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  1. Hi, we have used the Etaps and found them to be clean, convenient & very cheap even if they are very basic..  They usually have a Buffalo Grill or similar adjacent or very close by.  http://www.etaphotel.com/etaphotel/index.html
  2. [quote]Andy is close, but not quite there.It seems that in the past you gave a third party power of attorney over your account. That was only valid for three years and they want to know if you wish to prolon...[/quote]

    Oooer - I'm a bit worried now as I don't recall giving anyone power of attorney unless this means giving the bank the right to deduct normal charges? We are in the process of selling our property and had intended that the money be paid into this account before we move it back to the UK.  Perhaps not a sensible thing to do.  I shall ask for some further advice in another posting.  Many thanks for your replies. Pat (06)
  3. Just got a letter from our French Bank (we are resident in UK) but have a holiday home in France and a French bank account containing a very small amount of money.  It doesn't translate too well but it appears we have to give them proof of identity and details of our tax office in the UK.  The last part I can't quite understand and wonder if anyone can help me with it.  It reads as follows. 

    Par ailleurs, nous vous informons que la validité de la procuration éventuelle que vous avez donnée à un tiers pour le fonctionnement de votre compte est limite à 3 ans.  De ce fait, nous vous demandons de nous en confirmer le maintien.

  4. [quote]TrishT, I am sorry to hear you and your neighbours are so unhappy. Out of interest where are you located? Are you anywhere near the riots?[/quote]

    Located in Nice.  It's not the riots as such, problems have been brewing for some time, especially in this city.  It has been going downhill for a few years, you've only got to look at the graffiti and the gangs hanging about which are getting larger and the police don't do anything.  We were in Grasse recently (supposedly a touristy place) and were intimidated by a group of arab youths but lucky for us the gendarmes turned up.  I think that incident made my mind up, it's time to go.  But the attitude of the French is what really gets to me.  If they know you're English they do their best to ignore you even though I do speak french my accent is obviously English. I'm no longer comfortable with it all and am very disappointed after putting in so much effort.  My near neighbours are also leaving, one couple is going to Majorca and the others are going back to UK. I love this beautiful country but sadly, I can't love the people.
  5. [quote]especially now everyone is getting out while they can! House hunting recently I got this impression too. Anyone know why? M[/quote]

    Fed up with the attitude of the French towards the Brits.  If they don't want us then fair enough, there are plenty of other places only too happy to welcome us, Spain for instance.  We're going, my brother's going, two of our near English neighbours are going. These riots are just the icing on the cake.


  6. Seeing as there's one for buying, perhaps one for selling would be useful, especially now everyone is getting out while they can!
  7. Just announced from the new Robin Hood Airport - daily flights with easyJet to Geneva at £54.98 return including taxes. 
  8. [quote]Tours is a fantastic place to stay, it is a vibrant small city, which retains its character even when there are loads of tourists, unlike neighbouring Amboise, Loches or Chinon - these are all great p...[/quote]

    Brilliant. This is exactly the information I wanted.  Sounds great & really looking forward to going. Thank you very much.
  9. Can anyone recommend the best place to base ourselves for a trip to the Loire Valley?  We are thinking of staying in Tours as we want somewhere that has a good choice of eateries and is busy at night.  However we're not sure which part of Tours would be best for us as we'll be on foot in the evenings so don't want to stay 'out of it'. 

  10. [quote]Hi, As a beginner in French but had a bit of experience in communicating with speakers of other languages, I would be happier to find a way of making that initial contact in a more suitable (to me...[/quote]

    Got posted twice as it was running so slow I clicked again, sorry.

  11. [quote]Hi, As a beginner in French but had a bit of experience in communicating with speakers of other languages, I would be happier to find a way of making that initial contact in a more suitable (to me...[/quote]

    Although my french is passable, I always say "je ne parle pas le bien francais" (I don't speak good french) and give a sad smile and I find the french go out of their way to help. They really appreciate your giving it a try.
  12. Is there a problem with this in France?  Apparently it was put into chilli powder imported from India and is a massive problem in UK as it's carcinogenic.  It's in a lot of McDoo meals and spicy food including bolognese and things you'd never imagine like crisps and sauces including seafood sauces.
  13. [quote]Could someone please advise me on the minimum length of time that we can buy a property and then sell it on. I think it used to be 5 years, certainly here it is one year and a day, but in the US you ...[/quote]

    Hi, here is the web address for an up-to-date CGT calculator if you want to sell in less than 5 years from date of purchase.


  14. [quote]My understanding of the Robien law is as follows - you buy a property to rent out for a minimum of 9 years. The rental must be for a primary residence but can not be the investor's primary residence....[/quote]

    How interesting.  Many thanks for your time;  I'm grateful to you for this information.
  15. I have done an LF search for the last year but nothing has come up. I am trying to find out about the loi de robien which I have seen mentioned on some french immobilier sites. I have copied their explanation and translated it but it comes out disjointed and a lot of the words don't translate.  It seems to say that you can buy some properties for 50% of their real value now and then pay the outstanding 50% back out of your profit when you sell it, presuming you have made more than the 50% owing of course. Have I understood this correctly?
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