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  1. Hi, I need to get a land line telephone connection asap.  The previous owner of the house had a telephone line so I believe I just need to get connected up with a new number.    This is the one area that I am short on knowledge about.   We are due to leave for France permanently on the 8th May and whilst sorting out all the other paperwork I've totally forgotten about a landline phone (mobile user at the moment but won't be in France!) .  I would like access to internet & to send/receive emails but I won't be using this facility that often probably just to view the forum pages!    I won't need to ring the UK very often either unless the E106 doesn't turn up etc!  I think I need to go to an Orange shop to set this up - is that correct?   I live in the Mayenne/Normandy border, can anyone tell me where the nearest shop is - I guess it would be Mayenne or Domfront ? As you can see I am completely naive so would be grateful for any information. Thanks in advance,  Chris
  2. [:D]  Thanks very very much I think I've finally got it at last.......just one more question what is PS?    Chris
  3. Thanks Ron for all the info.  As suggested I have gone through all the threads including the threads on tax calculations and have spent a couple of days head scratching! Can you confirm something for me please, unearned income which in our case will be our savings only, one of the threads says the charge is 0.5% whereas your last para says 11% - maybe I've spent too long on this and am now totally in a mucking fuddle ! Thanks,  Chris  [:D]
  4. Many thanks for your reply...Chris
  5. Hi, I am getting slightly confused with all the different bits of information I've read.  We've taken early retirement at ages 53 & 52 and will be departing shortly on a permanent basis, we know the E106 will give us up to a maximum of 2 years without paying into the french system other than top up insurance but, to register the E106 at the local CPAM office is a UK address a requirement, as we won't have one?  An article we have just read (not on this site) gives the impression that without a UK address the E106 will be worthless.  This means, we think, that we would have to pay into the system via the social security tax straight away.  Can anyone please enlighten us. Also, Social Charges - can someone explain what this is as originally we were getting this tangled up with social security. Many thanks in advance. Chris 
  6. A friend has asked if we could take over the job of mowing a lawn weekly for an english owned holiday home.  He is currently paid 10 euros an hour and last year earned 500 euros.  Is it legal to accept this money.  My friend has not declared the income or that he is employed to the tax authorities.  I do not want to end up behind bars !! Chris
  7. I am driving a 2 year old right hand drive Renault Modus and have decided to change it for a left hand drive new or nearly new Renault Modus ready for our retirement to France in a few months time.  I will sell the rhd in the UK.  Would it be cheaper and simpler to buy a left hand drive and french registered Modus in France or get a left hand drive ordered in the UK and re-register when we get to France. We are in 53, Mayenne. Thanks in advance for all replies received. Chris  
  8. Hi Will,  I've checked out my with my source re severing ties with Britain and it IS regarding domicile.  Having read you final para perhaps we don't need to contact an advisor as the lump sum is not that large (depending of what large is of course).  Thanks, Chris PS, sorry you are still working hard.  We have both worked full time for 37 years, have never claimed any benefits (no children) and my husband has had only 1 week off sick during his entire working life.  The state pension rules are had I been born 4 weeks earlier, I would have collected my state pension at 62 I now have to work till 65 to collect.  This set the grey matter into motion so out of interest I got a pension forcast via the DWP website when I was 50, (2 years ago) The calculations were that if I retire now the state pension would be 25 pounds per week less when I collect at 65.  Which means I would have to work full time for the next 15 years to get 25 quid a week more pension or pay a lump sum to them in order to get full pension - forget it, I'd be better off with a savings plan and at least if I snuff it my husband at least gets some money and with my family history I will probably be dead before collection time.  That's when we got serious about early retirement ! Chris    
