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  1. Going to Boulogne tomorrow - need a good lunchtime restaurant recommendation please anyone - many thanks
  2. Hi Paul - we are near Villebois and our neighbour cuts our grass around the house for us regularly and we pay him - he welcomes the extra money.  I do agree though it grows really quickly over there - our local farmer cuts the small field we have - which we found out was hay not grass - rolls the hay into big bales, stores it on our land and takes it for his animals - and just charges us a very nominal amout.  Its worth asking around or check the small ads in Super U just up the road.  Good luck - maybe we will bump into you! Paula Near Salles Lavelette
  3. Hi all, I wonder if any of you can help me out there - I am coming over for the day on Saturday to visit the Chrismas Market - daft question I know but will it be obvious where abouts in Boulogne it is?  I have been on the tourisme website and it says in the Old Town and when I look at the map I can't quite work out where it is?  Also are there any recommendations for lunch and early evening dinner? (we have to get the 9.30pm Eurotunnel back?)  Dinner recommendation can be either Boulogne or Calais.  Would appreciate any helpful advice - we are having a Mums day away and I am in charge - I don't want to look daft (which isn't too difficult!)  Thanks Paula
  4. Hi Neil Saw your message on the forum.  We have just bought a house near Vertiallac and may possibly have some belongings to go over.  We don't take possession of the house until end of March early April so whether we could have access to store some bits there would also be a deciding factor. We have been trying to buy a house near Brantome as well in Champagnac de Belair.  We live near Windsor in Berkshire - so I don't know how far away you are - hopefully not too far! Could you give me some idea of costings etc. Regards Paula
  5. Hi anyone My husband and I are going to the Dordogne this weekend (celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary) and we are staying at a friends place in Sorges near Thieviers.  Can anyone recommend some good restaurants please.  We love everything - fish in particular. Would appreciate any good recommendations for this area of the Dordogne and to keep us going while we are house hunting! Paula
  6. Hi can anybody help me? I am travelling to France in October and was hoping to buy some tickets to see Robbie at Le Zenith Raymond Badiou in Toulouse (I hope I have that down correctly) I have searched all the websites and cannot find out how to buy tickets - does anyone local or not! know if they are all sold out. They were for sale on his website a few weeks ago but I missed out! Can anyone help? Regards Paula
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