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  1. RE: AGM vote

    suggest if you do nothing else you vote against the remuneration package proposed for the board



  2. Just thought i'd update you.  I wrote to the chief exec personally to ensure he was aware of the degree of anger caused by the changed terms for use of ATM's abroad.  He didn't have the courtesy to respond but shunted off the letter to someone else who sent the usual guff and ***p about the travel insurance being a benefit for most customers.  I 'd earlier been offered the opportunity to complain via the FSA but felt there was no point since N'wide undoubtedly has something in their small print allowing it to change terms and conditions as it fancies.

    I think we should just keep on complaining. They've probably bargained for a certain number of complaints for a certain period but if we keep it up I still like to think we might stand a chance of getting them to moderate the change.

    I suggested that they could consider retaining the exisiting terms for existing customers and offer them the choice of taking the travel insurance instead or offer a range of alternative benefits.  They didn't even deign to comment on this.

    Perhaps whoever has Graham Beale's email address could share with with the rest of us so we can all email him and copy in VIcky Emery.  We could then post a copy of the email here and get a sense of the numbers complaining so that they can't pretend it's a small minority.

    I wonder if we can ask how many complaints they've had under Freedom of Information legislation

  3. I have written to the Nationwide's Chief Executive to ensure he is personally aware of the level of anger and have asked them to reconsider.  I have suggested that "If only “a tiny minority of customers benefit from the current arrangements” why not allow them to continue to do so?  It is not beyond Nationwide to withdraw the option to new customers if you must.  Neither is it beyond you to enable existing customers to be offered a range of options e.g. to continue to benefit from the current terms or choose the 'free' travel insurance or whatever else you think is a 'useful' benefit". 


  4. Try Moondrop To Gascony by Anne-Marie Walters.

    As another poster has said Love and War in The Pyrenees by Rosemary Bailey is also extremely interesting

  5. Thank you for your support sweet 17 and cooperlola.

    I think it's unusual for them to contact the person making a complaint rather than sending a bland email to fob them off.  I was told they were gathering comments, responses and suggestions to pass on, so again, I urge eveyone to let them know how you feel.

  6. I did not think it was unreasonable to be furious nor express high dudgeon. 

    I appreciate I did not make it clear in my original post but I do have other accounts with N'wide, as have other people. It was because I do not simply use N'wide to draw cash when abroad that I was so angry at its 'one size fits all' approach.

    I do urge everyone affected to please make a complaint, it may cause a rethink.

  7. Quite sweets.  i made similar points to them. 

    i really do think that they should be seriously concerned about customers voting with their 'feet' and moving other accounts they have with N'wide to other institutions.  i really don't think they've thought it through sufficiently nor the amount of anger they've generated.

  8. I made a furious complaint on Saturday and have been contacted by their customer service department. 

    • i think it is important for as many people as possible to register a complaint about the change. 

    • i think there must have been a strong reaction to the change which they propose to introduce in November and that it may cause them to rethink. 

    • in the midst of my high dudgeon about the change I did suggest that if they had to make a change perhaps they might consider introducing it for new customers rather than alienating existing customers.
  9. Oh good. Thought I was alone in thinking it's done absolutely nothing to ease the customer experience, quite the reverse in fact nor is it positive forToulouse for that matter.

    Gave a very hollow laugh at the airport website's claim of taking you from the car park to your aircraft seat in the blink of an eye.  Oh really, in which universe!

  10. Oh good. Thought I was alone in thinking it's done absolutely nothing to ease the customer experience, quite the reverse in fact nor is it positive for Toulouse for that matter.

    Gave a very hollow laugh at the airport website's claim of taking you forrm the car park to your aircraft seat in the blink of an eye.  Oh really, in which universe!

  11. Had to use this soon after it opened and thought it was awful, badly signposted, miles between the various areas and hideous queues everywhere.  Anyone been through and had a different experience
  12. Very sorry allanb, my last posting should have been for you.  Thank you, your advice was absolutely right and much appreciated.

  13. Thank you Patf. You make a very good point.  I know how incredibly lucky I am having fantastic neighbours who checked and let me know what the damage was and who whizzed down to my insurers for me within the 5 days I had to submit a claim.  Goodness knows how other people, with homes in France but based in the UK, cope without the sort of support I have had.
  14. Thank you very much to both of you.  The Forum proves its worth time after time.
  15. Blimey Clair

    You're breathtakingly quick with the replies which is very much appreciated.  I chose the Googlese option but I'm not really sure it's best especially with technical stuff as it's so literal.  i was sort of hoping it would provide a step by step guide for idiots - how stupid of me.

    Again, many thanks for your help

  16. Hallo everyone

    My French is not as good as it should be.  [I know, i should do something about it]

    I aw this in La Depeche Du Midi "L'état de catastrophe naturelle est reconnu pour 9 départements (Aude, Haute-Garonne, Gers, Gironde, Landes, Lot-et-Garonne, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Hautes-Pyrénées, Pyrénées-Orientales) par arrêté signé aujourd'hui (mercredi), et les déclarations communales seront facilitées pour 21 autres départements", selon un communiqué de l'Elysée.

    Please could someone explain what it means and what action anyone with damaged property in the affected area needs to take following last weekend's storm?

    Many thanks

  17. Sorry, I stand corrected about the length of time before CGT is no longer applicable but the principle is the same i think
  18. miss babs, thanks for that.  i'm not surprised you're pretty fed up about this. 

    i don't know how long you had owned your property and clearly i'm stating the obvious but it's a brilliant ruse, getting money for old rope if you're selling having owned a property for 10 or more years when CGT does not apply, allegedly!

  19. Does this apply if you sell even when you've owned the property for 10 or more years! 
  20. I've always found the rate from Nationwide to be excellent.  They do not seem take commission and appear to give the commercial rate at the time which of course fluctuates.
  21. A friend had two Jack Russells who were badly upset by thunderstorms and she found that the homeopathic remedy Phos helped to reduce their anxiety.  Worth a try?

    PhosphorousHemorrhage and VomitingIndications for this remedy are weakness following blood loss, vomiting almost as soon as food or water is taken along with a high thirst for large amount of water. It can also be of use of your companion is afraid of thunder or fireworks. (Borax is also very useful in this situation). Animals that need Phos. tend to be very friendly and excitable.

  22. i think the place i'm thinking of is on the right hand side heading toward Auch from Toulouse on the N124 but perhaps it's the same place patf mentioned always seems to be closed.  so sorry i can't be more definite or accurate.
  23. I think they may have relocated further along the road to Auch.
  24. thanks trees

    but Cat cracked it with the link to the i-cerdanya cerdagne website

  25. Hi Cat

    Many thanks for that. At least it confirms it wasn't a figment of my imagination.

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