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  1. [:D] When we visit France we use ttcar hire, and find them very good we have used them for over three years now we book and pay on line from Saudi Arabia.  
  2. [quote user="Tourangelle"]So are you looking forward to it, or dreading it?  Although smoking has been banned in the work place since February it is coming into force in restaurants, bar, cafes and so on in January.  There was a report about it on France info this morning, saying that it is only really in the tabacs that they think there might be a problem.  Personally, the big change for me was February and most of the restaurants I go to are non- smoking already. [/quote] Has the ban come into effect in the cafes, bars and restaurants in France, and if so can one sit outside and smoke?   
  3. Can anybody tell me if estate agents deal with the letting of properties or are there agents just for letting? if so does anybody  know of any in dept 27. Many thanks   
  4. Thanks to those who replied to my question, l don't buy the beef bacon in Saudi as l think its revolting, but do enjoy a nice cooked breakfast when on leave.[;-)]
  5. [quote user="WJT"]I am certainly not one to preach about food but couldn't help myself when I saw this post. [:-))]   Bacon is sooo bad for you because of the nitrate it contains. Nitrate is proven to cause cancer, in fact, this is what is given to rats in labs to create cancer.[/quote] [:P]You had better not dribble any bacon fat on your preachers collar, only positive replies in future
  6. What would l ask for? thanks in advance
  7. Thanks JC for your reply, we don't have a UK address now so l don't think UK banks would lend us money. 
  8. Thank you Val_2 and Ac50 for your replies, much appreciated. [:D]
  9. Can anybody give me their experience in purchasing a car by getting finance or lease purchase. Much appreciated[8-)]
  10. [quote]Hello Why not be nice to your neighbours. Invite them round for afternoon tea or aperitifs and a nice chat. If they are unfortunate enough to have to exist on welfare payments then you should try to ...[/quote] What an idiotic reply to such a sensative topic
  11. Roofer needed to replace a few slates that came off in the bad weather over the winter period any suggestions much appreciated. Regards
  12. [quote]You will have to look on their site. www.ikea.fr My geography in France isn't very good I'm afraid so I don't know where dept. 27 is.[/quote] Thanks you all for your help much appreciated.
  13. [quote]Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but does anyone know anything about scorpions? I never saw one last year - did see some the year before, but this year have seen several (in the house...[/quote] Do scorpions live in Normandy also
  14. Could anybody tell me the nearest Ikea to us, we are in Lieurey (27) Thanks in antisipation  
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