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  1. Boring, I know, but what possible use is insurance if the vehicle itself is illegal?
  2. But what I said was it isn't the norm - as in normal. Normal is a VMC. I never claimed that light-activated extractors were not available.
  3. Yes, you can do it yourself (although light activated bathroom extractors are not the norm here).
  4. Doesn't it depend on the structure of the enterprise? If you are an EI or EURL, then the assets belong to you (regardless of the name on the paperwork) as do the debts, if an SARL then the goods belong to the SARL but are available to be disposed of as the manager(s) of the business (you, I presume) decide. The thing to watch out for is being accused of disposing of assets to the detriment of your creditors (even if that is you). If you can close the company down cleanly (without debts, other than you), then I see no reason why you can't just give the assets to yourself. If there are other creditors, then they must be considered in priority order (and I doubt if your loan to the business is a higher priority than RSI, for example). Make sense? No? Take professional advice! Take it anyway.... Slight afterthought - you can't give the stuff away if the genuine sale value of the stuff would increase the tax liability of the business - as this liability would have a higher priority than virtually all the other creditors(esp. you!) Seel profeessional advice!!
  5. I ain't going to cover the old "what is a legit business in Fance" subject again. Boring. Dave, to open an "Artisan" account in France, you always need to prove your registration - OK, you (and I) can open accounts in our own name and get discounts (I have an account with Point P, too, miles off my occupation), but that is not what I was talking about.
  6. Trade accounts are available to all sorts of legit tradesmen in France. Unfortunately, as your mate isn't, he ain't gonna get them. In fact, I wouldn't have advertised the fact that he is working for you.
  7. And we are not talking Dreamweaver money here. Needs to be able to read HTML files. I used to use MS Front Page, but I have lost it... And my WS is very out of date... Ta!
  8. I subscribe (as an Artisan) to this site and, the notifications are a little sporadic - I haven't seen one for a couple of weeks. There is never enough info in the request to tender for me to ascertain if it is worth paying teh few € for the whole dossier. Still, it costs nothing to look.  
  9. Still comes down to the neon, I'm afraid. I'm having this conversation with John on TF, too.... Dave, a 2-way circuit isn't that different from a single circuit (in this respect at least) and specifically they won't cause this problem with a CFL. I must have installed 100's of CFLs on 2-way switch circuits. Unless there are neons in the switches.    
  10. Short answer, if the distance to the EDF breaker is less that 30M, and it is on your property, then the current setup is OK. I would add a 4-pole interterupteur sectionneur (a posh switch) in the house, in the incoming supply (as if the distance was more than 30M).  
  11. Suggest you read the advice I gave you on TF. I still reckon that it is not the lamp (per se).  
  12. I do this (and I hope that my clients find it useful). Trouble is, you are just too far! If you can't find someone, I may be able to help via email, but I would also recommend that book - plenty of pictures!  
  13. Oh yeah!!!! >>>><<<<< € is easy on my laptop (there is a key) çççç is equally easy, but accented e's, except ééé? But this ^ on a letter? Beyond me. Bloody french.  
  14. OK, perhaps 700€/SqM, if you do it all yourself, using Artisans only where you cannot do the work yourself. This is based on several years development experience (here and in the UK). BTW, a Tableau for a (my bloody french keyboard doesnt have a "greater than" symbol on it) 100SqM property could have 5 ID's - these alone could cost you 400€. Things are expensive here.  
  15. Truth be told, you are not going to get any ballpark figures (reasonably accurate ones, anyway) within "a few days". I would allow between 700 and 1100€ per square metre of living space (+ TVA probably at 19.6%) for a decent quality renovation, dependant on how much you do yourself. As someone else has pointed out, it is far far cheaper to buy a renovated property or to knock it down and start again. As regard electrics, you cannot assume anything. If you do need a CONSUEL, (as would seem likely) then the whole installation must be to latest regs, which are complex (and in French and nothing like the UK regs). A temporary supply lasts a maximum of 12 months (nowadays). You will need alot of money to do any renovation nowadays. Things really are very very expensive here.  
