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  1. Hi, 2 quick questions, if I may. My immersion in my solar hot water tank has stopped working. It is getting power but not producing any heat. I am assuming that it is suffering from calc overdose. 1. How can I tell what size my immersion element is? Its in a solar collector and is placed half way down the tank 2. Where can I buy a replacement? many thanks in advance. I wanted to put a photo on here but I cant figure out how to do that.
  2. Brilliant Théière - I believe I got exactly what I want. The link shows you the wiring diagram for the Honeywell Y. MY valve is made by Tower in Kent but looks remarkably like the Honeywell Y valve. As I am only using a pipe stat, I assume that I just follow the route for the Grey & Orange wires from the valve to the pipe stat. The other three are the Live, Neutral and Earth wires. For the Common feed to the pipe stat I assume I can supply that from a junction with the Live from to the valve also. Is it okay to connect the Live, Neutral and Earth to the mains supply via a plug into the 10amp circuit or do I need a special connection set up for this?
  3. Hi all - this is a recent thread that I had and some of you guys were good enough to help out. http://services.completefrance.com/forums/completefrance/cs/forums/2834383/ShowPost.aspx I now have all the materials I need for the project and I am ready to get the installation underway. BUT, isnt there always one, Im not sure how to connect the pipe thermostat and the Mid Position Diverter valve. The stat has the usual 3 terminals (Common - 1 & 2) and the valve has 5 wires (Green/Yellow - Orange - Blue - White & Grey) Do any of you folks have any suggestions how I wire up the valve and the stat. The idea is to use the wood burner as an additional heat source to augment our domestic hot water supply. There is a secondary heat coild in the upper section of our solar HW tank which I will connect the flow and return to from the wood burner. I will also install a radiator as a heat leak so that when the DHW tank is heated sufficiently the diverter valve, triggered by the pipe thermosta, will then send the heated water from the heat source to the radiator. Hopefully this makes sense to you all. Many thanks in advance. Paul 
  4. Good luck thunderhorse - much the same for me I guess. I'd be interested to hear where you got the T Piece from as I spent yesterday in Poitiers looking through the usual haunts for something similar except 125mm.
  5. I've been reading this thread with great interest as I have been having similar problems. I installed a poele in my small sitting room where there is no chimney. I took the flu out through the wall and up the ouitside of the gable end to a height of 1.2 mtrs above the apex and added a china hat too. Draw is fine and the fire in general works well except CONDENSATION AND THE DRIPS. Looking at this thread I have learned that the flu needs to be inside which it now is. I have directed it at an upward angular route - using a 45degree elbow into the chimney breast in the kitchen approx 1.5 mtrs away. Temporarily I have not connected the rest of the flu to this until I can verify that this new route and method will work. I have a T piece coming off the poele with a lower cap end to allow cleaning access. What I also discovered is that the T Piece has a male fitting on the top end and as a result I have all of my pipes sections upside down. Hence the escaping drips. I rang a very helpful guy in England, who I found on the web, and he explained the following: ALL joints must be sealed for saftey and also to prevent the intake of air which will create GUESS WHAT - condensation (most importantly he stressed the connecion to the fire as the key joint) The female joint must be uppermost on the flu sections to prevent condensation drips That all fires will have some degree of condensation The condensation is not a problem if the flu is installed the right way up and that the fire system will deal with the moisture its own way. I was concerned about what actually happened to this condensation - he assured me that it was normal and not to worry unless it was escaping before being dealt with by the flu and fire. My temporary set up did not have the T Piece sealed to the fire and the condensation was still evident although nowhere near as bad as the time the flu was outside. The guy in England's first question when I explained this was to enquire if I had sealed the joints and most importantly the one fromt the fire to the T Piece. As I havent he was certain this was my problem. Hopefully this will be sorted tomorrow when I redo the whole thing once again. So in essence - much sound advice on this thread and good luck to all. Paul  
