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  1. Dear Forum I am looking for a tutor for my son who is slightly delayed educationallly and would love to get an engllish speaking tutor to set tasks/work for him on all subjects of French education. Maybe this could be twice a week etc. A retired teacher from england who would like a few extra euros a week would be ideal. We are in Finistere in Plouye. Yours Neil Perry
  2. I have been reading this forum with interest regarding the French school system and children with the fore mentioned problems and the possibility of home educating. I was under the impression that children being home educated had to be of a level with other children of their age group within the french school system. Is this the case or do they make exceptions when it comes to special needs children? and would a note from our GP in the UK surfice as proof that the conditions exist to allow for aid to be provided or even home educated? I believe my son would not cope with the system in France although would prefer to give him a chance to try it along with my other 3 children who will definately be educated in French schools. I would appreciate any advice and possibly even hearing from others with similar problems. Yours Neil
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