  9. Hi folks, When we purchased our house 3 years ago for 95,000euros the tontine clause was added.  We have no children and it's both our first marriage.  Reading the comments it seems we would have faired better with the CU option especially as the property is now renovated so is worth a little more.   It seems to me that if my husband dies I'm going to need a fair bit of cash stashed away so perhaps a life insurance policy may be worth taking out anyone got any views on this.  We hope to move to France on a permanent basis next year.  We keep working out our finances to ensure we can afford to live on my husband's pension (we are taking early retirement next year) but the more I read this web site the more worried I become about the amount of money I will need if my husband dies before me especially if my mother-in-law is still alive.  We both love France and our home and friends there but seriously every time I think we have covered all the issues something else creeps out of the woodwork. I'm told that that in this month's issue of Living France magazine, there is an article that says you must cut all ties with British bank accounts and savings to prove to the authorities you really do want to become part of the French regime.  If this is so we are stuffed as my husband's company will only pay his pension into a UK bank account ! How on earth are all you brits coping out there as I am getting very despondant with all of this and we haven't even got there yet!   We have bought and read numerous books on finances, tax and the health system in France etc but I really think it's time to invest in some proper advice - can anyone recommend a good financial adviser, has anyone tried Siddells or Blevins Franks? Look forward to hearing from you - off to get a capuccino to drown my sorrows! - well it is only 11:35 am.....................Chris         
  10. Yes, I know for sure that it is rewired to the English standard as the people we purchased our house from are English who moved into the nearby town, we are great friends with them and they know our/their neighbours very well.  Incidentally, they also bring over their firewood from England, plants, gravel, fencing etc from England and a wooden gate which has the plaque still on it of the English manufacturer !!  Until recently they were also using our letterbox.  We are told that in France you must legally have your own letterbox and I think this may be correct as another couple that moved into our village had a coolbox left on their doorstep by the local Maire with a note to say that they were to use it as a letterbox and return it when they had purchased one!
  11. Hi, In a conversation I recently had with the previous owner of our house they happened to mention that our next door neighbour who is english and who uses their home for holidays only, has totally rewired the house himself to the english standard inserting 3 pin sockets etc.  He has also installed in the loft a cold water tank - heaven knows why. The question is, we are one end of a row of three, my neighbour being the middle house.  Should something dire happen ie a fire due to the wiring and our house was effected would we be covered by their insurance (presuming they have some) as I guess our insurer would be claiming from theirs but then I'm sure their insurer would not pay up if it was down to what I presume is illegal wiring of the property. Thanks in advance.
  12. oh hec, just when I thought I'd covered everything ! I would also be interested in replies as we too have policies that pay out in May next year which will not be paying off our mortgage as we hope the sale of the property will do that (incidentally we are selling at the same price as we bought therefore no capital gains issue) and we did hope to be in France permanently early next year. We thought we would look at investing the money in Yorshire Building Society's (not to be confused with the Yorkshire Bank) Off Shore account as the Yorkshire say that normal off shore accounts do not have the same protection if the bank or building society fails.  However, the Yorkshire Building Society has a guarantee in place that they will indemnify their off shore facility to the same level as their on shore members would expect.  See www.yorkshireguernsey.gg. So am also interested in the answers to chezstevens questions. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi All, I've just been told by a friend that once you reach your 60th birthday, you no longer have to pay the tax fonciere.  Does anyone know if this is correct as that would be a real bonus ie we could afford an annual holiday !! Thanks in advance.    
  14. It would have been if it wasn't for friends who have offered to come and stay with us then bring us back to our home in the UK to take the second car over.   Yes, it's started already friends who want to come and stay and we haven't even got there yet!!   Ahh the price one has to pay for living in France !!   Fortunately, we like these friends!!
  15. Hi, can anyone advise me regarding the law to inheritance in my particular case as I can't seem to find anything covering my situation in any reference books unless of course I'm not reading them correctly. We have been married to each other for 30 years.  Neither of us were married previously.  We have no children.   My mother and father are dead and I only have half brothers and sisters but from both my mother and father's side still alive I think although I don't know them.  My husband's mother is still alive, his father is dead and he has a sister and brother alive and kicking. If my husband dies, does my mother in law cop for 25% of everything I own?  We had a clause tontine put in the contract when buying the house so I believe she owns 25% of the house but does she get 25% of all my previously our savings as well?  Also if I die would my step brothers and sisters be entitled to my share of our goodies?  I sincerely hope not as I've never met them ! If no one knows the answer can anyone recommend a good adviser. Thanks in advance        
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