  16. [quote user="lacote0_0"][quote user="Sunday Driver"] A wall mounted flush switch is acceptable provided it's placed in the correct 'zone' within the bathroom. [/quote] Above the lavatory? [/quote] Assuming the loo is in volume 3, then yes. Bearing in mind that the regs kind of ignore loos in bathrooms - it doesn't happen!!
  17. [quote user="J.Rs gone native"] To be doubly pedantic (but it is a serious question Nick) dont you mean that the socket for the washing machine, in the SDB in my case, has to be on a dedicated feed from the tabeleau as I have done? Or that it has to be a special socket, (maybe one of those round pin ones) to prevent any other aplliance being used on it? Loved the dil*o comment, have you ever come across a 240v one? [/quote] Yes, what you have done is correct (although 20A sockets are available). I have yet to source a NF-marked mains-powered thingummy.
  18. [quote user="ragondin"]I know the normes say you should have a 32A disjonteur and a 6mm feed to the kitchen for a plaque de cuisson, but we have a UK oven rated at 13 kW so would the Consuel be happy to see a 45A breaker with a 10mm feed? Thanks for any advice.[/quote] There are no 45A breakers. The spec for a French cooker feed is 32A. If you have a cooker that needs more, then you can't use it. Simple, really! Consider the other problems; if you have a 13Kw cooker, you are going to need a 18Kw supply (otherwise you will not be able boil a kettle whilst cooking). 18Kw suppllies are rare in France and, IME impossible to get anywhere rural. Your cooker will not be available in France and hence will not be approved for use here. Where will you get spares from?  
  19. [quote user="Judie"] Hi Lilly, I've never known a client pull out as a result of the mandatory tests, but I would be very careful about signing your compromis before your purchaser. Are you all signing together with a clause suspensif for his benefit in respect of PP? You will be completely tied to selling to him if you sign first (no cooling off period for the seller). Better he signs before you or you sign together. Then the question of price doesn't come into question. Please email me if you need further clarification. [/quote] I have. The French buyer of an English house pulled out when I quoted them 8K€ to fix the english wiring in said house. It had spectacularly "failed" the diagnostic.  
  20. To be pedantic Clair (who, me?), the W/M and T/D mustn't be plugged into an ordinary socket.  
  21. [quote user="nemltd"] Our French electician has quoted for the sockets in various rooms but interestingly also for 2 sockets in the family bathroom we did'nt ask for. I emailed him today to say we don't need them, what do the French use them for anyway? [/quote] Broadly speaking, the regs require you to have at least 1 in a SDB of over 2 SqM. To use for what? Doesn't matter, because it is part of the regs - but how about hairdryer, curling tongs, razor, rechargeable di*ldo.....  
  22. [quote user="J.Rs gone native"] I am not sure that a NF marked pull switch exists. [/quote] They do, but the "French" tend to use them in bedrooms, as the regs allow switches inside an SDB. The UK is (almost) unique in its paranoia about bathroom switches.  
  23. These are maximums, if you want to use a smaller breaker then you are quite entitled to do so. Heater wiring is less discretionary, I would say. For a power (or lighting) circuit, 1,50mm cable "fits" with a 16A disj. The max fuse rating for a 1,50mm heater circuit is 10A (being 2200W).  
  24. There are no buildings inspectors in France, but there are a whole host of regulations ("normes, DTUs or whatever). Significant problem for the OP is that all building trades in France are heavily regulated and you can't just import a team from "overseas" (even within the EU), without jumping through an inordinate number of (expensive) hoops. Builders are expensive (in France, at least) for a reason - mostly due to the huge payments to the government they must make. Most take a dim view of illegal competition and will have no reservations about reporting it. Remember that, as the owner it is your legal responsibilty to ensure that the house is built in accordance with the law This is why one uses legal builders, who have the insurance to cover you. If you build yourself, you can also get insurance, but it will not cover illegal workers.  
  25. Yes you should. A properly set up gas flame produces no soot (or CO), a poorly set up one produces both. Get it serviced or change it. Install a CO detector.  
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