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  1. So pleased that someone has come up with this info. We found out what

    to do through our vet when we had our newly imported Bengal kitten

    neutered. Having heard tales that UK microchips don't respond to the

    French System we wrote a cheque for 11.60Euros to SIEV - gave it to the

    vet, signed the Proof of Ownership plus Change of Address Form and he

    did everything on the Internet.5 days later we are the proud owners of

    a French Certficate so our little pal is now well protected.

    Just one thing -  We spent £204 obtaining a UK pet Passport/Rabies

    Jabs/Blood Tests and all the other paraphernalia associated with

    importing a pet AND - No checks at UK Customs - No Custom Officers even

    on duty in Dieppe - It just doesn't seem justified to be forced to exit

    the UK with the official documentation that no-one could care a ******


    Has anyone else had this experience - Should we not petition for easier, free entry from the UK.


  2. Quick Reply> Dear Both 1. Yes it is Transmanche and 2. I should re-phrase 1st sentence - It cost us 68Euros from Dieppe to Newhaven Aller/Retour 3 days (and not Cherbourg to Dieppe!) After 15th March it will be 85Euros until mid July. Last year in MidSummer we paid 109Euros.

    Beware Internet booking though - Much more expensive. Just phone the port everytime 0800 650 100

    Brittany Ferries quoting upwards of 269Euros at the moment plus £400 for Easter W/E!! There have been demonstrations at Cherbourg Terminal by French & English alike plus B & B bookings have been cancelled.

  3. We have been travelling from Cherbourg to Dieppe (3hrs) for the past year and we are still only paying 68Euros for a Three Day return (Up to 5 Passengers with car) Popped over this week and picked up latest tarif. Only 199Euros for 10 Day return right through until mid July. AND if you travel more than three times a year you get 20% Discount. They are friendly and helpful You pay at the port AND you do not need to be there until 3/4 hour before you sale. Unfortunately no fast boat this year but 2 new boats in October cutting crossing time to 3hrs instead of present 4. The Auto Route costs us 13Euros each way plus Gasol 40Euros AND IT IS STILL CHEAPER than Cherbourg or Le Havre or Ouestreham.
  4. Have you tried Maynards Farm Bacon Limited in Shropshire (Rec by Rick Stein Food Heroes) They may have a French Outlet. www.maynardsfarm.co.uk Tel: 0044 1948 840 252 Ask for Rob Cunningham. He often holidays in Normandy which is where we met him. (Dry Cured Bacon from Rare Free Range Tamworth Pigs)
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