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  1. I am unable to obtain a letter of conformity for France for my Mitsubishi Pajero, but I have obtained an SVA certificate.


    SVA stands for Single Vehicle Approval Scheme and was issued for the vehicle when it was imported into the UK from Japan.


    The French embassy cant or wont help, so can anyone tell me if this is as good as the letter of conformity please.




    Peter and Sue



  2. Re Earlier posting of Right hand drive imported Pajero with UK plates going to reside in France.


    Mitsubishi advise me of the following :-


    Since my vehicle is 1994 they wont supply a C of C since they only do the certificate for vehicles manufactured after 1998.


    I have now been advised to get an SVA test which apparently issues a document that is similar to a C of C.


    Have anyone heard anything about this procedure – and is the SVA test document good enough for the authorities in France?




    Pete and Sue


    Especial thanks to Le Petit Hibou who helped a lot

  3. If anyone has registered a right hand drive Pajero in France, please can they supply any information on how to obtain a letter of conformity and any other advice would be appreciated.


  4. Can anyone recommend whether I should buy a French or British cooker prior to the move to France, as I have been told that the oven burner on a French Oven is in the centre of the bottom unlike the British type where it is usually at the back. This causes the food to burn, so I am told. Is this a wind up or operator error, after all, French food is suppose to be good.
  5. Hiya SB,

    Its just GOT TO be better than the UK when you have settled - look forward to THAT ?

    Good luck,

    Peter Baker

  6. Baz,

    Thanks for your reply. Very helpful and I will heed your advice,


    Peter Baker

  7. Helooooooooo,

    My femme and I plan to sell up in the UK and move to France and we will be living in our caravan while we look for a property in the Bellac - Limoges region.

    I have a laptop and I will need a mobile phone to connect to the internet.

    Can anyone please offer any advice on the following questions.

    Which is the best Pay As You Go mobile phone in France?

    Can I load an ISP on my laptop with english so it works in France - if so which ISP?

    Any other advice would be appreciated.




  8. Hi,


    I have just returned from France where I was staying with friends - They suffered a lightning strike on their telephone line which is surge protected with a surge unit I bought at Home Base (£14) This unit also protects the modem from lightning strikes.

    It saved the fax machine and the computer but the satellite box and VCR were totally destroyed as they were plugged into a different socket

    An addage here. The socket the VCR & sat used was not earthed. Generally if you are using a surge unit and / or lightning protector then make sure there is an earth on the socket you plug any equipment into.


  9. Princess Anne? Edwina Currie? Strewth! You're a braver man than I....

  10. Since there's a most fetching photo of the editress in this month's issue...how about LF printing a picture of Eleanor in next month's magazine?

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