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  1. Here's the photo of the claw marks. [IMG]http://i1108.photobucket.com/albums/h420/PeterCD/2011-05-08133600-1.jpg[/IMG]
  2. Visiting a friends house today in the country we were shown a number of trees that initially looked like a cat had scratched/flexed their nails but on further investigation these "claw" marks are 2' 6" off the ground and the length of the claw mark is 12" and whatever it is there are 5 claws. A neighbour has suggested a lion! Any ideas other than a lion??
  3. Excellent company - we have used them regularly...........
  4. Does anyone know if the fast cat "Norman Arrow will be running on the Ports/LeH route in 2011?
  5. On the recommendation of Pool Guy I use the Hayward Pool Vac Ultra and for in the region of 400Euros it is brilliant.
  6. We have used this service twice so far this year and it would be our choice of crossing for the summer period. Living near Portsmouth and with our house in the Charente Maritime we are 11hrs door to door and no need for abn overnight crossing/cabin.
  7. Looks like the storm passed through the Charente Maritime quickly without too much damage, etc..........is that correct?
  8. But the warning also says that it is not expected to be as strong/bad as the tempete in 1999.
  9. It could be bad but the warning also states that it is not expected to be as bad as 1999.
  10. Hi - that's not what the lady from FT (English helpline) told us. Yes - you can suspend the FT line (but only if you have set it up as a Residence Secondaire) and then you have to contact Orange direct to "cancel" the internet connection for the same period. The FT lady advised us that we need to contact her/them approx. two weeks before we want everything re-connected and that they (FT) also look after the re-connection of the internet as well.
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