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  1. Thank you everybody. We will talk to the school next week, but it maybe too late to start as her classmates will already have done a year of which ever subject she chooses and a) They may not let her start b) She may be too far behind to catch up. Piddy.
  2. My daughter has completed 2nde and continues with her BAC S in September. Lots of her friends take extra subjects such as Sign language and Chinese but she decided that she would have enough to do with just her core subjects. We have read about the students who have achieved BACs with scores in excess of 20 because you get extra credit for extra subjects. Should our daughter being doing one or more of these extra subjects in order to bring her moyenne up? Is it too late to start now? Is there any benefit in doing it? Has anyone been through this with their child and can offer some advice please? Thanks in advance. 
  3. It used to be the case that you needed a french TV to watch french TV (Secam v Pal). Alot of TV's in the UK now mention Secam in passing, but none of the manufacturers will say whether they will pick up French tv or not. Buy one in France they say! Can anyone give me a definitive answer on this. I don't want to spend alt of money on a TV in the UK only for it not to pick up French TV. Thank you.
  4. Can I get a Carte de sejour for my daughter, age 15, who will be going away to Lycee in september and is often asked for ID while drawing money out of her La Poste account. I dont want her to worry about having to cart her passport about! ps We have lived in France for over 5 years. The rules appear to state that you can get one if you have lived in France for less than 5 yrs!?
  5. Addo,   I think that the answer to all your questions is yes. However I am just basing this on what I can see on their website. www.sfr.fr Have a look for yourself and see what you think.   Piddy.
  6. Thanks Panda.   Thought that may be the case.   Would anyone else like to comment of their experience of VOIP calls from home. Free, Alice, SFR etc   Piddy.     
  7. Not quite true. Access points, which require interconnecting cabling, generally play a dominate role for providing radio frequency (RF) (define) coverage in most wireless LAN (WLAN) deployments. Wireless repeaters, though, are an alternative way to extend the range of an existing WLAN instead of adding more access points. There are very few stand-alone 802.11 wireless repeaters on the market, but some access points have a built-in repeater mode. Here's the basic information you need to know when using wireless repeaters. In general, a repeater (define) simply regenerates a network signal in order to extend the range of the existing network infrastructure. A WLAN repeater does not physically connect by wire to any part of the network. Instead, it receives radio signals (802.11 frames) from an access point, end user device, or another repeater and retransmits the frames. This makes it possible for a repeater located in between an access point and distant user to act as a relay for frames traveling back and forth between the user and the access point. As a result, wireless repeaters are an effective solution to overcome signal impairments such as RF attenuation (define). For example, repeaters provide connectivity to remote areas that normally would not have wireless network access. You may have one access point in a home or small office that doesn't quite cover the entire area where users need connectivity, such as a basement or patio. The placement of a repeater between the covered and uncovered areas, however, will provide connectivity throughout the entire space. The wireless repeater fills holes in coverage, enabling seamless roaming. A recent review of the repeating function of the D-Link DWL-900AP+ access point identifies a range increase of 160%. In the review, the original signal was lost at about 55feet from the router/access point. With the placement of a DWL-900AP+ set to repeater mode at the site of the original signal loss, the signal strength was still around 72% at 140 feet. The repeater provides the extra kick in situations where you need to reach remote users. Nearly all WLAN repeaters currently available today are actually built-in functions of access points. For example, the Cisco 350 and 1200 allow you to configure the access point to behave as a repeater (and not as an access point). Buffalo Technology, however, does offer a stand alone repeater in their AirStation Pro Series WLA-AWCG. The advantage of the stand alone repeaters is that they are generally less expensive. One downside of wireless repeaters, though, is that they reduce throughput on the WLAN. A repeater must receive and retransmit each frame on the same RF channel, which effectively doubles the number of frames that are sent. This problem compounds when using multiple repeaters because each repeater will duplicate the number of frames sent. Thus, be sure to plan the use of repeaters sparingly. The configuration of a repeater is relatively straight forward. After switching the access point to repeater mode, you set the service set identifier (SSID) (define) of the repeater to match the SSID of the specific (root) access points that the repeater will associate with. Most repeaters will, similar to wireless network cards, automatically associate with the access point with the strongest signal. However, you can designate specific MAC addresses of the preferred and secondary access points as an option. If the repeater cannot connect with the preferred access point, it will try to associate with the next one, and so on. All in all, wireless repeaters are an excellent way to increase the radio range of an existing WLAN, especially if it's not practical to install an additional access point to fully cover the location. Just don't get carried away with installing too many repeaters to keep performance up and users smiling.   Hope this helps.   Piddy.
