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  1. [quote user="pads"]

    I think i may have the last word here.............................its Zut

    Its the last word in my french dictionary

    do I win?[blink]


    To be fair to other EU member states I have consulted my German dictionary and it's "Zypresse".

    (Cypress tree)

    Oh, and my head is so not like a yak that I'm thinking of trading in George for a more realistic and better looking avatar.  He's not ageing too well, and he will not be playing me in the film of my life any more.  He's now got the part of my Dad.


  2. I don't think I want the last word.  The implication is that whatever you said was so boring nobody could be bothered to respond.

    Having said that, I suppose this will be the last thing posted on this topic - ever.


  3. My mother is considering coming to live in France.  She's 87 and very independent.  She has driven since her teens, was an American Ambulance Brigade driver during WW2 and still zips about everywhere in her Citroen.

    She's worried that she may not be allowed to continue to drive if she moves over here.  Does anyone have any information?


  4. Well, sorry about the website.  I could have sworn it used to be on there!  Where did it go?

    Anyway, I've put it back - I hope.

    Let me just repeat I have never criticised anyone for using the term "gite".  I just prefer not to use the word in any of my marketing, because of the connotations it has for me.


  5. [quote user="Gluestick"]

    Perhaps when UK society reaches a level similar to (e.g.) one of the old US frontier towns in the later half of the 1800s and when more "Normal" people are shot and killed, then the great uninformed majority will be shouting for "Them" to do something about it.


    Actually, I read somewhere, and believe it's true, that killings in Dodge City, Tombstone, and other towns whose names became bywords for violent " wild west" action, were remarkably few compared with modern day American cities. 

    I bet you're statistically far more likely to be shot in Manchester now than you ever were in the wild west days in Dodge.


  6. [quote user="EMH"]

    Ending with-  -age all masculine; except 6: la cage, la rage, la plage, la page,

                                                                              la nage, l'image.


    Also "mirage"?  Edit:  Silly me - just looked it up! I'm wrong again.


  7. You'll find my website address in my personal details.

    Naturally I'm pleased with 35 weeks of lettings, since the best I've done with any of my other 3 cottages is 31, and that was in the second year of letting it.   Now, I don't think it's abnormal to want to know if that's good by other peoples' standards too, so asking if it's a record is one way of finding out.  Yes, it's also blowing my trumpet a bit, but I didn't think it sounded too cocky.  Sorry if you did.

    Do people in the south care how many weeks of lettings other people are doing?  Obviously many of them do since there are fairly frequent postings about this very subject, among which most are from proprietors in the more southern parts.  I've seen a lot of comments that the gite market is saturated in some areas.  The north has as many, or more, holiday cottages than many other regions, but with a good product, good marketing, some effort and some luck, it's possible to compete and be successful in any market.

    And I'm really only here for the food, wine and golf, so obviously I prefer the north.


    Edit:  Just for the record, I was not criticising the standards of any British run holiday cottages in any region of France.  I just said I don't use the word "gite" because it conjures up images of the less well-equipped and rather poorly-furnished places I used to take my family to stay in, on holidays now long in the past.  As it happens, they were all French-owned and run - but if the cap fits......

  8. So, it's not a record!  But it's good to hear some really upbeat stories - so many people seem to do nothing but moan in these pages about how slow the holiday business is.

    Perhaps the people who are making the business work have just been keeping quiet about it.



  9. On 4th July this year, the anniversary of it's completion, one of our cottages will have been let out for 35 weeks in it's first year.  That's assuming we don't get any last minute bookings for June.  (We only have 11 free nights left, anyway)

    I completed work on this cottage (I don't like to use the word "gite" - it smacks of ill-equipped, dusty places filled with hand-me-down furniture) on July 4th last year at 1440 hrs.  The first guests arrived at 1600.  Not only has it achieved an exceptional rate of occupancy since then, but it's also been so much in demand we've switched many guests, who wanted to book it but couldn't have it, to our other cottages, thus increasing sales all round.

    Anyone got a better story?

    No, I'm not going to tell you how we did it!



  10. Your departmental Gites de France office will be able to tell you how to proceed.  The grants come from the Conseil General and may not be available in some areas where there are already plenty of holiday gites, but it's worth a try wherever you are.  You need to understand that even if you are successful, no money is handed over until you have finished the job, it has passed inspection by Gites de France, and the Conseil General have examined all your building invoices.

    Rule 1.   Do not start any actual work until you have applied for a grant and received an indication that your application is under consideration.

    Rule 2.  Make sure every aspect of your proposed design complies with Gites de France minimum specifications (size of bedrooms, living space, bathrooms, wheelchair access for larger gites, etc.)

    Rule 3.  Do not break either of the first two rules.

    You will need to put together a dossier showing what you intend to

    build together with builder's estimates and a written favourable opinion from

    the local head of Gites de France.  The letter of application is easy

    because Gites de France give you an example to copy.  I can't remember all the other stuff you have to do because it's some time back since I did it, but I got 12,200 euros grant towards 2 gites a few years ago.



  11. [quote user="andyh4"]

    I think you're taking this too seriously Pat.  [:)]

    I was going to follow it with a posting about not getting speeding tickets from fixed cameras.

    Then one about how deep in the doo doo he was because he had been pulled up and all of his activities had come up on the police computer and did anyone know the address of a good french speaking lwywer in SW16.  And was it possible to pay fines in installments.


    But it's wonderful here in Angleterre!  When they catch you speeding they award you more points on your permis de conduire!  I was so worried because I had lost all but 3 of my points in France - now les rosbif bobbies have given me 6 more!  I only need to get caught once more and I shall have a clean licence!


  12. [quote user="andyh4"]

    Hey I have just discovered that if you do not get your car re-registered and drive with your French number, they cannot track you down and make you pay your London congestion charges.


    Malheureusement, mon ami, they can still tow your car away when they find it parked in the congestion zone and no charge paid!


  13. We went to the pub the other night but the service was terrible - the waiter never came to our table and after a long time we decided to go to the bar to  tell him we wanted some English beer.  They offered us Stella or Kronenbourg.  It cost so much we went home without even asking to see the menu.

    Have you tried that superb "Branston Pickle"?  It's perfect with rillettes.


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