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  1. We are not experiencing what you describe, but it might be a consolation to you that somebody else is also suffering a delay. Our delay has to do with the "cloture" (see under "Help: une petite probleme"). We have not even signed the compromis de vente yet and have been waiting 4 month. What really frustrates us is, that they only contact us if they have concrete news, which is about every 6 weeks. Yours however might be resolved much quicker, as you have already signed the compromis, and the vendor would be in breach of contract for not having disclosed the true facts which could cost him 10 % of the Sales Price. Good luck and I look forward to hear from you again.
  2. Do Notaires work on Monday? (or Saturday?)
  3. What a great site (in France and on the Web), I love all your plans, keep us posted.
  4. There was a good article in the Daily Telegraph on Saturday by a Michael Wright who has just moved to Limousin. He will have a weekly (Saturday/Property section)column about his life at La Folie.
  5. I have just read an article on restoring property in France where it said: "Also make sure it is a CU and not just the Renseignement d'urbanism which carries no weight". So I checked our papers and we "promptly" have a renseignement d'urbanism!! So what would the implications be if we want to build on (it is already a maison d'habitation). If this Renseignement d'urbanism carries no weight does it not need to be extended after a year?
  6. I love this sort of French songs/music they are playing on Nigel and Nippy's programme, what whould I be looking for when next in a French music shop?
  7. What do you think? I think this is quite a big problem: We have been waiting for our compromis de vente for weeks, at last I plucked up courage and rang the owner, he told me there was a small problem, about 10 years ago he rebuilt a small stone lean to. Unfortunately he was a bit too enthusiastic and built it slightly into the neighbours field!! The notaire now has contacted the old man who the field belongs to in view of buying a meter of land and to have the plot re-measured and registered by the geometre. Has anybody experienced something similar, how long will this take, day, weeks or years?
  8. We make it (in Switzerland) very much as you describe, I make a lot of Sauces on a Creme Fraiche basis using my imagination. To serve Chips with it sounds nice (never done that before) we usually have baguette. A really nice adaptation of this Fondue is FONDUE CHINOISE, it is less fattening as you do it with a beef bouillion (I use my cheese fondue caquelon), you slice the Steak very thinly (best from frozen), and when you finished you can drink the bouilllion which by then is really nice and beefy. You serve the same sauces etc. Bon appetit!
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