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  1. That sounds like a really useful treasure trove of bits.

    I'm researching designs for next year's boat, one that would be suitable for the Morbihan Week events, and I'm getting seriously drawn to a 17ft American design which has won a few tough endurance events.  As it uses unstayed masts I'm hoping to be able to use two of my windsurf masts that are still lying about in the outbuildings. 

    The last and most boring bit about building boats is making the centreboard and rudder foils.  Some people actually do them first so that it gets the boring stuff out of the way.  If it turns out, once I've decided what I'm going to build, that you have a rudder or centreboard that could fit or be adapted, I would be really grateful.


  2. The boat eventually went in the water on Sunday June 27.  She floats, rows and sails.  No leaks!

    Here are a couple of pictures taken during and after the maiden voyage




    I'm now planning next year's bigger boat


  3. Yes, your boat is a close cousin to the local type by the look of it.

    I cut out and shaped up all the bits for the rudder today and glued up the rudder stock parts.  I was going to make a straight rectangular blade but then I figured I had messed about with the design enough already so I made it the curvy shape on the drawings.  Very pretty, but probably no more effective as a rudder.

    Painted the oar blades the same colour as the hull, too, just to have

    something to do while resin takes all day to go off.

    The design calls for a massive tiller carved from solid oak but I'm going to lash something up out of bits of plain old pine.   

    At this rate I'll be in the water by the end of the week - touch wood.


  4. I love the wheels.  I may copy that idea.  Are they held in place by a strap?  Or is it a proper trolley rather than just a set of strap-on wheels?

    I've just put a 2nd coat of varnish on the deck and daggerboard.  Silly, because now I daren't cut any ply for the rudder for fear of making a lot of dust that will ruin the gloss finish

    On top of that the sun's gone, it's turned cool, and the varnish probably won't dry for 24 hours!


  5. What is AE registration?  Does it mean you're a real craftsman - not an amateur like me?

    I refer to my Gougeon Brothers book frequently when working with Epoxy.  I hadn't used it before - I used traditional marine glue, screws, nails, and polyester resin last time, 30 years ago.  This time everything was joined by epoxy resin and there are only about 4 screws in the whole boat.

    I may switch to ply clinker construction next time because it gives you a clean interior finish without lots of glass tape and resin to hide.

    Just had another look at Francois Vivier's site, and see that he supplies full size mylar film patterns for some designs.  That would certainly save a lot of time and effort.


  6. Although I am normally a fan of Jack Holt designs, I never liked the Mirror.  It's always looked awfully clumsy to me.

    I really like the Francois Vivier designs, but most of them look complicated to build.  And there's always the problem of the instructions being either in French or a bad translation from French so that some crucial bits might not be clear.

    Ian Oughtred designs beautiful boats and the plans are works of art - they should be framed when you finish building.  But the boat I fancy building next is Paul Fisher's 15ft Medway Doble.  Construction is actually easier than the dinghy I've just built, it's lightweight for its volume, it rows well and it carries a decent amount of sail for its size.  Just right for Morbihan Week I reckon.


  7. [quote user="La Guerriere"]That's a very dinky dinghy (or should that be a dinghy dinky?). Can you put up a link for where you got the plans ?[/quote]

    Greenshank dinghy plans from Selway Fisher Design - I made some modifications because the very nice slender Needlespar mast, that I saved from another dinghy I built years ago, needs support at deck level.  Also it's OK for kids to sail these little boats sitting or kneeling on the floor, but I'm too old for that so I put in side benches.

    [quote user="Albert the InfoGypsy"]I've got the same intention. The boss is sympathetic, but I may have too

    many other commitments. How about you build the back, I build the front

    and we stick them together when you get here?[/quote]

    Good idea!  My end will be built in metric units.  I'm only saying that because sometimes plans are drawn in Imperial and I haven't got any rules or measuring tapes with feet and inches on.  I believe they had a problem with the Hubble telescope because some parts were built by people working in metric and the rest by people using Imperial measurements.  We wouldn't look too good with two halves of a boat that wouldn't fit together!


  8. These deaths should not have happened.  The heavy rainstorm was forecast in plenty of time to get people away from areas likely to flood.

    I even heard the weather girl on BBC Breakfast TV warn that up to 500mm of rain could fall in one day. It was obvious from that alone that flash floods and serious damage would occur.

    Did the French meteo give a warning?


  9. French chandlery shops, in this area, anyway, are not well-stocked and their prices are high, so I have shopped around online and bought most of my fittings, rope, etc at the best prices available from chandlery suppliers based all over UK.

    The oars came from Bosun's Locker in Devon, even though they are made by Plastimo, a French company.  Rope for halyards and sheets from Force 4 online chandlery, a few bits and pieces from Guernsey where I frequently visit family, and the rudder gudgeons and pintles should arrive in the post this week from Trident UK on Tyneside.

    The plans are from Selway Fisher Design.  It's their "Greenshank" pram dinghy - but I made a number of modifications to suit my needs.

    This shot shows the French V33 exterior gloss paint I've used with reasonable success on the hull.