  8. We use the same set up, but have reverted to calls via UK Telecom. 2c/min for Europe. I have used Skype alot from home and around the world whilst travelling and find it often poor quality. I am wondering about one of the others, particularly SFR who are offering line rental, broadband, tv and free calls to Europe and USA for 29.99 a month. Can someone tell me if this would be VOIP calls ie subject to the same quality issues as Skype, or is it conventional calls like the TalkTalk package in the UK?   Thanks.
  9. Thanks for info. I will pass it on.   Piddy.
  10. Some friends of ours in the Gers wish to do a house exchange for a year or more with a family living in the UK. They have a 6 bedroom old stone house with land 50km west of Toulouse. They are looking for a 4 bed house(3 children) within an 1 hour of an airport with regular flights to Paris (he is an Air France Captain!)   For more information please contact me and I will pass on contact details; they speak good english.   Thanks   Piddy.
  11. we have had three quotes in the past two months for a 12x6rectangle in -ground pool with a deep end of of 1.8 and safety cover, the cost was between 57-65,000 euro's,not including tiles or pump room/box.we then had a quote for a 10x5 again this is before we add the extra's i.e tiles etc and the price was 47,000.two of the quotes were from french company's.Having spoken to several french and english friends these are not abnormal prices.i have been advised that whatever price you think its going to be you should double it that way there is no nasty surprises.I hope this helps.
  12. Thanks Everyone Think I may stick with present set up for time being. Piddy. 
  13. Thank you to all for some useful advice. Irlandais, can you just clarify if the quality of calls with Neuf and Free is patchy. We use Skype and at times it can be awful so we revert to ordinary phone. Thanks Piddy.
  14. I have heard of this Neuf offer and have checked it out on their website. It seems too good to be true, which usually means that it is! Can someone first explain the rule of Degroupage and secondly does anyone have personal experience of this service from Neuf and have there been problems eg Poor telephone call clarity which happens with Skype, lost internet connections etc etc. Perhaps Cheryl could comment. Many thanks Piddy. ps. Just noticed I joined the same day as BJSLIV. Funny name that! And I'm only 1665 posts behind. And yes I did need a calculator for that, too early in the morniing for brain to do maths (or much else for that matter!)
  15. I am due to go into hospital for a operation at the end the month,does anyone have any experiences good or bad about the hospitals in Auch and Toulouse.Many Thanks Piddy
  16. I am due to have an operation at the end of Jan/Feb ,does anyone have any experiences good or bad of the Hospitals in Auch,Toulouse. Many Thanks Piddy
  17. Thanks Nick. Is it possible for Sky to disable the machine or card when they find out it is not connected to the telephone, as has been suggested on previous posts. I dont want to buy a box which will not do anymore than my present one which works perfectly. Piddy.
  18. We presently have a sky box which works well in the Gers with no subscription, just an out of date card. We would like to upgrade to a Skyplus box so that we can record programmes on it, but I read that this feature is only available if you are a subscriber. Is this true? Piddy.
  19. Many thanks to all. Will not cut off my aerial to spite my face ( or however the saying goes!) and agree a price. All light fittings already gone. Toilet still there! Piddy.
  20. A curious one this. The vendors of the house which we are buying in the Gers (32), want to know if we wish to buy the TV aerial mounted on the roof. it is not a new or high tech model, just an ordinary tv aerial! It seems very odd to ask for extra money for something which seems as part of the house as the chimney or the toilet, however maybe it is the norm. Do you know better? we havent been quoted a price yet. Are the vendors trying it on or are we doing them a dis-service? Piddy.
  21. A curious one this. The vendors of the house which we are buying in the Gers (32), want to know if we wish to buy the TV aerial mounted on the roof. it is not a new or high tech model, just an ordinary tv aerial! It seems very odd to ask for extra money for something which seems as part of the house as the chimney or the toilet, however maybe it is the norm. Do you know better? we havent been quoted a price yet. Are the vendors trying it on or are we doing them a dis-service? Piddy.
  22. Thanks Andrew. E-mail replied to.   Piddy.
  23. Same question from me! Thanks for other info. Will have to train voisin! Piddy
  24. Thanks Andrew, We are in the Gers, between Auch and Toulouse. When you say top up Chlorine and PH, do you mean that it is safe to put in a full 3 weeks worth and raise the levels right up? Piddy.
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