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    Anybody know what Colofac (Mebeverine Hydrochloride) is called in France? Better yet, is there a french medical website which you can put the chemical names into a database and it gives you the trade name. Save me asking damn-fool questions all the time. I've hunted around and can't find anything in French which is the equiv of Netdoctor.co.uk. p
  2. A scart is a scart, but a lead is not. A full, 21-pin wired scart lead carries stereo audio in both directions, composite video, separate R,G, & B signals, and their earths plus a wire from pin 9 to pin 9 to carry switching volts... (ermm, let see, 2,4,6,8,  audio, vid, 10,12... RGBs, 14,16,18, volts 19.... screen 20.... nope, must have missed something.... syncs?) A thin, cheap one probably hasn't got the RGB's paul  
  3. Make sure you see a few examples of picture sources on your chosen model, and that you are happy with the results. I was in the market for a large, flat screen TV but went off them when I saw how badly most of them handle motion, especially derrived from film stock. I settled on a 50Hz 16:9 CRT in the end p
  4. I had this with the devis for the electric work on my previous house. I was happy to do some of the grunt work myself, and other items I didn't need (cables laying to the gate for a buzzer, for example). I simply scored through the items I didn't want doing, initialled the alteration and retotalled each page, initialling the page total, and the same at the end. If the stuff you do want doing is interleaved with the stuff you don't, then you'll have to make sure you are both clear as to who does what and when. If you sign a devis then the artisan is obliged to do the work to the best of his ability at the cost indicated (unless there are conditions specified) subject - as I understand it -to force majeure. (?)  For example, if you ask a builder to pour you a concrete floor and he quotes you a price on the devis. However as he breaks up the existing floor he finds it covering a mineshaft 50' deep. You couldn't, in these circumstances expect him to do the job at the original price. Also, if - having signed it - you decide to cancel the job altogether, then the artisan is entitled to recompense for loss of work and materials purchased for your job. In practice, most will be happy (given sufficient notice) to put a job 'on hold' for a bit if you run out of money. Of course, speaking with the boot on the other foot, there are artisans who - having extracted a signed devis from you - get back in their van and are never seen again!     p
  5. [quote]Thanks very much to you all for the prompt replies - I was hoping that was going to be the consensus & fingers crossed I can source some UK heaters & get them brought over to me later in the y...[/quote] Here's the company I used.  http://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Main_Index/Heating_Index/Storage_Heaters/   In the end I had them delivered to a UK address and I put them in my big van, but they would have been equally happy to organise delivery to France.  If you plan to transport them yourself, be warned: as a whole, THEY ARE VERY HEAVY ! Although the heavy bit (the bricks) come in packs of 2 making them easy enough to move about piece by piece.   paul I have no connection with them, just a satisfied customer.
  6. Martin - Any idea when the C4/C5 carriage contract with Sky is up ? Who knows they too might go down the free-to-air road. p
  7. [quote]Looked at Free.fr, unfortunatly we are 'non dégroupé' so restricted to 2048 / 320 @ 29.9 euros per month - so the N9UF offer at 14.90 p.m is still looking good Actually that dosent make sense - N9U...[/quote] Couldn't agree with you more, LL, I have tried for just over a year to cancel an ISDN internet account which I have never managed to make work: Now some 200 Euros later, after hours on their expensive and quite inept technical 'help'line; frustrating hours talking to their accounts department; Two 'avis de reception' letters asking them to close the account (one of which they claim not to have received) and after an eventual promise from the accounts department to close the account and refund the abonnements since December, I have just received yet another copy of the bill, and a demand from a debt collection service! Yes, the 9online service works but at a hell of a price, and not just in Euros either!  p
  8. My wife's just got her private pension forecast and - of course - one of the options is to take a reduced pension _ a tax-free sum. It's just occured to me that as French residents, it probably isn't tax free. Is it? p
  9. Take it with you and try it.... What's to lose? Even if it's the wrong group, you'll still get something out of it. If it doesn't work then head off to a Brico. Have a look at the aerials your neighbours houses have. Are they quite compact? or are they l-o-n-g multi-element jobs? If the latter, then you're after a hi-gain one. In the order of 60 Euros for about 19dB gain. p  
  10. Assuming you have the heaters on dedicated circuits, you simply wire them via an appropriately rated relay module and the mini circuit breaker: just like the chauffeau. Take another feed of the pilot fil (after the 2 amp breaker) and use it to power the relay.   p
  11. When I was building our current house we had a period when we had a working(ish) foss but no HW in the house. I was living in a caravan at the time and decided I couldn't face starting each day with a cold-water wash (or finishing after a day of installing insulation in the roof) and resolved to get a hot shower one way or another. I bought a cheap 200L chauffeau,  8' x 4' sheet of osb, some plastic sheeting, and a cheap shower mixer. With a couple of bits of 2"x3" I made a shower cubicle and set it up in the caravan awning (the 'sheltered' side!) and with the remaining piece I made a solar panel, so it would be about 3' x 5' roughly. The size was dictated by an off-cut of polystyrene I had to hand to insulate it. Some 15mm copper pipe, a bag of 'T's, a few elbows and an hour's worth of soldering and it was done. The only things I bought specially were a panel of clear plastic for the front, a roll of the flashing repair stuff to weather-proof it, and a can of black spray paint to black the alu foil between the pipes. On a decent day it would heat a full tank to 65-70 0 and certainly it more than recovered a shower or two. Eventually, I connected it to the electricity after a week of really miserable weather, (to top up during the night) but it certainly proved it would make a sizable impression on an electricity bill over the course of a year, and I shall definately make a few solar panels to fit permanently on the next house. I can confirm that a front glazing panel isn't needed for a pool heater, the low gain means that there is no heat lost by radiation from the collector pipes. paul
  12. According to the Lyngsat listing, 'Atlantic Bird 3'  @  5oW (used to be called telecom I seem to recall) carries all the main national channels in both analogue and clear digital. The digital bouquet are on transponder KB4 at 11591 V where you will find F2, 4, la5, Arte, LCP (the parliament channel) and the national sustaining service for FR3. On analogue there is F2, La5, Arte, FR3sat, M6 et TF1. The cheapest option is a dish + kit-in-a-box from a brico with an analogue receiver inside (Around 40 Euros). Digital version slightly more expensive. You would need a second dish to pick up the free to air BBC channels, as they are over on 27.5 o E, and w-a-y too far for 2 blocks, but again, a simple digital receiver without a CAM will work fine. If you are hoping for ITV ch4/5 then a Sky box is the only choice: not on sale in the ordinary DIY shops in France as the Murdock/Sky-CAM is only licenced for UK/Eire.  paul  
  13. MIKEW, BJSLIV : I'm confused now.... you can't both be right. Erm, can you? p
  14. [quote]And it works well, excellent picture, even with my temp mini antenna in the loft (previous owner took all the tv aerial and splitter system!). I am using a thomson 1000 series box, same as I used in U...[/quote] that's great... I'd logged on to ask if anyone knew if the tech spec was sufficiently similar to the UK's for old Freeview kit to work and here's my question answered. Pity I gave my Freeview decoder away the last time I was in the UK, isn't it! p
  15. Gyn_Paul