  10. I've nearly finished this little sailing boat that I built in my garage.  I bought the plans online and got all the wood and paint from my local Leroy Merlin.  The mast and sail came off the last boat I built - 31 years ago in my bedroom in Clapham!

    Just got to finish the painting, make a rudder, and screw a few fittings on, then launch day should be very soon.

    I plan to explore and chart the estuary and tidal creeks of the River Authie this summer.  Next year I'm hoping I'll be allowed to build a bigger one.





  11. Suppose one of the major parties in the UK general election gets a majority, or, failing that, wins the most seats and concludes a deal with one of the small parties enabling it to form a government.  What will happen then if one of the two other major parties wins more seats than the other, but the party with fewer seats wins more votes.  Will there be a terrific constitutional row about who is the official Leader of the Opposition?

    Normally it would automatically be the leader of the opposition party with the largest number of parliamentiary seats, but it would be a national scandal if the runner-up in the popular vote were not officially recognised as the alternative to the government party.

    According to the polls, with 5 days to go, this bizarre scenario looks quite possible.  The Tories could win outright or might be able to form a government with the aid of Irish Unionists or other minor groups.  Labour would probably still be the second largest party in the commons even if they win significantly fewer votes than the LibDems. 

    How could a Labour leader then claim to be the Leader of the Opposition?


  12. Just came across this topic.

    I have a Yamaha Clavinova Baby Grand.  I don't play well but some of my friends, who play at levels ranging from good to brilliant, so enjoy playing it that they bring their music with them when they come to stay.

    One of these friends has just bought a Clavinova for himself, another already has a magnificent (real) grand piano of his own but seems to play my Clavinova far more than he plays his own.


  13. [quote user="Gastines"]After listening to Mr Darling's attempt at balancing the books,I just wondered as an O.A.P. if I return to UK and buy a house under £250K ,will I qualify for the stamp duty exemption?

    The other question is if you borrow another estimated £163 BILLION next year and slightly less each year for the next 3 years ,exactly how do you half what you aleady owe?

    I know I was only top in Art at school and somewhat down the ranking in Maths,usually 4thor5th out of 28 but I think I'm missing something somewhere,possibly in the repayment and interest department.[/quote]

    To answer the second part of the question - He is only planning to halve the annual deficit by 2014 not the total amount owed.    In fact the total debt will double over these years to £1.4 trillion or thereabouts.

    Even if halving the annual deficit can be achieved by 2014, it would take several more years of deficits before any Chancellor could produce a "balanced" budget.  This means that in maybe 8 year's time a Chancellor might announce that he is now ready to start reducing the debt of possibly a couple of trillion run up by Gordon Brown.  

  14. I have used them 3 or 4 times and managed to sell my Smart car for a good price using a small ad.

    They are free and it beats me what e-Bay get out of it!

    Recently, though, when advertising high value professional video equipment I received responses from a lot of Nigerian scammers.  You'll know pretty much straight away its them because their French is terrible and they always say they want to buy the item for a dear friend to show their affection.  My equipment was specialist stuff, so unlikely to be considered an attractive present. 

    The scammers don't bother when you tell them carriage will cost 200 euros, either.  I suppose if you're not going to pay, it doesn't matter what price you agree to.  The scam itself comes in the form of a fake PayPal acknowledgement of receipt of payment. It's so badly written it's an obvious fake.  I reported them all to PayPal by forwarding the emails to [email protected]   

  15. I think you are confusing Black Holes and Wormholes.  Socks and keys and stuff would be hyper-crushed (just invented the word) by the enormous gravity of a black hole and could never re-appear anywhere. 

    It's obvious that these things disappear down wormholes, some of which are probably generated by the accumulated energy of things jingling around in your pocket, others by the spin dryer whirling matter around.  They may then travel to other parts of the universe.

    The wormhole theory allows for the possibility of them re-appearing (one at a time in the case of socks), whereas the Black Hole idea means they are destroyed for ever and can never return in the same form.


  16. Even if he is not recognised by future historians as a war criminal (which he probably will be), Blair will go down in history as the Prime Minister who, for short term political gain, initiated and encouraged the process which would eventually lead to the total break-up of the United Kingdom. 

    Whether this break-up will be a good or bad thing for the individual parts of the former UK is not the point.  It's not something that should appear on the CV of someone who is a candidate for the Presidency of a relatively new and still fragile union of nations. 

    Or are they hoping he will break that up too?


  17. Thanks for that very detailed reply.  The piece of land already has access to/from the road, as my driveway runs right through the property from one end to the other, and this bit of land will come with part of the far end of my drive and the fancy gateway.

    I have already applied through the Mairie to the DDE for a CdU to split off a parcel for furure construction of a house.  I measured it out myself, but will get the geometre to measure and mark it properly if/when I get the CdU.  I've been told I have to wait the usual 2 months and that if then I hear nothing I can take it as granted.

    Which parts of the process cost you €1800? The geometre? 


  18. Having lived in France for a number of years we bought our present home in 2007.  It came with a hectare of garden, some of which we never use or even venture into.  We therefore plan to sell off a plot of about 1600 sqm. as potential building land.

    Has anyone any recent experience of the way they calculate the capital gain on this kind of transaction?  On what basis will the original acquisition cost of the land be assessed?


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