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  1. Gemozac is about 40 minutes away. A bit too far really but thanks for the suggestion. I might try them some other time when the weather is better! I am really looking for somewhere along the Rochefort/Saintes route or nearby.
  2. I am trying to find a restaurant where a group of about 10 of us could celebrate New Years Eve. Le Gabarier in Port d'Envaux was favourite but I suspect they are closed down for the winter as I am getting no response to my e-mails. Can anyone suggest somewhere please? Alternatively I am going to have to DIY it!
  3. Thank you for that NormanH. They are beautiful and the write up that goes with each one is very interesting as well.
  4. Clair, Thank you so much for that but, as I said in the previous post, that is exactly what I was doing so I don't know what was going wrong. Pushkin
  5. Thank you Russethouse but when I go to photobucket and click on the IMG box it, supposedly, highlights the whole contents which I copy, then paste on my post. When I do the preview the photo is there but when I post my message they are not, just an incomplete string. I have tried inserting the IMG line manually but that doesn't work either. Pushkin
  6. No luck after following Dick Smith & Bugbear's instructions.
  7. We have had a roller coaster few weeks with Henry but when all is said and done we have no regrets in taking on this lovely, funny, energetic, and lovable young man. The pecking order has been established with Dylan the Lhasa Apso of nearly 13 years holding his position as top dog. Not without mishap though as he and Nushi the Shi Tzu, another rescue, both sustained a tooth wound on the side of their faces after a disagreement. Henry watered every bed post, table leg, sofa and chair for the first few days but we had only one such event last week. Fortunately the christened items were either wood or leather! He and Poppy, the Rottweiler cross Labrador and also a rescue, have really bonded and life is one long game tearing around the garden and woods and Dylan joins in when he feels like it. Our 12 year old Nushi thinks they are hooligans and has no interest in anyone except Dad. Henry had his piroplasmosis jab on Thursday and a check over and the vet was impressed. She said he had been very well looked after by some guardian angel for the last six months. I can't imagine who that was! Bless her for it anyway. Our vet says Henry is more like four years of age than two due to his front teeth being even rather than wavy or something but we have no worries about that. Hopefully here are a few photos. Not very good ones though as Henry and Pops are so fast it is hard to catch the moment. I have not included the ones of Henry doing his fish impression in the swimming pool. I think he came to rescue me but I don't think my heart would stand the shock of a 29kg Giant Schnauzer X launching itself off the edge of the swimming pool and landing on me again! Pushkin I have tried to post the pictures and though the preview looks fine the actual post just gives a string of code without the final IMG! Can anyone help please?
  8. http://ehdkd.blogspot.com/ posted by Christine includes:     “Suddenly Gamze Neer’s campaign to prevent Karam to be taken abroad started. Irrational, xenophobic mails telling lies such as all dogs are burned alive abroad or that foreigners wanted this dog to make financial gain over him started to be distributed.”   A search on the Net shows a Gamze Neer with business interests in the USA.  Can anyone confirm that this is the same woman?  If it is, then I shall copy the relevant material to members of the Pushkin clan in the US with a request that they broadcast it as widely as possible.  Yes, I know, “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord…” but we all know how busy the Man is!   As for little Jonah, I am sure that he is now happy and pain free, playing this side of Rainbow Bridge.       Pete   Not   Sue  
  9. We have a Mitsubishi Pajero.  The warning light for the centre differential began to flash and I could only engage two wheel drive.  I took the car to Mitsubishi agents Automobiles Palau 17, Saint Georges des Coteaux (17).  They did tests and said that five electrical switches on the automatic gear box needed changing.  I agreed to have this done.  An appointment was made but the day before, I drove along a rough track, the warning light stopped flashing and I had four wheel drive.   When I returned to the agent I explained that the problem had been cured, that I doubted their diagnosis and I no longer needed work done.  The workshop manager insisted that I pay for the five parts as the (very) small print on the devis required.  He said that Mitsubishi France would not give a refund on them.  I objected, but paid 299 Euros and took the parts.  Their serial number is MR580153.  So if any Pajero owner wants to purchase these switches at reduced cost, please pm me.  On the plus side, the car continues to run OK and I have found an excellent toutes marques garage locally where they are quite used to dealing with 4x4s.   Pete not Sue  
  10. We bought a Mitsubishi in Germany and imported it to France four years ago. Since then we have used Mitsubishi agents in Charente Maritime twice.  On both occasions we felt that we had been ripped off.  We now use a local “toutes marques” garage, which is OK. Next one will be a Jeep!   Pete not Sue
  11. Do you know, I have read and re-read my post and can find no mention of the fact that her services are free!  I am pleased to see that this subject has instigated a lively discussion but would like to point out that neither I or my husband are 'financial virgins' and can assure you that the lady in question had rung all our bells and  proved her expertise.  As Russetthouse says, you pay your money and take your chance.  I did point out that she is very interested in doing group presentations which would minimise the individual cost.  We must be either very lucky or very shrewd as our experience of FAs has been nothing but good.  (I would like to put it down to my amazing intelligence but not sure you would be totally convinced on that score)! Pushkin 
  12. We, like so many other people, have been worried and confused about the inheritance issue. I would like to mention, for the benefit of others, that we were introduced to a charming lady who is an expert in this field.  We now feel that everything has been done that can be done to protect each other and our child etc.  She speaks excellent English and, though she gives one to one advice, she is looking to do more group presentation sessions.  She lives in the Rochefort area but will travel almost anywhere.  If anyone is interested please pm me and I will pass on her details. Pushkin
  13. [quote user="Beemer1150"] The one thing we're having difficulty sourcing here is soya - the meat for vegetarians! We're in 17 and will travel if necessary! Any clues anyone? [/quote] No problem getting it at all.  I go to Bio Monde which used to be in the hospital square in Saintes but moved to larger quarters on the St George to Coteaux (spelling) retail park.  It is rather tucked away.  It is at the rear of Lapeyre so if you follow the road past Lapeyre and bear left it is just behind there.  Lots of other veggie goodies as well of course. Pushkin
  14.  Three years ago we had a bad experience with the Feu Vert branch near Carrefour in Saintes. We ordered four Michelin tyres and they fitted an inferior brand without consultation and without a new devis.  The devis said Michelin so they were made to put Michelins on. I have just ordered four tyres from pneus-online.fr. Total cost, delivered to our garage, is well under €500 TTC. The tyres are Bridgestone 265/70x16. Pneus-online have agents across France to whom the tyres can be delivered for fitting.  Details are on the site. Pete not Sue  
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