  6. Bob  - see the difference that a genuine response gives the visitor rather than your denegration.
  7. Bob - I will of course bow in deference to your assassination of my experiences and become completely bowled over at your psychic abilities to determine how I work. Moreover, I will marvel at your ability to accept that the norm makes everything spot on. Wow. I am in awe. You are a person with strong views - as I am. The difference is that I was describing my experiences and the after effects to the majority of visitors to this site - most of whom would be your run of the mill DIY folk and who might benefit from a 2nd opinion rather than the God Like Whollier Than Though Pontificating that you so readily deliver. On the basis that this site is, in general, for simple folk - I described a simple set of circumstances. I never at any stage depicted myself as a pro - not that you have investigated this fact but made the usual I am a Pro so to hell with you response. I merely attempted to give - as I said - a cautionary tale. You appear to me to be a person whose self belief has no measure - perhaps you should realise that this is a self help site and not a bloody stage for egotistical gulpins such as yourself. Recently, I had a client say that they didn’t like this site as they felt that the posters were above them. You’re the ultimate depiction of this. Well done Bob.  
  8. For what its worth and knowing that for some this debate is over - I WILL NEVER EVER USE THE METAL FRAMING AGAIN - EVER EVER. I do a reasonable amount of framing and have found the following Rail et Montant can never be as solid as a chevron based wall Rail et Montant will cut most peoples hands to pieces 35 mm screws are better than 25 mm (IMHO) Rail et Montant is a very dangerous material for one obvious reason - its metal I used it on one job and was wiring the rooms with 3 core pre sheathed 2.5mm cable protected also by conduit. I had to take the cable/conduit over a door frame. As the material is pre cut for trunking this shouldnt have posed any threat at all. Later that week I was doing some plumbing in the shower room. As I inserted the piece of pipe into the joint I had just soldered it touched the framed wall (without plasterboard). I landed approx 8 feet from the place I had been kneeling. Despite the cable being in its own sheath and inside the conduit it transpires that the pre trunked hole above the door had managed to pierce all the covers and expose the live cable making the entire frame LIVE. Therefore, when I touched the frame with the pipe I created a circuit and I was part of it. I know some may say I wasnt too careful - wrong - I was, am and will always be. You can never be too careful. So - I will never use it again. I was lucky - some one one day may not be. Just a cautionary tale.
  9. [:'(]First of all I am sorry because I am sure this question has been asked a million times before. I need an accountant who I would like ideally to be able to speak some English. I can speak some French but for something as important as  my Tax returns I would like to be able to understand all that is being said to me. I live near to Montmorillon dept 86. Thanks in advance for any help.
  10. Good man - Tony - I cannot argue with you regarding the companies that you mention. Is there a strange coincidence that ALL of the companies that you mention advertised in the major high brow broadsheets, sold their products to those of a similar ilk, and targeted same. As soon as the environment gets tight then the judiciary, the politicians and those with whom the wonderful Equitable and London Life's of this world plied their wares, were the ones who fell from the greatest heights. For decades, the industries folk complained about the relaxations that were afforded to these very same companies - but due to their target market - to some it would seem that they were protected by the higher few. Sorry but I have little, in fact, no sympathy for them, especially as I had to spend many laborious hours undoing the flagrant mis-selling that had taken place within these chosen few. Tony - ultimately, the industry needed 1986 and the FSA but that does not - now, then or ever - mean that for corporate pension clients the advice given by the vast majority of the IFA's in the UK was anything but excellent. I know this as I have first hand experience from both the advisory and consultancy side. As for your few words - well I believe that I have redirected them. Look at Scottish Life, National Mutual, Scottish Equitable, Standard Life and many others. These were the companies who continually provided the best products, at the better placed charging structures giving the more accurate and educated service levels. Not akin to those offered by the high brow companies who were RIGHTLY exposed for what they were. Now - to the point raised by Alistair - I think that you will find that there is plenty of scope to utilise your occupational benefits if this is the right thing to do. The fact that you need to determine what is the right and what is the potentially wrong thing to do - is of equal importance - and must be the first step along your journey. Good luck
  11. Hi - I live in the south east Vienne area - close to Montmorillon. I need to locate someone who services gas geysers/ water heaters. Have any of you good folk come across anyone in this locality who can do this. Cheers - Paul
