to the wall with a render applicator gun as I tend to get

    lots on the floor and take all day flicking it with a trowel

    I have purchased a render gun which goes on the compressor, and its

    arrived with no instructions whatsoever. I tried the same mix that I

    would apply with the flick method (consistency of warm butter) but the

    gun wont spray it, even at 90psi. Also the gun came with two nozzles,

    and the only real difference is the depth of the cone where the render

    comes through, should I be using the "sticky out one" or the "flat

    faced" one?

    Can anyone suggest where Im going wrong? baseline setup of the gun pressure and mix consistency?

    Just to be clear its a top hopper fed compressor gun for raw bulk render application, not a tyrolene gun.
  5. Gripe water from the uk :O)

    or calmosine (sp???)  say  its for colique its herbal but quite expensive, usually u get a free trial with the baby box in the hospital

  6. I had the problem with one of the more *stricter* CT centres here with a clio, mine was a lhd made in france but reregistered in england, I brought it over and got it on french plates but it had wider wheels, gripped the road better but  didn't conform to the regs so we got the cheapest nastiest tyres and rims we could find, put them on the car, the guy passed them and told us to change the tyres back and store them for next time.  The car's had 2 or 3 controls since and we told the purchaser just to leave the cheap tyres in the boot and it's passed each time....

    We've also been told to claim on the insurance for lights for various cars...

  7. we had no probs getting ours from uk to central france but unfortunately don't know anyone in france

  8. Even with solar you'd still need a back up source and for me mains gas would win hands down, solar's are great for hot water but we've found during the winter don't provide sufficient heat to heat a well insulated 80m2 underfloor system. Our system is now about 5 years old. We're now into our second renovation project 288m2 and even though we're going underfloor for the downstairs we're definitely not going solar.

  9. Hi

    I think that I live in a
    Zones de revitalisation rurale and we have an Enterprise Individuelle on a regime reel simplifie bic, Does anyone know if as an EI we're entitled and if so what tax/social charge reductions might we be entitled to

    thanks in advance


  10. Leroy's price is laughable, how they ever sell any systems I don't know especially in Chateauroux, the guy we got our devis from didn't have a clue, when DH asked about the controllers and solenoids he just said, oh it's in the pack.

    we got our uponor system from an reliable ebay seller in the uk and arranged for it to be shipped by courier in 3 separate parcels each for £20 or so. Ours was a bargain as it'll do the complete 140m2 and we paid £1000

    Previously we had uponor and it works really well but we bought it direct 5 or 6 years ago and so it was expensive and their controllers are too expensive for what they do.

    This time we've gone for the commercial sized 20mm pipe rather than the 16mm as it wont require so many loops or pipe.

    There are many uk suppliers (think theres a cheaper german make - check german ebay too) who will ship here with the complete system.

    It's not that difficult to design the pipe layout yourself if you can't get anyone to do it and fitting it is easy enough.



  11. Very exciting, i'll  be off buying some sweet potatoes tomorrow !

  12. can I ask the ready mix company to add some hardener into the mix, does anyone know if they would add a colourant too.  I'll get on the phone to them in the week anyway.


  13. I know this is a very old post, but once it's powerfloated, what's the final floor finish like and do you need to seal it with anything


  14. Last year we bought a fresh turkey in Hyper U at 3e79 a kilo (was only about 4 kilos through) and froze it and then Leclerc had fresh ones in few days before xmas at the same price so I bought one on xmas eve for mum to cook.  Lidls sometimes get frozen ones in but they always seem quite small compared to the 8-10 kilo uk ones.

  15. I use currencies direct for corporate and personal side and the corporate rates are better but very good service, I email, get the rate, get the contract emailed to me, I pay via internet transfer, it hits on the 3rd day, I get an email saying they received it, then another saying the transfer has gone through and when I check my french account that night it's always been in .....

  16. I've seen them on Ebay from a german supplier for very good prices, exactly the same in Leroy merlin but double the price,

    Im having one in my new barn conversion as a feature but not sure about smell on lighting

  17. Hi

    I'm due to rent my house out on Saturday for a fixed 3 year lease, we have signed the contracts (using the template one from http://www.alliance-habitat.com/modele_contrat_location.php

    ) and the tenant will be paying me two months rent as deposit (she suggested 2 months) and one months rent in advance, now I have just found on the http://www.logement.gouv.fr site that we can't have a two month deposit. 

    She has already notified the CAF of what she will be paying (ultimately them) and they didn't query it.

    Is it illegal for me to ask for the two months deposit ?? If it is it'll be a pain for us both to get contracts, caf letters, etc etc changed but I'd like the situation clarified.

    thanks in advance


  18. this is interesting, if your classed as a french resident because you've lived here for more than 5 years, when you reach uk retirement age are you under an obligation to get an e121 or can you remain in the cmu and therefore get the cmu complementaire if your under the threshold ???

  19. I'm paying 695+tva for a 336km trip so works out at 2.47E per km TTC thats a 3m by 7m home, so doesnt need convoi escort.

  20. I know of quite a few transporters in france if you need that we've used to transport out mobile home around, pm me if youd like more details

  21. Me0wp00

    Doggy poop bags!!

    Nappy bags are great for poop bags and ideally tesco value are something like 300 bags for under £1

  22.  our CA have them near the paying in slips

  23. I've seen them in the chemists, my DS hated avent teats, I'd think the chemist can get them in for you if they don't stock them and also it might be worth you trying another type, my DS hated the brown teats and refused to drink point blank whereas DD only drinks with the brown teats.

    http://www.parapharmanet.com/boutique_us/liste_produits.cfm?code_lg=lg_us&type=152 have them too,

    is she on a comfort milk ? if so you might need to make holes in the teats. It is a case of trial and error i'm afraid

    *good luck*


  24. we bought an oil/wood boiler from ebay, have to say its about 20 years old but has had a new bruler and doesn't look too bad, also switches from wood to oil if there isn't  sufficient wood.  Leyroy merlin and most of the diy chains do sell wood/oil boilers but you might have to ask them.

  25.  we did all our chantier supply via the phone, then they sent us the various forms which we scanned and emailed back to them, we purchased our edf approved coffret via ebay and edf phoned to see if they could supply the next day but we hadnt got the coffret or the wire so they came the week after, put the coffret on the pole, connected it and left my dh to connect it our end.

    very simple and about 200e I think it was

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