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  1. I think he was being a little tongue in cheek, Paul. At least I hope so, as this sort of comment could cost lives... However, you are all missing the main point. The 'normes' - all the normes - are enshrined in the code civile, making them enforceable in law.
  2. I'm afraid to say that your contract is valid and if you 'stop' the cheque (by claiming deception, just about the only way you can do it), then you will be committing a rather serious criminal offence yourself. Just like the UK, contracts do not need to be signed manually, you just need an offer, an acceptance, and a consideration (your cheque). You can't claim to have not accepted the contract if you paid! You did have a period when you could cancel (7 days, I think), but you can only cancel by doing it properly; right form of words, sent LRAR to the other party in the contract. Also, you say that the insurer is in London? That would have an impact, too, although if the contract was established in France, French law would apply. Remember that the garage has (I believe) 1 year and 1 day to cash your cheque, so watch out for the anniversary. If they don't cash your cheque, it doesn't remove your obligation to pay. Sorry about the formatting, but this forum doesn't seem to like Chrome.
  3. Two different businesses (as it is in the UK). One sells the tickets, one runs the trains. Never the twain...
  4. Without doing the maths, I'd say no. Not least because the LNB would be in the shadow of its own arm. Suggest that you try it (to confirm that I am right!)
  5. I'd suggest that you get your local FB agent to service it. Are you aware that there is a legal requirement to get it serviced every year, regardless?
  6. And plug-in timers are interdit on chauffe-eau, I'm afraid.
  7. Before you buy it, make sure you can find someone (approved) to install it. It is a legal requirement to have all gas installations checked by an approved installer (as it is in the UK). I don't know a Qualigaz approved installer who will touch a UK-sourced boiler. Indeed, most won't touch a boiler that they didn't supply.
  8. I have registered 2 Citroens (2003 & 2004) using the code in section K of the V5, at the Prefecture in St Brieuc. No question as to the validity of the type approval number was even hinted at. I don't understand why people don't just try it! As has been said, what will you waste? What will you gain?
  9. Don't forget that the law requires you to have a gas or oil boiler serviced annually, by a registered and certified person.
  10. [quote user="mrsblack"]Thanks Retread -now that I know what the blue wire is for [/quote] If your life depends on it, believe someone who knows. The blue wire is the Neutral. mixing this and the black control wire could have unfortunate results. As always with electricity, if you don't know what you are doing, call an electrician.
  11. Or, you could do the sensible thing and get more than one devis. Don't know many plumbers who can afford to work for 40€/hr.
  12. The law requires you to submit a declaration prelable for all exterior changes to the property. Consider why there are no exterior pipes....
  13. I couldn't be bothered to read all of this thread, but WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Who chose that vomit-inducing picture? Still no favicon, still has problems with Chrome, do your webmasters know what they are doing? Oh dear!
  14. The 5..5% TVA rate has gone up to 7.%. Simple. If you are TVA registered, then you will charge the new rate of TVA where it applies. TVA 101 to be honest. Only The Connexion could get so much wrong!
  15. You can get pull-cord switches in France (obviously!), but you cannot mount them "hidden" - the same way as you can't hide a junction box. There are lots of wire-free alternatives to hard-wired switches (which are quite safe and legal in bathrooms, provided they are installed in conformance with the normes).
  16. You will be OK if you use wood suitable for UFH. It will be marked on the packet.
  17. [quote user="Mick"]What makes you think I didn't? Do you have an answer to the OP or are you the sort of poster that likes to appear superior to others?.[/quote] So, if you got his details, why the **** are you asking the question? Why do you feel it necessary to insult me because you are having a sulk?
  18. Don't forget that, in the UK, you need to be certified (if not certifiable) to install a pressure vessel.  
  19. There are few reasons why a "builder" can't supply his insurance details - the most obvious one being... the most obvious one. Perhaps you should have asked for his details before he started?  
  20. I don't know about LM, but the "legit" stuff (R2V, single strand) is rather cheaper at other places in France.
  21. Your OH needs to have his qualifications and/or proof of experience translated by an "official" translator and then present himself to the Chambre de Metiers. As for you, I don't know whether this comes under "medical", in which case the registration difficulties can be significant. Someone else may know (or you could ask the Chambre Metiers/Commerce).
  22. Sid (sorry I can't do quotes because I am not using IE), PER is fine for everything - cold and hot and radiators. The only time you shouldn't use it is within about 1M of a boiler. So, all the wood boilers that we install we use copper to a manifold and PER thereafter. "Just like the French".
  23. Insurance for our ride-on was included in the household cover (AXA), the broker asked if we had one and ticked the metaphoric box. Groupama and Pacifica were the same....
  24. Remember that episode of Friends where Monica is trying to find out what a particular switch does? Had exactly the same situation in a hotel the other day; switch on the wall next to the window that didn't do anything. Was idly flicking it and looking out of the window... there was quite a crowd (2 folks, but this is France..) watching an old outside light go on-off-on-off for no apparent reason... Honestly, no word of bullshit, etc...
  25. Without getting embroiled in stupid arguments about a)The difference between UK and French plumbing or b) patience, I'd recommend that you do what every professional (new build) plumber that I know does; Use PER and forget copper....
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