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  1. [quote user="You can call me Betty"]I don't have a very high opinion of politicians in general, Thibault, so I'm not going to answer that. :-)


    Foiled again LOL

  2. Perhaps that means politics is the chosen career path for buffoons, Betty.

    Who, in your view, was the last non-buffoon politician in France and UK?
  3. Poor Josephine. Even Napoleon acknowledged that his luck deserted him when he dumped Josephine - wonder if history will repeat itself?
  4. I understand what you say, Betty, but part of me thinks that there are pressures on people to 'fit a mould' and if you don't conform to what 'society' decides is the norm then there is something wrong with you and you have to be forced into becoming more like everyone else.

    There are times of emergency - for example the recent floods - when it is one's duty to look out for our solitary neighbours, but I'm not sure about the regular checking up on people who may not want to be checked upon.
  5. There does seem to be a modern obsession with people living on their own. If the media are to be believed, people living alone are lonely, sad and simply waiting for some good soul to knock on their door and provide them with company.

    There doesn't seem to be any recognition that many people want to be on their own, don't like company and are perfectly happy about their chosen lifestyle.

    In Blighty, there was a blizzard of such stuff before Christmas, practically ordering people to go around knocking on the doors of people living on their own because they must be lonely.

    I am sure there are some who do want company, but nowadays it seems the perceived wisdom that anyone who doesn't must be ill either physically or mentally.
  6. Well, now Mr F wants to let in Syrian refugees - but only if they are Christian.......
  7. Of course with all the emphasis on using smart phones, tablets and computers to 'reduce paper', does anyone give any consideration to the amount of energy needed not only to produce these gadgets, but also to run them 24/7?

    It is the same with the electric cars which will save the planet - where is the electricity produced and from what source?
  8. We have an EE dongle - just charge the card up in Blighty, then buy a Eurobooster when required. They come in various 'sizes' depending what you want to see on the Internet.

    It is possible to recharge your card over the Internet if you misestimated how much you want to use.
  9. You're so sharp - you'll cut yourself !

    (I'd put a smiley here but it won't let me.....)
  10. [quote user="You can call me Betty"]Perhaps there are too many people who, like you, only log on when they want an answer to a question. That hardly helps to keep a forum going, and the "knowledgeable" people aren't just going to hang around talking to one another until someone comes along and asks a question! Perhaps if you and many others popped in and joined in on a more regular basis, you'd have made your own contribution to helping keep the forum alive, rather than just expecting people to be there for you when, by your own admission, you yourself haven't been on here for "a while"...however long that is. It's been Christmas and New Year. Many people have had better things to do than pass the festive season on forums.


    To the point, as ever, Betty
  11. Heard NF on Jeremy Vine show today - it's only Syrian Christians, he wants to come to the UK.
  12. The EU is an unwieldy bureaucratic organisation with little or no political control by the people of the various EU countries. Its decisions appear to be increasingly out of touch with the lifestyle of its population.

    It appears to be run on behalf of a small group of nations and their bureaucrats, not for ordinary people.
  13. But spiral staircases do have their uses - very good defensively as it is difficult to wield a sword in a fight using them when invading a castle.

    Think of your fall, Betty, as a bit of historical re-enactment!
  14. Probably with a few kittens thrown in for good measure
  15. [quote user="Quillan"]

    [quote user="woolybanana"]Well, well, you have noticed this too; I reckon he is either pis sed or not for once![/quote]

    Your not Dick Smith in disguise by any chance. [;-)]

    [/quote] Well to join in - it's you're (short for you are) not your (meaning this belongs to you) - and I'm not Dick Smith either
  16. There was a piece in the Times the other day about problems in Germany with the large influx of Roma. It highlighted one particular case - a young woman of 25, who had 7 children and an 8th on the way. In her home country, her monthly child benefit was around £112, but in Germany it was around £1400.

    Many German cities have written to Ms Merkle asking for additional funds to house their new populations. The city where the young woman mentioned above lived had allocated two tower blocks to house the Roma much to the chagrin of the local residents.

    Now it's possible that the article was slanted in some way and painted a blacker picture than reality. However, there is a worrying trend in some EU countries - growing support for EU-sceptic and/or far right parties - which doesn't bode well for the future. Stories like this, plus the other urban myths which are common currency in some parts of the media, continue to fan the flames.
  17. Oops, forgot about the Christmas Special - but, it will go back to its once a week slot, so easily avoided by non-fans.........

    Centenary of the Great War - that's going to put a few cats among the pigeons. I gather M Hollande doesn't want any mention of the fact that the French were fighting against the Germans at the time - this could make any programmes about it very interesting.....
  18. But, Betty, which has earned more money for the UK - Dr Who or JFK?

    Grit your teeth, it will be over after tonight!
  19. I have found the Dr Who programmes really interesting. There was a drama on the other night about how the programme started written by Mark Gattis which was excellent. I am looking forward to the programme tonight.

    The JFK thing, on the other hand, has driven me nuts. Talk about the absolute opposite of Mark Antony's speech from Julius Caesar (the one that goes - 'The evil that men do liveth after them, the good is often interred with their bones....')

    Years ago, I read a book called something like The Dark Side of Camelot - it certainly cast an interesting light on the Kennedy clan.
  20. The problem is that there are rarely any verifiable figures of exactly how many people come to the UK and ',,,abuse the system...' as you put it NickP.

    Everyone has a view, but that is usually based on the rubbish that is printed in papers like the DM or quoted by people with an axe to grind like Nigel F.

    It's very easy to stir up feelings against a group based on very little. And like every story such as this, the numbers everyone KNOWS are abusing the system grow with each retelling.

  21. So I guess it's OK to be a crypto-fascist as long as it is dressed up with a bit of home-spun humour - a bit like Godfrey Bloom dresses up acute misogyny with a spot of humour.
  22. Well, having read both Twilight and the Shades stuff, there is really no comparison between them. Also did you read the comments after the article you linked?

    There was no legal action taken by the Twilight author which given that James made around £47m from the Shades stuff, would have been worth it if there was a case to answer.

    Anyway, Shades was an original work. There was no bondage in Twilight!

    Anyway, this doesn't really have anything to do with the idea of downloading someone's work with the intention of reading it and then claiming a refund.
  23. [quote user="Clair"][quote user="Thibault"]Authors generally write books to earn money - if they are not interested in money, then they write fan fiction.[/quote]

    Are you aware of E.L. James and the other authors who make money from their fanfics?

    There are shelves dedicated to their writing on Goodreads!

    I'm sure they all give their books away! [:D]


    E L James did not make money from her fanfic - she originally wrote a story based on Twilight for which she received no payment.

    Her later books (the Shades Sagas) were new stories for which she owned the copyright and thus was able to make large amounts of money, but she received nothing for her fanfic.
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