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  1. The way you posted your post as very little to do with a french forum,why did you post it!!!!  
  2. I am a great believer in "if you aint got they cant tax it"that said I have never seen posted anywhere the french allowances/thresholds,when I receive my pay slip here in france,it is a double sided A4 size paper with one full side taken up with deductions,unlike the UK payslips. In the UK it is really easy to work out ie 11% NI and then after the personal tax code either 20% or 40% if one earns over £30,000,I`m sure i am not the only one who as thought about this and never seen it posted.
  3. TU,yes I knew that,ok like you say it may have been better,I can only speak as I/we find it now as is now.The fact that the health system is in the mire does not from our experience mean it is not working the joe public,only that it is in the mire in financial terms and not the actual treatment given and until I find different I think that Chirac`s french health is something thats doing fine(certainly after being in the UK system)  
  4. Chirac`s France,what is the french health system if not here in france,part of Chirac`s france is it not,the fact that is the red to some tune,the service on the ground in my experience beats the english health system hands down. SB,in the original post quoted several things and health and the amount it was in the "red" was one of them,so outcasts comments are spot on once again.  
  5. Absolutely,I work when I want to because I can,if you want to earn bucket fulls of dosh and spend all your time doing so well good luck but its up to up what you do.Money taken out from earnings is tax n`est pas therefore I do and have paid tax,as for guessing what the tax rate start dont know dont care just pay it and not whinge about it  
  6. MJW,could not agree more,as for TU and her comments,I will bet 5p that the doctors not one in the Newcastle iner city boundary??Try and get a dentist in the UK here you can walk in off the street and if you want to wait a short while and be seen to there and then,I am not a francophile by any means but if credit is due it is givern and if those people who can afford it have to pay a little to keep the french health system like it is well good.  
  7. Yes miki I agree with you one hundred percent tax and tax them hard they have a second home so they must be able to afford it and while they are at it tax B&B gite owners and CdH they rake in the money and can afford to pay loads more. TU the extra tax on what was 500 now 520( rise of 4%) would be what,not enough to cause any one a great deal of grief,nobody likes to pay taxes but if one lives in the country where one thinks taxes are to high there is the option for anyone to get out of that country,when I work I pay tax ok I pay it,its the same all over.  
  8. It`s the old saying if you aint got it they cant tax it,that aside how long do you have to wait in the UK for a doctors appointment or even an operation and how many appointments are cancelled,the system might be straining here but it serves the people who need it.Many times have we been given 4 appointments on the same day each with with a time and each time on the allotted time gone through to see the doctors.  
  9. As no one has yet said where will go when hands over the poison chalest,let me speculate, the EU with the rest of the bent money grabing lot,what was it the welsh wind bag was on !over 500,000 a year, mrs wind bag was elected to but who gave their offspring the job?How much is that other master of the art of spin on ???spent new years eve on a multi millionaires gin place the owner who was one part of microsoft and to which (microsoft) as been fined millions of euro,s by the EU,all this had to be dragged out of mandy by the UKIP,so all in all sure he will end up in brussels.
  10. Firstly 2 or 4 wheels it makes no difference in law but they are a lot more stable and can be loaded a little more due to the axle wight,the important thing to bear in mind is the gross train wight with such a large van(car plus van)anything over 3.5ton is classed like an hgv,hobby,s are on the light side I think. ps,just a bit more the trouble with a twin axle in france is that some sites will not allow them on site it nearly happened to in Bergerac,it is to stop "travellers" so we were told but they let us on as it was just for one night,it,s the same in spain but if they like the look of you they tend to let you on,the site we used for many years had a sign that said no twin axles allowed but let us on year after year,the guide books normally detail which sites let them on.Hobby,s are light enough for a big van on a single axle,last thing italy it is not the same regs wise due to wight and length,not sure what they are cause I have a licence for all classes.  
  11. I posted the same on the forum before,over 1,000,000 manufacturing jobs of gone since and "new labour" got the keys to no 10( I still keep in touch with people in the NW and know for a fact the big companies are closing down,not to mention rover ),850,000 mostly pen pushers have been employed,still the super bug is rampant in nhs hospitals the country UK is over run with bogus asylum seekers mainly young men,most who pass through the rest of europe to get to the UK. The debt time bomb is ticking,yes the highest in the EU,and now with back in the EU rebate to the UK is under threat which will mean taxes will rise.No plans to go back thats sure.  
  12. Cjd,what is the reason that gives you the right to ask posters why they post on the forum,the fact that you have a rich french wife and family(a fact you posted on the forum which makes it a topic to debate) or the fact that you teach kids and can not handle adults who live and work in the real world outside of teaching. To say that people are vindictive and moronic is an insult born from an arrogance that is found in self deluded people who think that they are right and every body else is wrong.Am I the only person that finds your picture at the side of each of your postings nauseous? Unlike Al`r I am in france live and work(work only if I want to!!!) and have kids in STATE school,not a private one like the one you work in,own a house in france french PdC etc,you could say that I have a view to put on a french forum.  
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