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  1. Talking about London - if you look at Government policy for the past 40-50 years, there have been determined efforts to encourage business to move out of the honey pot of London and the South East. This policy, however, has met with varying degrees of success. At the end of the day, regardless of what incentives are on offer, if a firm wishes to locate in the honey pot area and finds premises, there is precious little a Government can do about it short of imposing Soviet-like controls over the economy......and we know how successful that was.
  2. We have an Orange Mobicart (sp??) which works well. It is possible to buy top-up vouchers in a variety of places and there is a choice of limits from 10 euros upwards.
  3. Me too - I loved the way Jennifer cooked with her fingers encrusted with rings which caused howls of horror from the PC brigade.

  4. I can accept that people's personal views are often at odds with their personal circumstance - millionaire socialist being a case in point - what I can't stand is them lecturing the rest of us on their ideals while not practising what they preach.
  5. Not at all, Sweet, but I find it hard to put any faith in someone who pontificates all the time about socialism, whilst protecting the wealth of their own family.

    I would have been more impressed if, for example, he had put most of the inherited wealth into a good cause, such as reliving the poverty of the poor.

    I thought that socialism wanted to iron out the inequalities in society. If that is what it is all about, then don't you think a 'wealthy' socialist is rather odd?

    Even Karl Marx was supported by the wealth generated by his friend Engels, a mill owner - I find that odd too.

    But, hey! perhaps that's just me!!
  6. The French authorities seem wedded to the idea of commercial centres, regardless of the damage they do to other shops in town/village centres. Near to our French house is a pretty little town with a large and imposing chateau and park which attracts many visitors. Yet all around, throughout the town are many closed down and boarded up shops. The council has taken to puttling huge photographs in the windows of these shops with images from past years showing them as vibrant enterprises.

    It has been like that for years. Two years ago, the local authority took and refurbished a small row of shops close to the chateau and set them up as artists/handicraft type shops with the odd cafe. The rest of the town was tidied up with some flower planters and newly made pavements etc.

    On the edge of the town, however, is a large commercial centre to where all the food, DIY, florists, cafes etc have decamped.

    No wonder the town is struggling.
  7. Actually, I do think he was a bit of a hypocrite. He married a very wealthy woman and set up trust funds for his children to ensure they benefited from this wealth, all the time preaching socialism to the rest of the population.

    I have never been able to get my head around the idea of a 'millionaire socialist', especially those who are very left wing, almost verging on the communist.

  8. Must get a supply in, they'll come in very useful.
  9. If Mr Salmond wants to keep the Queen, keep the pound, keep the BBC, one has to ask why the need for independence. Scotland has all of these things already. Certainly, if an independent Scotland keeps the pound, then its economic policy will be determined by a foreign power and its Parliament in Westminster.

  10. I may be cynical, but I wonder if Mr Salmond's game is not to achieve independence as such, but to obtain a close vote, so that he can wring more concessions out of Westminster.
  11. It's to do with the Treasury's Contingency Fund which is for natural disasters like the flooding and not for bailing out the deficit........

    I suppose one could say it's rainy day money, but that might be a pun too far.
  12. The problem, though Wooly, is that the powers that be in Brussels have no interest in dealing with the democratic deficit. In fact, just the opposite.
  13. [quote user="dwmcn"]


    When I was in the US, I used to do lawn bowling (bowls) and a lot of bowlers did curling in the winter. Some of the ones I knew were of Scottish extraction. They also hunted wild haggis.

    DavidĀ [/quote]

    I understand, if Scotland votes for independence, the wild haggis will apply for political asylum in England.
  14. Beware David, the Scottish are a wiz at curling and we could be in for another medal..........
  15. Oh, don't be churlish. The first medal in 90 years on snow has to be worth a few interviews and a media merry-to-round!
  16. [quote user="You can call me Betty"]My priority, right now, is moving everything upstairs.....we've got the army and the marines building sandbag barrages at the end of our road...


    Hope all goes well, Betty.
  17. I was told recently that it was the French who invented the pizza and the idea was stolen from them by the rotten Italians!
  18. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. If only we all had foresight........
  19. It's been an interesting observation of the practices of M Normal!
  20. I remember reading some time ago about a Flemish speaking Belgian who rang for an ambulance in a French Speaking area and was refused one as the individual could not speak French.

    It was reported in the British press, but I am not sure how accurate it was. It was part of a longer article about the difficulties between the two language groups.
  21. Both brilliant, Betty - best laugh I've had for ages.
  22. You're a wicked man, Woolie-Banana
  23. Perhaps, but Norman was discussing the youthfulness of UKIP, not any other political party.
  24. [quote user="NormanH"]I am not surprised to read this.

    UKIP is very young and has no effective way of screening candidates as yet.


    Perhaps, therefore, they should avoid fielding candidates until they have!
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