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  1. This summer we opened a bank account in France and made a deposit as we thought we would be buying during 2002. The Bank have sent statements through but have never sent a cheque book. We hear that they will not send them through the post to the UK and that we will have to go and pick them up from the branch in person. Is this correct or can we arrange for the cheque book to be sent to any Credit Agricole Branch for us to collect. Do any of you have an answer, I would be grateful to know. Mikeandlin
  2. Calling all of you who have had a Fosse put in over the last year or so. We have made an offer on a house that will need one immediately (if the offer is accepted). Question one is "What is the going cost for the instalation of the tank and connection to the property which will be no more than 30 feet away" Question two is an obvious one I suppose. Your comments re how you got on with the instalation, how long it took and recommendations for installers (French). Question three. Any other advice would be good. The property was orignially a house but converted some time ago to a barn. It has four walls a very good roof and the obligatory large ceiling beams and Breton fireplace but nothing else. Mikeandlin
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