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  1. Last year we bought our house and we were advised to set up an SCI because of the French inheritance laws. It is our holiday home...we don't rent it out. Last week we were in France and discovered that we had received a "Declaration Des Societes Immobilieres..No. 2072-K". I have tried everywhere to get a translation. I have contacted all the Ministrys in France.....the French Consulate here. The French Tax office here. My French is poor so speaking to the local tax office was a complete waste of time. The "sell by date" is 28th February from what I can gather. To have to get an accountant seems a bit of an expense if we don't have anything to declare. Can anyone help !!
  2. We bought our house last year as a holiday home. Opened an account with the French Banque Populaire.We put in whatever amount we need to cover our bills. No one has ever said there was a minimum. Moira
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