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  1. In response to your question Mikey, I advertise on www.VisitFrance.co.uk and am very pleased with the flexibility and functionality of the site as well as the response. (And no, I have no connections with them whatsoever, I am just a very satisfied customer).
  2. I have had only one enquiry (which did not result in a booking) from FC since the new website, although I have managed to book 15 weeks already via other booking sites, and will not be renewing my subscription when it becomes due this summer. When I first joined FC a couple of years ago I got loads of bookings through them, but it petered out to a trickle last year. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and renewed on the promise of this new super-duper website they assured me was going to go live "real soon", but it does not seem to be living up to the promise - and you still can't edit your own text and photos like on the other sites! Very poor...
  3. Thanks to everyone who replied to my message. In the end, the renters who lost the keys went ahead and got a set copied themselves to replace the ones they had lost. My keyholder said that they were a very charming family and so I have not deducted anything from their deposit.
  4. Our current renters have just lost a set of keys during their trip to Rouen yesterday. Given that the keys have no address on them and it is unlikely that anyone knows where the people are staying, I am not sure whether I ought to change the locks and deduct the cost of this from the security deposit, or just to get another set cut. I would be grateful for other owners' points of view... Thanks for any help/advice offered! Catherine
  5. Please be careful about buying cheap secondhand bouncy castles or decathlon bikes, or any other equipment for that matter - in this current litigious climate, you have to be very aware of health and safety issues - you would not want to be sued because someone injured themselves on a piece of equipment supplied by you 
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