  12. Usually I find that the responses and associated information on this web site is of a high standard. I'm a little disappointed by the fact that the some posters here chose to use the platform for a side swipe "As always, the whizz kids in the financial sector could see a killing for themselves and sought to persuade those with personal pension provision to pile into what, for many, could have been quite unsuitable "investments" - all eggs in one basket etc" "The net result is that the Treasury, albeit belatedly, has pulled the plug, much to the annoyance of said whizz kids." As someone who spent 25 years in Financial Services industry and specifically the pension market, I find it fool hardy for the above statement to be made. The use of Occupational and Personal pension schemes by the member under the strict guidelines of the various regulatory bodies which have governed, coupled with the very excellent products from many life offices and independent trustees and Pensioneer trustees, along with the highly reputable advice from the many many top draw IFA's have saved 1000's of people £1,000's and 100's of £1,000's in "voluntary tax" charges which they would never have been able to avoid without the above I have just mentioned. This still remains the case today - despite The fact that the offices of the Inland Revenue have ONCE AGAIN - moved the goal posts for the formation of the legislation less than 4 months before it is due to be implemented That the same offices have allowed the industry and its many components to believe that the final consultations were concluded and that no major changes would be announced That this being the case the providers/life offices/trustees etc have spent £millions rebranding their products to suit the proposed changes to the Pensions arena That all of this labour intensive work has to tossed into the perpetual bin of Inland Revenue waste as a result of their inability to research their new legislation accurately That this cost will initially be borne by the providers but will, sadly but properly passed on to their clients, and despite this the providers are the ones who are called the whizz kids That the new changes were there to help people use their pots to greater advantage to help them provide a better level of retirement income, especially in light of the lack of government provision for which people in the UK are paying now, and that the list of people above were preparing themselves to revisit their clients to ensure that the advice that had previously been given would remain constant, accurate and beneficial That the Government and its offices can simply walk away from this disgraceful about turn and say - "Sorry - not our fault - we have duty of care and so on and on" while the providers will be seen as the baddies ONCE AGAIN or whizz kids as has been inferred here. Let’s be accurate if we give advice or comment. Equally, let’s be very mindful of the fact that there are some folk who read these threads and take what we say as gospel and this in turn fashions their thinking. So Pebbles - Alistair - I would suggest that rather than take 2 penny advice on such a very serious subject through this excellent Forum, contact an IFA and seek proper professional advice. Be mindful of the fact that he or she will have their head spinning just at the moment due to the latest statement from Mr. Brown and his folk. This link may be of use - there are hundreds of useful sites but I'm a big fan of Steve Bee (who incidentally was one of my main competitors). He is always well worth a read. Good luck and sorry for ranting on and on. http://www.scottishlife.co.uk/scotlife/Web/Site/BeeHive/BeeHiveHome.asp http://www.scottishlife.co.uk/scotlife/web/site/BeeHive/BeeLines/BHBLDec05Page5.asp
  13. The rules governing Occupational schemes are vastly different than those for Personal pension schemes. In essence, the Occupational Scheme has a larger basket of rules/guidelines by which the Trustees are governed. This is why Self Invested Personal Pensions have been such a successful investment tool. I haven’t kept up to date (thankfully) with all the changes to IR76 and IR12 since the final publications of the new rules under Pension Simplification. I rather doubt that the Inland Revenue will allow Occupational Schemes - usually Small Self Administered Schemes (known as SSAS's) to follow the ORIGINAL route that the changes had appeared to allow SIPP's to go down. Despite the relaxation of the old Residential Property rulings and the old chestnut of Member Benefit, the Revenue will continue to police Occupational schemes, their member trustees and their Pensioneer trustees as rigorously as ever - in my humble opinion. What I did notice last week in the Chancellors statement is that he withdrew the immediate tax relief that property purchasing pension schemes enjoyed. This in simple terms will kill off the concept for many schemes that would have hoped to acquired property post April 2006. So - to be honest - while having been out of touch for 2 years or so - I would offer 1 word of advice. DONT HOLD YOUR BREATH. The old regimes might disappear to simplify but the anxieties of the Inland Revenue and its quangos will never go away.
  14. Hi All Paul here, Kate's better half. Mmmmm Basically, I called a friend in Ireland who discovered that this problem occurs quite regularly with the Citroen keypad. Basically, one (sometimes more than one) of the tiny wires connected to the unit just break. Thats what happened here. I simply replaced the broken wire and Bingo. So for future ref - we now know. Many many thanks for all your helpful suggestions - oh and I cut down an oak branch for the John Cleese remake but I'll just have to burn it on the fire tonight instead. Cheers all and merci - Paul and Kate
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