    thanks to all for the replies: Teamedup : Yes, I would have had them made up in the UK had we had the time. I went to the opticians and had the eye test, and arranged to follow it up with a c/lens test and then choose some frames. The price being dependent on whether I needed to buy different strength c/lenses or not. However family affairs interviened (sp?) and I had to cancel, so came back here with the job half-done. p
  16. Gyn_Paul


    Does anyone know if a French optician will accept a (recent) UK prescription to make up a new pair of glasses ? p
  17. Hi, I realise it's probably not easy if the place has been plasterboarded, but would it be possible for you to break into the plumbing at the place furthest/ highest from the fosse and add another air valve? this would allow air into the system to balance the vacuum effect of the flushing loo. But only if it is sucking... The problem might be that the air is being pushed out of one of the traps as the loo flushes. I totally agree with Punch vis. the taped-up pipe: strip off the tape and put a U-bend on it temporarily - a thin strip of masking tape will normally make it gas-tight without recourse to welding it in place. Fill it with water and then shine a torch down it and observe the movement of the level as the loo is flushed. if it bubbles you've found your problem. Often it can be cured by fitting deep traps (greater head of water to move before the gas can escape round the U-bend), but really troublesome ones may need intervention at the fosse. paul
  18. This is pnly a guess - so please don't all jump down my throat - but perhaps the tax authorities make a distinction (in terms of discounting and excempting) between maisons principals and maisons secondaires ?
  19. We used and loved 3103 'Top Message' in our old house from the moment it was available until we changed to ISDN (which claims to work, using a different access number, but I never managed to get it to). I've just signed up a new line in our new house and was told by the FT lady that TM won't work with alternative suppliers "comme Tele-2 ou Cegetel". This must be new, as it worked before with One-Tel.... Something else to worry about! 
  20. Assuming you got these results from degrouptest.com, further down the page it should tell you which (if any) of the ISP's will offer you a service. If all but Don'twanado are showing 'impossible' then it looks like you're stuck with it - for the moment
  21. [quote]The simple answer is no, you cannot use the same card between two different boxes to get any subscription channels. This is incorrect. All the subscription channels will work in any box except fo...[/quote] >"....All the subscription channels will work in any box except for the premium sport and film channels..." But if they are old boxes, be prepared for them to be a bit 'flaky'. I swop a sky (subscription channels but no premium) card between boxes and find that in the original 'matched' box it unlocks all appropriate channels immediately, but in the 'foreign' box it need anything from 30 minutes to an hour to unlock everything. And not just when the card has been a stranger to it for a few weeks: we had an electricity blip the other evening and it took 10 minutes to get E4, and 30 minutes to get C5 back.  
  22. [quote]I was told that the mechanics of starting the assessment for Tax d'Habitation is triggered by making a declaration of income to the local Tax office. So in a way it's related to income. And if you are...[/quote] It can also be triggered by finishing work in a Permit de construire - the tax authorites send you a form to detail how and by how much you have extended the livable area of your property. Low income pensioners don't pay it either.   paul
  23. Which half of the year are you not going to be there ?
  24. Gyn_Paul

    Loi Madelin

    Thankyou TU: don't know why I didn't think to do that. It looks like something for artisans, enterprises, and self-employed rather than 2 retired old fogies. Think I'll tick the 'NON' cheers paul
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