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  1. It is s capacitive coupling issue. CFL's often do it too (although they flash). Not much you can do about it, other than move the wiring around...
  2. If the board is 40 years old, I would ascertain whether the whole house needs rewiring...
  3. Don't assume that you will be allowed to connect a UK-supplied boiler to the French mains. Find out from a registered fitter if he is willing to do it. They should also be able to give you a price for the connection.
  4. I was always told that PTFE should only be used on threads that were meant for PTFE tape (with a broken surface to the thread). We always use filasse and pâte (for that is what it is) for all such joints.
  5. Ditto On IE8 FF or Chrome - ERROR: There was a problem with the query.  
  6. Why bemused? What is funny? It is all in the normes, should you care to read them.  
  7. The normes are obligatory, but they don't require a TV point in every room. What CONSUEL you apply for depends on what CONSUEL you need. Do you need a new supply, or a safety check?  
  8. TBH, whilst I understand what you are trying to achieve, I do have to ask why you think you appraoch would be better than the long-established method of doing it? All you need to do is install a 300L ballon in the centre of the house (if possible, but anywhere will do). You will have plenty of hot water, at minimum cost. If it ain't broke, why fix it?  
  9. Can't or won't? Only ERDF will be able to give you an accurate price and only they can do the work, however. Ask them for a devis (just ringing them and asking "how much?" won't achieve anything).  
  10. Salesperson/Demonstrator Needed to develop Renewable Energies business (solar heating, PV, wind, water power, etc) in depts 22,56,35 and 29. Self-employed, commission-only (generous) position. French and English essential, driving licence, telephone, internet access and own transport essential. Plenty of support, backup and training. Good earning potential. Registered Enterprise (SIREN 481530855), fully insured. Based near Broons (22), but covering all of Brittany. Please email with a CV if possible, or for more information.  
  11. [quote user="Bino"] Solar Thermal use IR radiation not UV A or B and evac tubes are more expensive and have more service problems as oposed to flat plate collectors if you have a problem with one tube you might lose all the fluid from the system also the tubes can  be difficult to replace/repair. [/quote] Now there's a thing. You claim to be an installer of ET systems, but make a statement like that. I also install them, but have never come across one that has the tubes in direct contact with the heat transfer fluid. How so? A significant benefit of ET systems is that the loss of 1 tube has little effect on the system as a whole.... All the ET systems I have seen have a UV transmissive (IR block) coating on the inside. How can they work on IR?
  12. Try your local hire shop for scaff or a cherry picker and the rest of the gubbins. By the time you have gone through all this, spent the money, arranged the insurance and the like, you may realise why "the French" just stick a ladder made from liteau in the gutter...
  13. According to the OP, a CONSUEL is needed, so they will also need the latest spec boite de communication - about 500€.
  14. 1. Yes, 25mm and yes they can share, but not with power cables. 2. Yes, where they pass through something. You do not need LEP with plastic plumbing. 3. It's a GTL and yes, you can construct it from timber, as long as it complies, size-wise. 4. A DCL (light socket) must be used, except where it can't be (a class II bathroom light, spotlights or outside lights for example). A pendant light must use a DCL. Good luck
  15. It is interdit to plug in a fixed heater. It must be wired to a dedicated circuit and MCB in the fuseboard.
  16. All sorts, the principal one being the requirement for a bund to prevent contamination. As always, it is best to get these things installed by a pro who will know and be able to satisfy the requirements of the normes.
  17. On 20€? No. I buy lots of stuff from the F/E and the US and have never been charged. (got a copy of Corel X4 this AM from the US, cost 60$ and the sender didn't even bother with a customs declaration).
  18. No, which is why it is essential to get a copy of their insurance certificate. The cover is for when the work was done, so, assuming that the insurance co hasn't gone bust, the status of the Artisan isn't relevant.  
  19. It is my understanding that the AE scheme does not cover MSA-type activities. Also, the AE is for individuals; If you are both working in the business, then you would need to be 2 AE's. I believe!  
  20. Coupla points; I have never heard of the "new for old rule" and would be suprised if it was the case (No credit d'impots for a new installation?) The stove has to be approved, too. I doubt if a UK-sourced one would have the necessary approvals.  
  21. www.afnor.fr is the "regs" website - all payable, however. You can buy lots of "how-to" books in the sheds. Which tend to have plenty pictures (should such things be necessary)!  
  22. Talking about millstones, anyone want to come and remove my Family?  
  23. Usual rules apply; If the cable/wires are buried or pass through anything then they must be in an appropriate sized gaine, if surface mounted then cable can be.... well, clipped to the surface.  
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