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  1. to 'jerry', i like your story, and i get it. very true. now i don't know if your lesson was intended for me or not, but as I am the one who started the post, i'm sure it was. let it be known that it is not the people here in the US (persay) that my husband and i want to get away from. true there are good and bad people, and situations, on every inch of this earth. i do not disagree in any way. there are just plenty of reasons why we are tired of this country and want to live elsewhere. peace, tara     
  2. I realize that costa rica is on a little out of the way from you all (thank you), it was just one place we wanted to consider. their constant change of mind is a down fall and is steering me away. thank you all for your help so far. i really needed it. i am doing this whole planning the move thing alone, and i have a LOT of homework ahead of me. keep the advice comin if you'd like. i just wanted to take a quick second to say that i'm really greatful for the help. G2G. peace, tara
  3. thanks for your help, guys. i'm from san diego (originaly), too. everything is expensive out there, but we kind of figured it would be more over seas. thank you for your suggestion about the work visa, that is something i absolutely need to look into. 5 years without a job!! how did you do it? (if you don't mind me asking!) as far as the damp and grey weather, i love that! Arizona is too bright and dry for me, and my husband. we've lived a lot of places and the heat out here is inhumane! i'm looking forward to a sudden change in climate. all in all i think france might not be the place for us concidering the language and work thing. corsica was my husband's suggestion, but the netherlands has been one of our choices too. a few others have been itally, costa rica, ireland, belgium, and greece. does any body have any comments on any of those places or know of any good sites to look at before i aimlessly research them? thanks, tara
  4. ireland? now that sounds good. i'm from phoenix, az if that gives you an idea of the culture. cali prices is what i'm use to because that is my original home, but for a sea view, i don't know. and firefighting skills... will a large bucket of water cut it or should i purchase brush pants and a fire truck?
  5. hello! i am trying to move away from the US, simply just because my husband and i disagree with the culture, or rather lack of culture here, and we do not want to raise our children in this socity. we were thinking about corsica, but i've read some less than appealing things about the island. can anybody give any sort of general advise. i am looking for a decently priced home near the ocean where it will be safe to raise kids, and not nearly impossible to find work. neither of us speak much french, but are planning on learning a lot more before we move. also if someone could explain, or give a website that could explain how the cost of living works out there (i.e. pay rates in comparison to monthly payments on housing & utilities). thanks in advance, for your help. *tara
  6. hi everyone. i'm new to the site and have a ? about corsica. Now, i realize there are a lot of jokes floating around this topic, unlike Dave my sense of humor is is in tact, however i must ask with genuine concern; is corsica really this bad? as an american tring to leave this God forsaken country, would it be a bad idea to move to corsica? my husband and i were discussing our options for fleeing the US, i mentioned Itally, and he said Corsica, which i now know is french territory. So any suggestions or comments would be much appreciated. thx, tara
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